• SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Music Review by Aakash Gandhi (9.5/10)

    SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Music Review Source: By Aakash Gandhi Reviewer’s Rating:  9.5/10 Mumbai, India 11/26/2008 – The bustling city of twenty million was brutally shattered by an unprecedented string of highly-sophisticated and coordinated attacks never witnessed before. The horror continues fifty-five hours later, as I painstakingly write these very words. During these moments of such deep sorrow and tragedy, writing on a film may seem rather frivolous…even insensitive. However, God works in mysterious and miraculous ways my friends. Rarely, if ever, does the Western world catch a glimpse into the beauty and majesty of such a dynamic city as Mumbai. Yet, today, her innocence has been ravaged and raped, left to bleed in front of the entire world. A hostage within her own land, her

  • Investment Bank Model going away

    Short sellers are holding sway as the remaining brokerage houses Morgan Stanley and Goldman are being threatened to go under. Truly a historic period for Wall Street. Now there are news trickling in that Morgan is considering a merger with Wachovia and Wamu is putting itself up for sale. The culprit is the mark to market accounting for financial instruments like CDO’s or credit default swaps that results in downgrades and call for collateral. Then short sellers come in and starts a vicious circle. Thain realized this and did a smart thing by selling to B of A over the weekend.

  • Mere Baap Pehle Aap – My Review

    To be honest…I haven’t enjoyed many films this year…I kind of stayed away from many films…but this was one I had to see. I am a big fan of Khanna and a big fan of Priya…and when they both combine for a film…it’s magic. Hulchul and Hungama were both great entertainers in my opinion…as for MBPA it’s not far behind. It’s definetely an entertaining film that will make you laugh…and boy do you laugh loud…I know I did. The show stealer of the film…Mr OM PURI. This is Om at his finest. This is a role he gets to sink his teeth into. The versatile actor shows you he can out top anyone when it comes to comedy. This is not the same funny, loud,

  • Reassessing Javed as a script-writer

    Let’s take close look at Javed’s track recoird as a solo scriptwriter: # Lakshya (2004) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story)# Armaan (2003) (dialogue) (screenplay) # Kabhi Na Kabhi (1998) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) Prem (1995) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story)# Khel (1991) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story)# Jeevan Ek Sanghursh (1990) (dialogue) (screenplay) # Joshilaay (1989) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Main Azaad Hoon (1989) (writer)# Dacait (1987) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Meri Jung (1985) (written by) (as Javed) # Saagar (1985) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Arjun (1985) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Zamana (1985) (writer) # Duniya (1984) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Mashaal (1984) (dialogue) (screenplay) (story) # Betaab (dialogue) (screenplay) (story). Out of these, only Betaab, Arjun and Meri Jung were

  • Qalandar Reviews the Music of SAKKARAKATTI (Tamil; 2008)

    As I arrived home today to find the Sakkarakatti CD waiting in my mailbox, I was struck by the fact that even thirteen years after I first encountered the sound of A.R. Rahman, even when the soundtrack in question is not associated with a Mani Ratnam film, and promises to be, most assuredly, a “minor” work in the context of Rahman’s oeuvre, my excitement when unwrapping the album remains undimmed. Some of that is obviously because Rahman — even “lesser” Rahman — speaks to me in a way no other Hindi or Tamil composer does. But much of that is also due to the fact that even “minor” Rahman contains gems, the sort of musical passage that rears up to dazzle the listener when least

  • Amitabh gets back lost bags but content missing

    Amitabh gets back lost bags but content missing Mumbai, Jul 19 (PTI) Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who is in Toronto as part of his “unforgettable” tour, has recovered his lost baggage from British Airways but their content is missing. “The bags are back!! broken open, stuff missing but back”, Bachchan wrote on his latest blogpost.


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