• Picture bahut chalegi @akshaykumar #Bosson16thOct #BOSS #INOX_Boss
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    Get ready to see the biggest blockbuster opening ever by Akshay Kumar.

    Buzz: The buzz is outstanding and at par with Chennai Express. First time in the history of Hindi cinema, a superstar and his fans have together promoted a movie. Akshay Kumar fan base is second to none in Hindi film industry and his crazy fans created world’s biggest poster, called him to kill Ra.One (symbolic and pun intended) and followed wherever Akshay went.

    Opening prediction:

    Opening day: 25 Cr
    Opening Weekend (extended Wed-Sun): 100 Cr
    Opening week 110 Cr

    I am going to watch this event FDFS tomorrow.
    Tix book karwa lo nahin to aunty police bula legi…..lekin picture bahut chalegi!!! (more…)

  • BOI: OMG! Oh My God Emerges A HIT
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    OMG! Oh My God has emerged a hit with Monday collections being better than Friday. The early estimates for Monday business is around 4.50 crore nett. Although Friday was low it is still rare for a film to come out with better collections on Monday than Friday.

    There have been films like Kahaani and Vicky Donor which opened low and then then gained momentum but even they did not have a better Monday than Friday. The collections are just 30% lower than Sunday when the the norm is 50% even for big hits. The Monday business was aided by strong collections in the evening as next day is a holiday. Although it looked the cricket match had a limited affect as the film jumped managed a 25% jump on Sunday, the Monday figures suggest, Sunday could have gone to 8-8.50 crore nett were it not for the match.

    The film has collected around 21 crore nett in four days and is sure to go over 30 crore nett for the week. It could even go to around 33 crore nett depending on how well it does on Tuesday which is a holiday.

    The lifetime business of the film can go anywhere, 50 crore is probably a certainty now and remains to be seen how far it can go

  • Akshay: Joker is definitely not your average Hindi film concept
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    Akshay Kumar feels that comedy has to be an inherent element in each of his films.

    Starting off with a ‘family comedy’ Housefull 2 and then an ‘action comedy’ Rowdy Rathore, both of which also facilitated an entry for him in the 100 crore club, he is now jumping genres with ‘sci-fi comedy Joker.

    Moreover, the promos have pretty much indicated that this is a new world that Shirish Kunder has created with the film. One can well expect a different experience for Akshay to be finding himself in this world.

    “It certainly was a different world for all of us,” says Akshay. “The first day when we all walked on to the sets in Chandigarh, we were all blown away.

    The structures by themselves were so magical but to build an entire story around a desolate village was enchanting. (more…)

  • Shah Rukh Khan roped in to promote ‘Joker’?
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    Zeenews Bureau

    Mumbai: Considering Shirish Kunder has been promoting his upcoming flick ‘Joker’ in the most unusual of ways possible, roping in Shah Rukh Khan to participate in his promotional ventures isn’t exactly off the mark. Though Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, the lead actors of ‘Joker’, haven’t been seen promoting ‘Joker’ a lot, Farah Khan, it seems, has other ideas in mind.

    Recently, Farah had been to Mannat, Shah Rukh’s bungalow, to meet the actor and discuss their forthcoming production ‘Happy New Year’. Farah ended up striking gold for her husband Shirish at the meeting, and came out of SRK’s bungalow with a fun video starring the superstar and the aliens of ‘Joker’.

    A source has revealed to a daily, “Farah had gone to meet SRK in the afternoon to discuss Happy New Year as he is leaving later this week for the shoot of Yash Chopra`s untitled film. After a while, they started chatting about ‘Joker’ and the aliens. Farah asked SRK if he wanted to see them, and he agreed. She made a quick call to the production house and told them to send the aliens to Mannat.”

    “The aliens were spotted entering Mannat and SRK also did a fun video with them. Despite being busy with a photo shoot with Daboo Ratnani at Mannat, the actor did the video simultaneously for Farah,” added the source. (more…)

  • BOI: Rowdy Rathore Has Best Word Of Mouth Since Dabangg…has a chance to become most appreciated film after 3 Idiots
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    Rowdy Rathore has been the most appreciated film since Dabangg released in 2010. It has seen the best word of mouth since Dabangg which is reflected in trending of its first three run week run. A fourth week of around 7 crore nett will make it most appreciated film since Three Idiots.

    Click the following link to read Universal appreciation and phenomenal WOM of Rowdy Rathore

  • Rowdy Rathore Continues Setting New Records
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    Rowdy Rathore continued setting new records in its the third week. The film set many first week city and theatre records in week one and week two and the trend continued in week three.

    Rowdy Rathore collected around 4.50-4.75 crore nett on Sunday taking its third weekend total to 9.50-9.75 crore nett. The film has collected around 118.50 crore nett in 17 days and over the weekend it went past films like Housefull 2, Ra.One and Ghajini in the all time list as per nett collections.

    The film is totally unaffected by new releases and has trending like Dabangg till date which had no competition.

    This week it may be a different story as some single screen exhibitors may give Teri Meri Kahaani a chance and replace Rowdy Rathore with that film. (more…)

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    By Abid/Glamsham

    Just a few months ago, the trade and media discussions centered on whether Sajid Khan’s Akshay Kumar starrer, HOUSEFULL 2, would be able to provide the actor with his first clean hit (after HOUSEFULL), and also mark Akki’s entry into the 100 crore league
    The naysayers were of the view that given the IPL craze, Sajid and Akshay would be lucky if HOUSEFULL 2 would just turn out to be a success let alone net 100 crore from India.

    However the director-actor duo had the last laugh as things went quite the other way. In fact HOUSEFULL 2 turned out to be a super duper hit, and has already crossed 112 crore from India, and ironically it is IPL that has been hit hard (something that we had predicted)!

    Cut to the present and the trade and the media are now speculating whether Akshay Kumar’s next release, ROWDY RATHORE, would be able to surpass HOUSEFULL 2.

    Well, we would like to stick our neck out and say yes, most definitely, and for sure in India! The buzz for the film is huge, the music is already very popular and the one liners (especially “Don’t Angry Me”) are all over the lips of the cinema frequenting genX. (more…)

  • BOI: Housefull 2 Collects 3 Crore On Second Monday
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    Housefull 2 continued its great run as it collected around 3 crore nett on its second Monday. The drop from Friday was just 35%. Delhi/UP was best as it recorded just a 28% drop from Friday.

    The film should collect in the 29-30 crore nett region for its second weekend taking its two week total to 92 crore nett and is likely to hit the 100 crore mark by the end of business on on Sunday.

    The film is a Super Hit and will cross the business of films like Don 2 and Golmaal 3 at a worse case scenario. The film may even go towards 115 crore nett depending on what happens in week three.

  • HOUSEFULL 2 is hugely ENTERTAINING- short and quick feedback by Gorilla
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    I watched this movie in London on Thursday night at Odeon Theater. Theater was 90% full with premier seats sold out.

    Let’s get it straight – Housefull 2 rocks. It is better than Housefull1 and yes this time climax is better, so the end product is far superior. The first half of the movie is very good while the second half of the movie is outstanding.

    Akshay Kumar steals the show. He is superb with his comic timing. His entry takes the movie to a different level. Mithun has the next best role and he is superb too. John surprises with a good comic timing this time. Shreyas gets a smaller role. Riteish is average and repetitive. The babes in the house looked sexy.

    Housefull2 does not have many songs but all are good. Anaarkali songs brings the house down. A chartbuster on the screen. (more…)

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