• My Name Is Khan Movie Review by Gianysh Toolsee

    My Name Is Khan is about the lonesome journey of an intelligent Muslim man, (diagnosed with the Asperger’s syndrome) to meet the President of the United States of America, in order to deliver a message; ‘My Name Is Khan and I am not a terrorist’. The basic storyline is extrapolated in such a manner that Karan Johar has skillfully and remarkably packed so much to accommodate an array of themes, which are interwoven between the plots that you’ll find it hard to decipher which one you are currently watching as the movie is so intelligently and maturely made. Rizvan Khan’s (Shah Rukh Khan) upbringing as a child (Tanay Chheda) to an adult follows a series of events where his mother (Zarina Wahab) does whatever in

  • Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol in the Backseat: My Name Is Khan

    LINK Recently MTV Iggy had unprecedented access to Bollywood’s biggest star, Shah Rukh Khan, and his leading lady in 5 previous films, Kajol Devgan. The pair with sparkling onscreen chemistry have teamed up for a new film, My Name is Khan, releasing worldwide on Feb. 12. MTV Iggy taped a 2 hour production with the stars in the backseat of a NY taxicab chatting with their driver. In this first clip (many many more to come!) SRK and Kajol talk about their upcoming film, when they feel like movie stars, and love/faith/Islam/9/11 as they relate to the themes of the film. Erhan’s a real NY cabdriver, direct and brash…watch Kajol’s face when he asks them about sex! This is Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as

  • Milliblog music review: My Name Is Khan

    Noor-e-khuda is clearly the soundtrack’s best, with Adnan and Shreya joining Shankar in a tune that navigates from lovely pop to bewitching, tabla-driven portions; the chorus, in particular, is extraordinary. Solid start to the year, by the trio! MORE HERE

  • Kurbaan – Mini Review

    Karan Johar has accomplished what Aditya Chopra could not. Kurbaan is what New York, or for that matter, Fanaa, should have ideally been. Hats off to Karan for producing the most non-KJO movie as yet. Kurbaan is the best movie of the year, as far as meaningful cinema goes. Kurbaan starts off as a very realistic love story, but soon turns into a gripping thriller, with lots of twists and drama, and is embellished with bravura performances. I will refrain from giving any details on the story; lets just say that the story is exactly what the trailers have shown. Its the screenplay and the realistic treatment which makes the film really a gem. Rensil has very audaciously chosen Dharma Productions for making a movie


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