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Shah Rukh Khan at heart is still simple-Juhi Chawla

Priya Gupta (BOMBAY TIMES; February 13, 2014) Juhi Chawla, in real life, is quite like we know her on screen — simple, emotional, sensitive and spontaneous. As she says, “I think more from my heart. My brains don’t work as much.” After losing her mother to an accident, her father to illness and not still

I lost my virginity before Arjun Kapoor-Ranveer Singh

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, who declared themselves virgins on national TV, now talk about lust, sex and threesomes! Upala KBR (DNA; February 6, 2014) Foreword As I sit down to pen this article, I get a call from the studio Yash Raj Films’ rep, ‘instructing’ me gently ‘tone down’ my interview. I am told

Naseeruddin Shah is a bully-Coffin Maker director

Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; February 1, 2014) The director of The Coffin Maker, Veena Bakshi, is spitting fire. The film has won quite a few awards at the festival circuit, including the Best Actor award for Naseeruddin Shah. Yet, on Friday, Bakshi woke up to the actor describing her as “totally incompetent” in a film

I am the actor with the maximum obituaries-Vivek Oberoi

Mehul S Thakkar (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 7, 2013)   The phones had stopped ringing after KLPD and Zila Ghaziabad, have they started ringing again? Yes, they are buzzing again. There was never a shortage of scripts, but the ones I wanted were not coming and I was really low. Then Krrish 3 happened. After we