• Kamal & Lal Together in Unnaipol Oruvan (Tamil Remake of “A Wednesday”)
    Qalandar | August 31, 2009, 1:22 PM | no comments | 743 views

    [Thanks to GF for pointing me to this trailer. It's a good trailer — the opening shots impart a touch of Hephaestus to Kamal working in his subterranean lair…couldn’t help but smile at that English accent, that is vintage Kamal ha ha ha. Lal as expected underplays the role relative to Kher — there’s a certain world-weariness to this character, and at times I felt Kher seemed a bit too fresh in “A Wednesday" -- Qalandar]

  • Trailer: Goemon (Japanese)
    skay | April 4, 2009, 3:11 PM | no comments | 555 views


    Goemon (Japanese)

    - Skay

    Kazuaki Kiriya is someone I had not even heard of until I saw his latest movie – Goemon’s – trailer. Kiriya previously famous for music videos had turned film maker with the sci-fi film ‘Casshern‘, a blend of Japanese manga and super-imposition chroma key technique (like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow & 300). It’s been almost two years since that and now the first full length trailer (only Japanese) is out and this looks lot better and nastier then ‘Casshern’. This time around it looks like a mix of Chinese wi-fu (like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and epic saga (like Lord of the Rings).

    click here to view the trailer

    Goemon is a ninja bandit with super human abilities, who steals from the rich and feeds the poor (ala Robin Hood). Goemon finds a mysterious box which is a relic fom the past containing untold powers. He needs to protect this from the other characters in the movie who desire to possess the box for their own ulterior motives. (more…)

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