Ek Villain: What a terrible Loss (possible SPOILERS)


Before I go into my views about Ek Villain, I’d like to state that I am a huge fan of “I Saw the Devil (ISTD)” (on which Ek Villain is based) and I consider it a cinematic masterpiece. When I heard that Mohit Suri is making an Indian version of ISTD I was contrastively (9 out of 10 times I hate Indianized version of classics) quite glad and upbeat about it. Reason: From the very first time I watched ISTD, I have always felt that it has a very universal story and despite all the violence its core element: “The story of ultimate pain and suffering and confronting it” is applicable to almost every variety of people.

What went unforgivably wrong in Ek Villain is the understanding of the story of ISTD by the director. I think Mohit Suri saw it as a story of revenge rather than for what it was. Throughout ISTD the audience witnesses the attitude of the protagonist (The husband) and it becomes very clear, how deeply hurt he is with his wife being killed. It is this pain and suffering that made him do what he did to the killer. In Ek Villain the director and the writers fail to portray that in Siddharth’s character. Even though the actor tried his level best but the treatment did not back him up at all.

Mohit Suri gets full marks in developing a back story and actually making it very Indian and very entertaining but what he completely messes up is establishing a connection of the husband’s grief with the audience. Despite the back story as an audience I hardly felt sorry for the husband’s character compared to what I felt for the same character in ISTD (even though there wasn’t a back story). Continue reading

The funny man of Indian Television

For those born in the late 70s-80s in the urban India, TV will always hold a very special place in their memories. From those wooden curtain style (yes that’s what I call it) Black n White TV sets to that 21 inch Color TV, we saw its inception, growth and maturity. Amidst this fantastic journey of Indian TV, the foundation or the backbone of its popularity with the audience were the comedy TV serials that made the people laugh. There’s something about comedy that it has that instant connection with the pulse of the audience that is the much required ingredient of the long term recipe. We saw many funny TV shows like Wagle ki duniya, Zabaan Sambhal ke, Shriman Shreemati, Tu Tu Mai Mai, Hadd Kar Di, Hum Paanch, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Ye Jo Hai Zindagi and many more. Today I want to pay my respect to the one guy who I think has stayed with all this journey of Indian TV and is someone who comes most easily to mind when one thinks of Indian Television Comedy.

Rakesh Bedi, was quite a known face from films before he ventured into a TV career. With movies like Chashme Buddoor, Ek Duje ke Liye and a dozen others in his resume, Rakesh must have been a fairly easy choice to be experimented into Indian Television. Rakesh Bedi started with probably Indian TV’s first and one the biggest sitcoms – “Ye Jo Hai Zindagi” . Cast as one of funny characters he delivered and how.. If you happen to catch the first episode of Ye Jo Hai Zindagi, you will see the ease with which Bedi has played the character of ‘Raja’ and delivered the lines with the right punches. YJHZ was a perfect start for Bedi and it allowed him to grow from there. His screen presence was reasonably charming and his looks immediately gave that comic vibe which allowed to audience to sit back, relax and be entertained.

A great thing about Rakesh Bedi’s performance was his dialog delivery. It was as if he is the next door guy making fun of the real life situations and taking digs at those are were inviting to be mocked at. His expressions combined with the natural delivery of lines made him immensely likable and really funny. Throughout Ye Jo Hai zindagi, Rakesh Bedi’s scenes were a delight and in a way simply strengthened his position and paved the path of what was to come ahead. It won’t be wrong to say that the trio of Rakesh-Swaroop Sampat and Shafi Inaamdaar had one of the best chemistry of the Indian Television since its inception.

It was the year 1995, when Rakesh Bedi starred in possibly the biggest hindi sitcom of the 90s- “Shriman Shrimati”. The show was about two neighbor couples and how the men were interested in the each other’s wives. The show was an instant and major success. The Jokes were funny and so were the characters. While Jatin Kanakia was undoubtedly the face of the show, Rakesh Bedi made a very impressive mark with his take on the house husband character who had certain female mannerisms to him. Dilruba was a hugely popular character and his self modulated voice and that weird hand pose became the highlights of the show. Thanks to Ajay Nagrath’s act as Chintu the kid, Dilruba became DilBura uncle and even funnier. Shriman Shrimati in a way became the pilot for the so many to come sitcoms that were loud yet funny. Throughout the 90s Shriman Shrimati was the biggest comedy show and Rakesh Bedi aka Dilruba became one of its biggest stars. Continue reading

Monthly Movies Thread:Movies you watched in October, 2013

B.A. Pass – A gripping, disturbing and mind numbing story of an outsider who comes to Delhi from a small time and how his life shapes up from then on. The story is about how a young college guy gets involved with a middle aged woman and gets sucked into a life he never thought of. The movie’s basic pulse is the marriage of a young boy’s innocence and the situations life throws at him. Its a very disturbing movie and even though everything that happens in the movie is believable yet you wouldn’t want it to be real. The disturbance in the film goes from little to extreme and it kinda hits your gut during the final few minutes. Performance wise its a top notch effort by the entire cast. Shadab Kamal is brilliant as the young guy. Shilpa Shukla fits her part really well. Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Rajesh Sharma are very effective too. Hats off to Ajay Bahl for taking up such a script and making such a fine film out of it. This could have easily gone into the soft-porn-voyeur zone but it doesn’t..rather it succeeds in exploring the psyche of the lead and how he deals with it. A brilliant watch.

8 on 10

Gravity – Gravity is strictly for Sci-fi lovers.. Its a movie made with utmost precision and attention paid to every little detail. I’d say even for the sci-fi lovers its strictly meant for theater viewing- Reason: It just won’t be justified on a small screen. 99% of the movie runs in space..and hence those goddamn beautiful visuals.. I saw it in 3D and hence that makes it even better.

There’s not much scope for performance. Still, Sandra Bullock does well. George Clooney is good too. However, the star of the movie is director Alfanso Cuaron and his vision. He gives the audience a journey into the space and the details will make you feel like you really are in there. Continue reading

Monthly Movies Thread- Movies you watched in August, 2013

Hi everyone,

This month’s movies thread is now open. Please put forth your views about the movies you see this month as it goes.

Here are my choices

Castaway on the Moon (2009) – I actually saw this movie quite a while back but I wanted to highlight it as I think it deserves a special mention.
korean movies are fascinating and brilliant most of the times and I have special liking for the thrillers that come out of Korea….This movie , however is not a thriller…Its a romantic (well sort of romatic) drama about a sort of castaway in a sort of brilliant manner. From scene 1 to last scene it gripps you with its powerful scenes and a writing that can make most veterans look like novices. I do not want to write much about the story, as I believe its story deserves to be witnessed and liked with the audience’s own individual experience. A great film on a simple yet amazing story.

10 on 10 Continue reading