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Showcase something atleast and dont bore

Every film has some plus points and some minus. Raone has good VFX or SFX or whatever. In that department, it did not fail but won universal applause. BG has Salman Khan showcasing himself and the results are too overwhelming to need any explanation. ZNMD surprised everyone with its messages soaked in great visuals and

Have a nice day

The mind therapists are too busy. The hospital is receiving cases of extreme tempers, depressed and other cases. The patients are just without their daily dose of masala jokes, fights and happiness. Many were banned and many just cant write what they want and what they feel. The school Principal had been ruthless with the

Govinda, the filmstar

Perhaps India’s greatest comedy hero. He hates that label. But that label is special. He started as a dancing hero with Neelam in his beginning days.  Surefooted, he never had awkwardness or effort while dancing. He seemed to invent his own steps and his own rhythm and for his co dancers, it was an effort

Govinda Govinda

If you have travelled to Tirupati, you will not hear bhajans but govinda govinda refrain again and again. The shaved heads of men, women and children making shaved heads the trend. They apply chandan to cool the rough treatment by those busy head shavers on the banks of the pushkarini. There are two tirupatis. One

Raju Bangaya Superman

Once there was this Tv actor who caught the attention of simple tv folks by his portrayals in Circus, Fauji and some other soaps. Then he managed to catch the attention of some directors who watched tv soaps and saw some potential in him. His Raju Bangaya Gentleman was loved by middleclasses who were happy

Remember Jai Santoshi Maa, the first one

Jaisantoshi Maa which our grandmothers loved. Jaisantoshimaa which had fabulous foot tapping music. Jaisantoshimaa which spoke of woman power. Jaisantoshimaa which started fasting trend in a big way. The monday fasts. Am I right or wrong? Jaisantoshimaa which is the predecessor to many saas bahu soaps.

Rajshri and RGV

Gone are the days for watching movies with the family. The strict parents who made their children think that they were not conceived but fell from heaven, were uncomfortable with explicit dances by vamps in every other movie. But that was only one dance and so they were ok with it in an otherwise family

How History Can Be Created

Allow Sachin only to bat irrespective of lbws, catches etc. and surely Sachin will end up getting the highest runs and history will be created. SRK had the opportunity to create real history but he just let it go because he lacks vision and believes to achieve only records by bombarding. He has money, backing,

Rival Star and Journalist

Journalist. Are you planning to watch Ra.One? Rival star. What is that? J. You dont watch tv, surf internet? RS. No time. Busy shooting and minding my business. J explains about Ra.One and then asks. Do you like the concept? RS. There are hundreds of concepts. I would like to see the bound script.

Music all the way

I confess I dont have deep knowledge of music whether it is Indian or western or african, Korean or any other. I just enjoy listening to melodious tunes, interesting tunes and also Indian classical music which just overwhelms me. Whether it is M.S. Subbulakshmi’s renderings, Thyagaraja’s Ram specific devotional songs, Bhimsen Joshi’s heartfelt and exaggerated

Witches are Welcome No Angels Please

Bigboss house is a house of wizards, witches and villains. If by mistake an angel tries to stay, she or he is booted out with honours and with a stupid watch. By the way who wears watches now? The smiling and affectionate Raageshwari has been a daag or drag for bigboss while Pooja Mishra has

Dentists and others are my Superheroes

Dentist is my first superhero. And toothache is the biggest , most torturing of super villains. Especially when wisdom tooth starts aching to remind me of my brains. Sitting in that chair, reclining until my neck threatens to break and opening the mouth which looks like a cave with those assorted 32 helplessly waiting to

The way a disaster should be analysed.

Disasters cannot be analyzed on the basis of mere boxoffice failure. It is to be analyzed taking into account 3 points. The starpower starring in a movie. The banner. The high expectations, thanda response and covering up done. Even a hit status becomes a question mark in the wake of the expectations a film raises.


Today there was a news item where it seems the wife hacked into the emails of her husband to file a case against him over dowry matters. It seems they are estranged. The court fined 100 rupees, a princely sum and the wife got away laughing and smiling. The thing that baffled me no end

The Other side of the truth

No one is a saint and no one is a complete sinner. They are all grey areas. When we step outside, we face hostility and competition. It begins at KG stage itself. Our parents pour into our ears to come first, come what may. The coaching classes syndrome starts in some cases, at the nursery

Diwali, Eid and Christmas

Diwali is a festival of lights. Not lights, camera and action. Eid is celebrated after rigorous fasts. Not to be confused with movie releases. Christmas is a festival for carol singing and taking care of the poor. Not taking care of the rich. Festivals are still celebrated for what they are. On festival days, sane

Bigboss. Ladies’ Special

This time bigboss has only ladies and 2 men cowering and hiding. One transexual to boot. Pooja Mishra is the BB’s pet and she is the one who is drawing maximum trps. In bigboss house bad and ott behaviour pays. Who can forget dolly Bindra or Vindu ? To be too good is bad here.

Rating starsons and daughters

The most overrated starson is Hrithik and justifiably so.  He is the well behaved, hardworking starson born with a silverspoon and his usp is his extreme goodlooks. No one can begrudge him his success. He is getting varied roles and his sincerity is never in question. He is too good to be true. Abhishek Bachchan

Alternative Professions.

Kamal Hasan. Dancing teacher. Dilip Kumar A poet and dreamer Dev Anand. A ladies’ man. Raj Kapoor. A hotelier. Rajesh Khanna  A family man. Dharmendra. Migrated to phoren shores. BigB. Professor.

Votes. Dumbos decide whom to vote

Indian democracy is vote centric. The voting public consists of 40 percent and above who belong to the poor and undereducated. The 20 percent may belong to the middleclasses which includes elitists. The other 20 percent belongs to hardcore party loyalists whose loyalty gives solid foundation to party candidates. The remaining 20 percent is for

First time I enjoyed violence with apologies to PB

I first apologise to Prashant Bhushan and wish he wont face this again. But guilty pleasures have to be shared with friends. I enjoyed the thrashing thoroughly. Real life thrashing.  First he slapped him, then hit him on the head, kicked him.The young man is no Ajay Devgn of Singham, no Salman Khan, no Ghajini.