Showcase something atleast and dont bore

Every film has some plus points and some minus.

Raone has good VFX or SFX or whatever. In that department, it did not fail but won universal applause.

BG has Salman Khan showcasing himself and the results are too overwhelming to need any explanation.

ZNMD surprised everyone with its messages soaked in great visuals and good performances.

DB gave what it promised in the form of some fun and some novelty. Continue reading

Have a nice day

The mind therapists are too busy. The hospital is receiving cases of extreme tempers, depressed and other cases. The patients are just without their daily dose of masala jokes, fights and happiness. Many were banned and many just cant write what they want and what they feel. The school Principal had been ruthless with the long cane and longer whip.

My advice.

They can vent their frustrations in many ways. By taking up a real career, by studying studiously and go for Art of Living classes or even Ramdev’s camps. Or they can stand for elections. There is so much scope for dramatics in parliament and Advani, Sushma Swaraj will definitely help.

They can file cases in Supreme Court because some filmstar kissed a flower and wore jeans which is against our culture. Or they can go to movies like Junkstar and have picnic parties along with bored viewers. They can learn cooking and experiment fusion recipes and confuse the judges. They can go to Delhi and NCR and catch potential rapists and do samaj seva for a change. Continue reading

Govinda, the filmstar

Perhaps India’s greatest comedy hero. He hates that label. But that label is special. He started as a dancing hero with Neelam in his beginning days.  Surefooted, he never had awkwardness or effort while dancing. He seemed to invent his own steps and his own rhythm and for his co dancers, it was an effort and also pleasure to keep up with him. The actor in him took a backseat because of his extraordinary talent for dancing and comedy. And he is an excellent actor whether as a romantic hero or an action hero. Inspite of all this, he could never be number one or win many awards.

And David Dhawan produced some of the best comedies with him. His co stars Kader khan and sometimes Shakti Kapoor gave him good support and his heroines did nothing but danced with him and fooled with him. They were quite inconsequential. Karishma, Raveena mostly were his heroines in those movies and those films had trademark comedy, music, dance, action and tomfoolery.

His dialogue delivery was racy and they were extempore. Sarcasm, wit were the hallmark of his dialogues and the audience just could not get enough of him. His films include the first hit Ilzaam with Neelam. Hatya, Shola aur shabnam with Divya Bharati, critically acclaimed Zulm ki Hukumat, runaway hit Ankhen, Raja Babu, Coolie no.1, Bade Miya Chote Miya, Hum, Haseena Maan Jaayegi etc.

The sad part is Govinda could not consolidate his success like the Khans and Bachchan. Maybe the big producers just did not care for him as he was considered Dhawan property. And the people became tired of his repetitive comedy flicks. Continue reading

Govinda Govinda

If you have travelled to Tirupati, you will not hear bhajans but govinda govinda refrain again and again. The shaved heads of men, women and children making shaved heads the trend. They apply chandan to cool the rough treatment by those busy head shavers on the banks of the pushkarini. There are two tirupatis. One at the foothills and one at the hills with winding roads and beautiful scenery. Not long ago tigers roamed these parts and slept on verandahs according to our elders who visited the shrine during those dangerous times when tigers and diviti chors(who carried burning logs) roamed those hills with abandon.

God loves to reside in the hills whether it is Tirupati, Sabarimala or  Badrinath. Devotees love to climb those steps chanting.  The himalayan mountains have numerous little shrines with those cute flags fluttering  making one wish to see the real gods. As a compensation we can see  ochre robed devotees who spend years roaming in those lofty hills, taking bath in those cold water streams, surviving on prasads, away from familial ties seeking moksha. The chilly cold winds, the snowcovered peaks, the blue sky canopy and some devotion. What a heady concoction and how peace can be achieved. Ram Teri Ganga Maili captured this himalayan splendour beautifully and the garish Benaras with electric lights was a contrast to the peaceful mountain shrines. Hills, waterfalls, greenery. Nature playing its best card. The difference between earthen lamps and electric light bulbs.

Coming back to Tirupati, the funds of Tirupati devasthanams are used for educational, feeding the poor and other noble purposes. The famous Venkateshwara University, the engineering and medical colleges, Shri Padmavati college for women (SPW college) have vast campuses, many hostels and turning out the well qualified educated in thousands every year. And the freefood consisting of tayirsadam and puliodarai is delicious and simple and those laddus full of nuts are mouth watering. The wakeup song for Lord Venkateshwara Kaushalya supraja is simply magical.

