Final Good Bye !!

It was awesome bonding, me and NG. probably in last three and half years there was not a single moment when I am browsing internet without NG opened in one of tabs. Bollywood is my favorite topic of discussion and since childhood I always around with people who have equal or more passion for Hindi cinema than me. Luckily I am still around with such people. As much as I loved NG, I have decided to move on. Probably a good news for many .. and hardly matter for rest. But certainly a healthy news for me.

I will continue on twitter with some awesome pals like Shetty Bhai … but blogging will be stopped forever.

Love you all .. Enjoy .. Have fun and fight ..     :)

Boxoffice details of Tezaab(2nd week), Shahenshah(40th Week), QSQT (28th week) in Bombay circuit !!

This is scan of 1988 Mumbai box-office report of Tezaab, QSQT, Shahenshah and few more movies .. While was Tezaab cost around 50 Lakhs for Mumbai distributors, QSQT was 25 Lakhs and Shahenshah was 85 Lakhs .. In return Shahenshah crossed 1 Crore mark there .. Tezaab was expected to comfortably cross the investment as it was just 4 weeks old movie, QSQT fetched 53 Lakhs share.