• Ranjha Ranjha – High Quality (RAAVAN)
    MrCool | May 16, 2010, 8:17 AM | one comment | 0 views

    For those unaware, Rahman has recentely said that Ranjha Ranjha song is going to be different version in the movie. Apparently the movie version has Ila Arun and Richa Sharma singing the song.

    A. R. Rahman: “‘Ranjha Ranjha’ is an idea that I had done earlier but gave it a skip. It’s poetry of Baba Bulleshah. Though the song that you hear in the album (sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Ali and Anuradha Sriram) doesn’t feature in the movie, we have created another version of the song that is sung by Ila Arun and Richa Sharma which would be featured in the film. This version has been shot beautifully and works better for the film.”

    Ranjha Ranjha – RAAVAN (HQ)…6201/index.html (more…)

  • Milliblog music review: Raavan
    Aarohi | April 23, 2010, 8:53 AM | no comments | 0 views

    Kata kata is a euphoric victory, but; immediately catchy and hummable, with enough mind-boggling layers hidden to unravel on multiple listens. Mani, as always, continues to bring the best out of Rahman!
    More here

  • Slumdog Millionaire is No.1 Best Score of the last decade according to Empire Magazine Online
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    Empire Magazine Online has just released their ‘Review of the Decade‘ which is treat to read (not to be missed). It brings back all those good memories of great movies and some not so great.

    Cheer is in store for all A R Rahman fans as in their Top 10 Scores, they have placed ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as the No.1 Score of the decade. It says ‘…Thanks to this trio (Jai Ho, O Saya & Paper planes) of exuberant stand-outs, this deserves a place next to Trainspotting in the pantheon of Great Movie Soundtracks…’

  • Qalandar’s Music Review: BLUE (Hindi; 2009)
    Qalandar | September 11, 2009, 11:20 PM | 56 comments | 0 views

    Outright fun, not to mention silliness, has long been a casualty of A.R. Rahman’s recent Hindi oeuvre. Unlike in Tamil, Rahman simply hasn’t done very many soundtracks for “ordinary” Hindi films of late. That is, the typical Rahman Hindi album this decade has been a Swades or a Jodha-Akbar, or a Delhi-6 — not a Rangeela or a Daud. The last year might well be the beginning of a shift, with Ghajini, and now Blue. No song in either album will ever make a list of Rahman’s best, but equally, no-one can doubt that at their best, these albums feature a more playful Rahman, the sort of souffle-lover one missed in the likes of Jodha-Akbar. On the down-side, at its worst, the likes of Blue do give the impression of a composer who hasn’t lavished much care on his work. Luckily for us, the balance comes down on the side of buying the album.

    Read the complete review HERE.

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