While ETT was a crap that was saved by a holiday, JTHJ is a high-quality product that needs no saving grace. Had there been the kind of opposition JTHJ is facing, ETT would have sunk without trace. Now it is clear that SRK is one composed of many in that not even two established stars can not challenge him and pull it off. There was Jaaneman which buckled under Don’s pressure and now it takes Ajay, Sallu and Sanjay to star in an SOS just to mount a challenge. SRK is the only star that can single-handedly trounce an opposition of any magnitude! According to sources Sallu was the driving force behind Ajay’s insistence and confidence. His objective was to protect the one day record of crappy ETT. Guys like Sallu don’t think about quality; all they think about is boxoffice and such guys hardly grow as actors! Later Ajay will start blaming Sallu for pushing into such a dangerous and losing adventure!

JTHJ and ETT indicate that SRK and Sallu are poles apart in acting skills as well as commitment to do good movies. Sallu has a long way to go in order to be compete-worthy.


After such a long sabbatical I am back to enjoy the fun at NG. I can see Sallu fans making a lot of noise regarding ETT’s accidental success. Well it is their right and they have all the liberty to rejoice after umpteen Sallu misfortunes. Right now no SRK fan is trying to sabotage ETT as you guys did with Ra One. I hope you guys will reciprocate when SRK’s will release in Diwali.


Anytime I try it with internet explorer, I find the same page and had to go to the third page for updates. And to post requires to open a post that has already been done. Strange! But with firefox, it works like magic! Fast and straight to the most recent page! So Film maker a rupee for your thoughts!


It seems the overtime of Roy et al has not paid off at all! Their labor of love which was a mission to destroy Ra One turned out to haunt them. Ra One has succeeded while they have failed miserably.As Sallu’s lackeys, they were more obssessed with protecting the record of a crap like BG while compromising their credibilities and reputations.So where is the Sallu they have been bootlicking after Ra One’s runaway success? An emphatic “nowhere”! What cannot be disputed is that from 26th October SRK has leaped miles ahead of his colleagues whether in production or acting. To produce a film like Ra One takes the guts out of any producer and to play a lead on whose shoulders the film rests desrves the determination of the himalayan heights! For one person to play the two roles of producer and lead actor simultaneously and pull them off is unprecedented in bollywood history. Don’t bring in Lagaan which was a simple masala flick and can be pulled by even Akki or Govinda. When will Sallu do a flick of Ra One’s quality and magnitude? A film applauded by western film makers? It is now crystal clear that Roy et al are those who are resistant to any positive change in bollywood and prefer to remain and die in the past. Their actions will only encourage guys like Sallu and Aamir to stick to bollywood stereotypes.SRK has broken free from such mold and is today the most recognized face of the modern bollywood. Guys you may be hiding now after your fiasco but remember what goes around comes around. Sallu is no SRK in popularity so let us wait and see what will befall ETT or Dabangg 2 if subjected to the same pull-down treatment as Ra One. At least SRK survived all negativity sorounding Ra One by making it a certified hit which is highly commendable by all standards. Will Sallu be able to? We will be more harsher than ever and will start from any first promo. As sordid and morose losers, Roy et al are now licking their deep wounds inflicted by SRK and Ra One and are still wondering how it happened.

Mindblowing Eid bookings for Ra One!

Weekend bookings for Ra One have seen a jump due to the forthcoming Eid ul Adha holiday. ” Though Loot will release this weekend, Ra One is still the most favourite for cinegoers”, says a multiplex official. Ra One is expected to jump in collections this weekend taking its tally to a higher level.” Loot will no doubt hold its own but it will not be at the expense of Ra One”, says a boxoffice analyst who requested anonymity.If the jump will be significant the earnings will tell.

Reflections: The negativity factor surrounding Shah Rukh Khan

 By Joginder Tuteja, November 3, 2011 – 13:08 IST

Yesterday evening I was dining with a bunch of friends and within no time, the conversation veered towards Ra.One. I was amazed to observe how these folks, with no connection whatsoever to the film industry, and mainly belonging to the corporate world of IT and banking, were totally clued into the business prospects of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer. Not just that as they were also more than glad to share the innumerable jokes around Ra.One which have been making rounds of internet and the other media forums. A few who had seen the film had mixed opinion around it while those who hadn’t seen it had even stronger opinion.

Now that wasn’t really surprising considering the fact that just like Shah Rukh entered everyone’s household and hard sold his product till the day of the film’s release, even his audience had decided to create an opinion within a weekend of it’s arrival. While there were statements being made in the film’s defence, what has continued to perplex me till this moment is the way some out there were carrying forward the entire negative campaign. The point was proven once again – ‘Negativity, whether with or without any basis, travels fastest and in case of Ra.One it has turned out to be monumental, no less’. This is what exactly led me into keying down this week’s ‘Reflections’.

Some facts first Continue reading


This fellow has nothing to do. Instead of putting his precious time into good use he is spending in collecting fabrications with a view to prove Ra One a flop. He is working overtime as if Salman thakku is feeding him or paying his rent and fees. He is working so hard that he is leaving no stone unturned to fulfil his mission. The success of Ra one is grinding his butt such that he is presently suffering from insomnia and neurosis which is detrimental to his health. Even his parents are worried and have contacted a psychiatrist for fear of losing their son to SRK. Please Ngites Roy seriously needs all the help he can get especially counselling or else we will lose him.

Ra.One grosses Rs 170 cr in first five days – The Economic Times

Ra.One grosses Rs 170 cr in first five days, Break all Previous records – The Economic Times
Ra.One, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s most ambitious project to date, has earned Rs 170 crore in the opening weekend, distributor said.
Produced by Red Chillies and Eros International, Ra.One (released on October 26), grossed Rs 170 crore in first five days. The movie earned Rs 18 crore in India on opening day.
So far, it has raked in Rs 137.25 crore (net collection of Rs 96 crore) in India, and Rs 32.75 crore overseas.
“The film has created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. We see repeat viewings of the movie with the 3-D version being equally sought-after,” Nandu Ahuja of Eros International Media Ltd said.
Even before the release, the makers had sold television broadcasting rights, reportedly, for Rs 40 crore, distribution rights for Rs 77 crore, while music rights were bought by T-Series for Rs 15 crore.


The expected big fall or tanking of Ra One by the anti-SRK cabal is not happening! According to reliable sources a healthy Monday is on the cards as Ra One holds well in all fronts. The first week is expected to be around 120-150 crores which will make it a more profitable venture. Ra One is all set to trounce past first week records and will have a long run due to its high repeat value which is the result of the superb vfx and 3D technology.With 92 crores already in the kitty Monday collections will take Ra One past 100 crores. So it seems every intrigue has failed to deter the King.