• Kurbaan – Mini Review
    devesh | November 19, 2009, 12:26 PM | 24 comments | 0 views

    Karan Johar has accomplished what Aditya Chopra could not. Kurbaan is what New York, or for that matter, Fanaa, should have ideally been. Hats off to Karan for producing the most non-KJO movie as yet. Kurbaan is the best movie of the year, as far as meaningful cinema goes.

    Kurbaan starts off as a very realistic love story, but soon turns into a gripping thriller, with lots of twists and drama, and is embellished with bravura performances. I will refrain from giving any details on the story; lets just say that the story is exactly what the trailers have shown. Its the screenplay and the realistic treatment which makes the film really a gem.

    Rensil has very audaciously chosen Dharma Productions for making a movie like Kurbaan, which is devoid of any subplots, romantic interludes, or dream songs. This movie has a sharp focus, which stays till the end. The movie hits you hard without being preachy or taking sides. It etches out the psyche of a terrorist in a way that no Bollywood movie has done in a while. And it does so without any bhashans, melodrama, or flashbacks!

    Technically, it felt like I was watching a Ridley Scott terrorism thriller. The camerawork, background score, and locales are spot on. Dialogues are vintage Anurag Kashyap – they pierce your heart. Sample this: An American student tells Vivek: Leave my Country, if you dont like it. Vivek retorts “Sure we will, first you leave ours (Vivek’s a Muslim)” (more…)

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