• Qalandar Plugs CHAMKU (Hindi; 2008)
    Qalandar | September 15, 2009, 12:57 AM | no comments | 0 views

    The first sequence gets you. It’s aboard a train — as so many of the best action sequences are — and Bobby Deol, his hands bound, is being escorted to an unidentified gangster, along with a young woman supplied from Varanasi for the gangster’s pleasure. Her bright-red shalwar qameez simply underscores her nervousness; not the the gangster cares, pulling her to him even as he yells at his men to kill Deol’s character and throw him off the train. At that point, a cell-phone — within the woman’s brassiere — rings, and all hell breaks loose, as the narrow passages of the train erupt in gunfire and good ol’ action. Can’t keep a hero down, even with his hand bound.

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  • Qalandar Reviews DEKH BHAI DEKH (Hindi; 2009)
    Qalandar | September 3, 2009, 4:14 PM | 2 comments | 0 views

    Rahat Kazmi’s Dekh Bhai Dekh (apparently re-named Dekh Re Dekh at some point; my DVD carried the older name) is a refreshing little film: it hearkens to the cinema of old, albeit in the streamlined garb of the contemporary “little” film. Refreshing because this look backward isn’t by way of ironic distance or homage, and nor does it fall prey to the stale rehashing of older Bollywood tropes that is the hallmark of B-grade cinema. In other words, Kazmi’s film isn’t set in a small-town in U.P. because he wants to make a point about crime and violence in the heartland (the usual vehicle for representations of U.P. and Bihar in contemporary Hindi cinema), nor is he trying to depict a world impossibly remote from the (imagined) “us” in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or London. Rather, his film just happens to be set in U.P., and does not purport to stage its setting.

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