• Review – Aladin(2009)

    Cast – Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Jaqueline Fernandez, Sanjay Dutt Direction – Sujoy Ghosh Somehow, fantasies that belong to Tim Burton genre (Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish) have always appealed to me. I enjoy films that are set in fantasy locations and have real people in it as they have a different kind of excitement to it and have a huge scope of imagination. And having spent most of my childhood with Aladin, playing video games of Aladin, solving jigsaw puzzles, watching his cartoon series, etc., made me very much interested in watching the film. I always have loved Aladin. Set in the contemporary period, the film has characters borrowed from the original story. Our lead character, who is named Aladin by his family members, is

  • Aladin and his magical djinn!

    The childhood tale from 1001 Nights of a boy with a magic lamp, a genie, wishes, a beautiful woman, a powerful sorcerer and a fight between good and evil, is reworked for today and Bollywood, and a magical concoction results. Sujoy Ghosh last satisfied immensely with Jhankaar Beats, and returns to direct Aladin. This fantasy tale is set in Khwaish, a town somewhere in the north of India, or maybe in your imagination! There are towering minars and domes and Arabian Nights like cobbled alleyways and in these streets we find Aladin Chatterjee, who had the “misfortune” of being thus named by his now dead parents. He grows up with the taunts of his classmates, enough lamps thrown at him for rubbing, and a drubbing

  • NG Weekly Digest: Ranbir Kapoor (Special Dedication)

    Because B H A I was getting so restless for Ranbir news, I thought he should get a special dedication in addition to the usual one Big Bachchan on RK Abhishek did his first day for ‘PAA’ today. Had another star visitor on set, Ranbir Kapoor. He later sent me a sweet and affectionate sms, which was most endearing. Talking about my look in the film. He has shaped up so well in his career so far and with such ease and rapidity. Cannot imagine he was assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali as an AD on ‘Black’. His tutoring and training on Ayesha the little girl that played Rani’s younger portion, paid such dividends for the little artist. He and Sonam Kapoor were assistants on the

  • Big B rocks Indore

    NG..eye on the Buzz… At 10 am in the morning at Treasure Island, a mall at M.G.Road Indore, people already started gathering. At 2 pm it was 5000 plus people inside the mall. The simple reason that the Bachchans are gonna arrive at 7.30 pm for giving away the prizes to the PVR Sarkar Raj contest winners. The news came in that only Big B has managed to arrive coz Aishwarya has measels and Abhishek is busy with Dostana. At 7 pm TI was full with 25,000 people. This is the attendance record it set on 26th Jan when the mall actually opened coz its the first mall of Madhya Pradesh. At 8 pm when Big B actually arrived it took him 15 mins to travel 100 meter distance amongst a huge huge gathering. One cannot deny


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