• Jai Ho LLB!
    Serenzy | March 23, 2013, 6:06 PM | 14 comments | 0 views

    My Movie Review/ Take on  Jolly LLB



    Highly Entertaining and Engaging Movie…. Liked it.
    1st Half was Good but the 2nd Half takes the Cake away and is Mind-Blowing… Espc. the Invesgative Drama and the Courtroom Sequences added were Quite Brilliant in the 2nd Half.

    Yes, the movie is NOT Perfect Potrayal of Indian Judiciary, has a Jolly-good feel to it and has an Happy(but Impractical) Ending to it but fellas.. When we can accept a Munnabhai MBBS and 3Idiots then why be Unnecessarily Harsh on Jolly LLB.

    What bogs down the Movie is a Weak 1st Half, the “Usual” Bollywood Trappings and some really unwanted sequences here and there that act as Irritating “Fillers”.

    But, JLLB has it’s Heart set at the right place and will leave you engaged and entertained at the end of it’s run time… Don’t be Fooled by the Trailers of it being a Comedy though :/ (more…)

  • Theek-Thaak Che, Mast-Majja Nathi!
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    My Take/Movie Review of ‘Kai Po Che’

    Let Me Begin by Saying that I Never Liked ‘3Mistakes of My Life’ at all though I’m a Hugeeeee Chetan Bhagat Fan but 3MOML Remains his Weakest Novel till date.

    I had Very High Hopes from KPC considering the Fact that Abhi Kapoor[whose Rock On I had Loved a lot], UTV was backing it, Nice Young Feel of Friendship in the Backdrop of Cricket, Caste Politics, Gujarat Earthquake and Godhra Riots.
    And, KPC managed to Dissapoint to an Extent on Some Counts but was Good at Places too.

    Let Me Begin by saying that,Amit Trivedi’s Outstanding Music is the ‘Jaan’ of KPC and he Manages to Create a High Impact with just 3 Songs.. Kudos to Hitesh Sonik for the BG Score.

    Costume Design by Niharika Khan is Good.
    Cinematography and Shades used were Really Average… Maybe the Idea was to Recreate the Early 2000’s but it Simply wasn’t Working. (more…)

  • VVS – 26
    Serenzy | February 12, 2013, 9:26 PM | 16 comments | 0 views

    i.e Very Very Special Chabees


    My ‘Take/Movie Review’ of

    A Very Good Movie by Many
    Standards, Dissapointing by
    Some but a Satisfying Watch

    Espc. Loved the Way, the
    Story was Stringed across
    Different Cities and Places
    across India.

    Yes, the Romantic Track and
    the Songs were a Drawback
    but that was because the
    Movie in itself was So
    Engrossing and Fast that these
    Portions Acted as a Major Deterent to the Proceedings.
    Add to it, they weren’t even
    Well-Made and Kajal was a
    Total Miscast for the Part[Heck,
    Manoj's Wife & Neeru Bajwa
    looked Better].

    But Move Aside from that
    Fact and what you get is a
    Brilliantly Fast Paced Thrilling Movie with Strong
    Performances that Entertains you to the Core. (more…)

  • Akela Daudega, Phir bhi Iss RACE Main Dusre Number Par Aayega… :P
    Serenzy | January 30, 2013, 8:53 PM | 9 comments | 0 views

    My ‘Take/Movie Review’ of Race-2

    RATING: 2.5/5

    As a Sequel to a Much-Loved RACE ['08], it Pales in Comparison,
    BIG TIME[Same with Double
    Dhamaal, KSKHH, Jannat-2].

    The Glaring Loopholes and
    Cinematic Liberties taken by
    Abbas-Mustan are ‘Toooo
    Much’ and the Execution is
    Similar to their Own ‘Players/­Race-1′.

    A Big Dissapointment
    Directing/Story/Script Wise.

    The DIALOGUES are so
    Unintentionally Funny at Places
    that We Ended up Laughing at
    them More than 5-6 Times
    [Watch Out for that Sequence
    where John tells Saif as to why he Killed Bipasha.. That
    was One SuperROFL and
    Hilarious Moment]. (more…)

    Serenzy | January 20, 2013, 2:37 PM | 29 comments | 0 views

    Best Picture – English Vinglish[4.5/5]


    A Delightfully Sweet Movie with One of the Strongest Female Protagonist I’ve Seen on Screen.

    ‘English Vinglish’ is One of those Few Bollywood Movies that have Touched Me Deeply and Connected with Me Like NO Movie Before.


  • Ta-fuq?
    Serenzy | December 2, 2012, 11:05 PM | 19 comments | 0 views

    My Views/Take on TALAASH

    This Being My Most Awaited
    Movie this Year, I am
    Dissapointed to an Extent by

    Reema Kagti’s Supposed
    ‘Suspense’ Turned
    ‘Supernatural’ Thriller Starts
    of Well and Builds it’s Premise Interestingly thru the Marine Drive’s and Kamatipura’s of Mumbai.

    Infact, the Entire Prostitution
    Track Consisting of Well Cast
    Unknown Actors and Nawaaz
    is Highly Engaging and Gives a
    Certain Raw/Real Feel to the

    But, the Relatively Slow Pace
    and the Unintelligent Ending
    [Kareena Saving Aamir inside
    the Water/Aamir Digging the Grave/Burning her Remains] Harm the Movie Big Time. (more…)

  • Aafaton ke Parindey!
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    My Views on ‘Ishaqzaade’

    RATING: 4/5

    Easily One of the Best Romantic Drama Movies I’ve Seen after a Loong Time from Bollywood and So Repenting it that I Missed it on the Big Screen.

    The Awesome Lead Chemistry btwn Arjun-Parineeti was Passionate, Wild, Vulnerable and Sizzling, all at Once.

    Habib Faisal just goes onto show what a Genuine Talent he is in B-Town and after Years of Struggle, he has just showcased it back to back in BBB, DDC and Ishaq.

    Genuine Stories with Strikingly Good Dialogues Set in the North Parts of India is her Forte and he is doing a Bloody Amazing Job of it. (more…)

  • Nikal Gayi Hain Jaan..!!!
    Serenzy | November 14, 2012, 8:04 PM | 38 comments | 0 views

    NOTE: These are My Comments Written from My FAcebook Status Update…. That’s why the Review will seem Distorted but You guys should get the Flow.

    ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ is Shit in the Name of Cinema…. Utter Crap!

    Disgusted, Dissapointed and Angry…

    I can’t Compose Myself to Review this Movie… I Just Cannot… I just don’t know what to say Exactly…. (more…)

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