I seriously doubt about the existence of gods. But when I see the innocent belief in the devotee’s eyes, I feel incomplete. Why cant I have that simplicity within me? Why should I doubt everything? Continue reading

Raju Bangaya Superman

Once there was this Tv actor who caught the attention of simple tv folks by his portrayals in Circus, Fauji and some other soaps. Then he managed to catch the attention of some directors who watched tv soaps and saw some potential in him. His Raju Bangaya Gentleman was loved by middleclasses who were happy for their tv hero. He had unconventional goodlooks and the devil may care attitude and high energy levels. In Deewana, he was able to overshadow even Rishi Kapoor and his song with the late Divya Bharti became a craze. He made motorcycling with friends a trend. Then the biggies like Ghai, Chopra took him under their wings and made him the superstar.

He romanced every heroine from Divya to Juhi. Kajol to Rani, Ash to Madhuri and then some newbies. And also the Kapoor sisters. Kjo made films with him for a while and that phase transformed the simple Raju to someone who specialised  in romance and SLB also exploited this in Devdas. Girls, women fell for him. Why Guys also fell for him I just cant understand. Did he reflect the men’s dreams of being in his shows and bask in reflected glory? Most of his films are not issue based but unrealistic romantic ones. His few issue based movies created a flutter and many were impressed that this person could also do something different.

He has worthy and talented rivals both old and new and contemporary.  His rivals beat him at the game and he decided to take them on in a big way. The superhero videogame entertainer became his obsession and he gave everything to it. He became a businessman and salesman par excellence and saw to it that records are broken somehow somewhere. It seems he half directed the movie and roped in another superhero to achieve greater success. Afterall diwali is all about great noise and great gambling.

The sad part is this film did not satisfy even his fans and they prayed that the film do well and break some records. Continue reading

Rajshri and RGV

Gone are the days for watching movies with the family. The strict parents who made their children think that they were not conceived but fell from heaven, were uncomfortable with explicit dances by vamps in every other movie. But that was only one dance and so they were ok with it in an otherwise family oriented movie. 50s, 60s, 70, 80s were golden for family audience. They were treated to well etched tearjerkers, wholesome comedies. But Prem Chopra and other lusty villains made some scenes uncomfortable. Especially prolonged rape scenes. Then the angel in the form of Rajshri appeared making squeaky clean entertainers and they still remain the family film makers. Visiting theatres to watch HAHK was like going for a wedding. In MPK, Rajshri also introduced one naughty, uncomfortable moment in a song sequence. Aditya Chopra followed with DDLJ which was an innocent love story which ends in shaadi. No kissing, no lusty scenes. Only a Kajol dancing in the rain in a short dress followed by towels and minis. Then bharatiya nari took over after her return to India.

The maverick film maker’s Rangeela had those naughty dances of Urmila with the hunk Shroff and laid foundation to the things to come. RGV made fun of those wedding video movies and went on to make violent, sex oriented movies which were lapped up by students, youngsters, men while family audience became divided. One section welcomed this wave and the other section shunned it. RGV regained some lost ground by casting Bachchan in his movies thus attracting all sections. He sorted out by making 2 types of movies. One bindaas type, the other content oriented.

And respectable Aamir Khan had a fetish for kissing scenes which are not at all necessary and he culminated the fetish of bold movies with DB and DG. And Dhuaan will have 2 heroines and there will be atleast 2 steamy scenes. And SRK experimented with this genre with his latest movie. Naughty scenes which will make one uncomfortable if parents and elders are also accompanied. The latest being Vidya’s Ishquia and now Dirty Pictures.’ Hey Ram, kya ho raha hai?’ One elderly nani quipped. Her friend agreed saying that crime against women increased because of these dirty pictures. And Hollywood movies where everything is overexposed and make family audience to cringe and avoid when reviews discuss those explicit scenes of sex and violence. Titanic, otherwise a romantic tragedy had those embarrassing scenes for the family audience which went to see the movie for its historic significance but were cheated and shocked.

Family audience is saved by TV where they can watch family dramas in peace on a daily basis. But family audience profile is changing. Today’s youngsters will become tomorrow’s liberated parents and Yesterday’s youngsters are still in 2 minds. To go or not to go. That old family is dying while the confused new family is taking over.

How History Can Be Created

Allow Sachin only to bat irrespective of lbws, catches etc. and surely Sachin will end up getting the highest runs and history will be created.

SRK had the opportunity to create real history but he just let it go because he lacks vision and believes to achieve only records by bombarding.

He has money, backing, fans. With all these, he can achieve much more. Rakesh Roshan did a sincere, simple and innocent superman film with Hrithik and it never got bashed this much. Rather it got applause.

Now SRK has to break his own history. Continue reading

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