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The funny man of Indian Television

For those born in the late 70s-80s in the urban India, TV will always hold a very special place in their memories. From those wooden curtain style (yes that’s what I call it) Black n White TV sets to that 21 inch Color TV, we saw its inception, growth and maturity. Amidst this fantastic journey

My two most awaited movies

(These will most probably come by second half of 2014) 1) Intersteller Directed by Chris Nolan and Written by Jonathan Nolan. This is only the second film after Memento the story of which has been written by Jonathan Nolan. The story is based on theories of Theoretical Physicist Kip Thorne about Gravity Fields and Worm

Good Old TV- Part 2- Zamana Badal Gaya

Today I bring to you, one of my most favorite 90s TV serial. Tiku Talsania starrer Zamana Badal Gaya was such a light hearted, everyday life based show. At that time, I used to like and enjoy just the comedy portions…Looking back at it now…it feels so great that not only it was executed with

Ihab’s Movies thread: Movies you watched in June, 2013

Hi everyone. This is this month’s movies thread. Please write about the movies you watched. I will begin my list through this post. 1) Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: Interesting movie about friends, friendship and love. I liked all the performances and the second half. since I have wrote a separate review of the film so

My take on Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Prologue In India and most of the cinema outside, the audience stresses a lot of the Genre of the film. Is it a Romance..Or a comedy or an Action..or the Amalgamated features like Cop-Drama, Courtroom-Drama, Romantic Comedy, Action-thriller.. etc. What is fascinating is that while it is very much possible that a writer, set out

Thoughts on Oblivion

As a big fan of the sci-fi genre, it often saddens me to see the same old Aliens attacking the earth and wearing slightly different costumes every time. Somehow someone always turns out to be the hero and saves planet earth. All the innovation on the part of filmmakers is spent on the guns, artillery

Ihab’s movie thread- Movies you watched in May, 2013

The thread for May, 2103 is now open. Here are a few movies that I have watched in the first 3 days. Witness Witness is a 1985 Thiller-Drama movie centered around a cop who somehow finds himself living amongst the Amish people. For those of you who aren’t aware of who Amish people are- “Amish

A note on Commando

Following is not essentially a review but more of what I feel about action movies with Commando being the case in point. Speaking strictly from a business perspective, wouldn’t it make more sense if there were more movies that catered to the vast male population who are hungry of some quality action cinema? The Box

SRK didn’t tell me Bobby was replaced: Juhi

Juhi talks about her changing equation with Shah Rukh and rivalry with Madhuri   We caught up with Juhi Chawla on the sets of Gulab Gang and the actress was looking leaner than her usual self. “I have been under the weather for the past three days,” she said looking anything but. Apart from the

Good Old TV- Part 1- Katha Sagar : Pratiksha

Indian Cinema has come a long way since its inception and so has the Indian Television. From a single Doordarshan , we now have 100s of channels. We now have a the Big Boss, KBCs and Saas Bahus that rule the popularity charts among the Indian TV audience. Not only have the flavor of the

Ihab’s movie thread- Movies you watched in April, 2013

The thread for April,2013 is now open. Here are the movies that I watched 1) Sleeping with the Enemy – The original for Agneesakshi A torturous husband treats his wife like his slave. He is madly in love with her but at the same time has a evil way of showing it. blah blah…wife escapes..blah

Novartis loses landmark India patent case on cancer drug

India’s Supreme Court ruled against the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis on Monday in a landmark judgment with significant implications for India’s giant generic drugs industry. “This means millions of patients in developing countries can go to sleep tonight knowing their drugs are on the way from India,” said Leena Menghaney, a lawyer with the Access

Same Same ?

Tamannah and Shreya Ghoshal ————————————————————– Vipul Shah and Faridoon Shahriyar