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Worth Disappointment. ( Talaash )

I watched Talaash after 3-4 weeks of it’s release yesterday, after knowing the entire suspense, it’s box office no.s and how its a failure according Alex or many other BO people ( for not cracking 100 cr figure ). I was told how it’s Emraan Hasmi Movie or Bhatt kinda flick, how it is disappointing

Talaash: This is serious business

Talaash: This is serious business December 3, 2012 Talaash demands big efforts from the cast and they deliver. PHOTO: PUBLICITY Talaash, as the name suggests, is a film in which people are looking for answers. It has some obvious searches like why did the car end up in water? Who is the killer? And then

Top ALL TIME Openings: Talaash Tops For Aamir Khan

note:I guess star power in today’s day is all about weekend opening a star can give. And imo below if taken at face value shows Aamir is clearly no. 1. 1) All other seven movies are mass movies. 2) All other movies are holiday release maybe with exception of Rowdy Rathore. 3) Difference between Rowdy

21-year-old girl arrested for Facebook post slamming Bal Thackeray

Police on Sunday arrested a 21-year-old girl for questioning the total shutdown in the city for Bal Thackeray’s funeral on her Facebook account. Another girl who ‘liked’ the comment was also arrested. The duo were booked under Section 295 (a) of the IPC (for hurting religious sentiments ) and Section 64 (a) of the Information

Rangan on JTHJ

Baradwaj Rangan, on JTHJ. At first, we think it’s empty hero-giri. Samar (Shah Rukh Khan), a classic loner, is not with the others of his bomb-defusing team, one of whom struggles to make sense of the tangle of wires in an explosive device at a Leh marketplace. Samar rides in on his motorbike alone, a


A O Scott You see what I mean about quantity. Simply enumerating the rest of the cast members and saying what they do would turn this review into a Domesday Book of postmodern film acting. And identifying the flavors of ham they import to the proceedings would require an advanced degree in charcuterie. There is,

ROGER EBERT 4/4 STARS … Cloud Atlas

Even as I was watching “Cloud Atlas” the first time, I knew I would need to see it again. Now that I’ve seen it the second time, I know I’d like to see it a third time — but I no longer believe repeated viewings will solve anything. To borrow Churchill’s description of Russia, “it

Resurrection of Akshay… Rooney Recommends OMG ( 5/5 stars )

Akshay Kumar lost his reputation with housefulls, khatta meetha and what not. I predicted myself that this guy has the worst taste in script sense. I take back those words, and yes sir u are resurrected atleast in my eyes, for this wonderful heartwarming story. Paresh Rawal emerges as the lead hero of this movie

some comments of mine on Tiger… (negatively rated)

If my country is secured because of tiger, gopi and shenoy i am a genuinely worried Indian! Well just imagine james bond for kiddengarten kids and u have it guys the biggest crap fest ETT!! I have enjoyed Dabangg and Ready, walked out of Bodyguard, and this one deserved the same!! The Problem with the

[Update: Download Gangs of Wasseypur order] Bombay HC passes first anti-piracy John Doe order, as law firms commoditise the new vertical

[Gangs of Wasseypu obtains John Doe order (historically first time before Hon'ble Bombay High Court) against unknown defendants (who can use piracy) Order 1 Rule 8, Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 ] Naik managing partner Ameet Naik with senior counsele Venkatesh Dhond, won an order from Bombay high court Justice BR Gawai today, restraining local

Language towards fellow member.

In no sense at NG a fellow member can be abused. This is to inform the members at large, that otherwise the member who abuses the other member shall face a ban. If some one instigates or incites, than instead of replying please alert the moderators for a prompt response. You people must be having


if any more of such non sense comments and abuses continues, more strict action shall be taken. and if anyone finds any offensive comment or any complaint please drop a mail at: Regards Rooney!

Rooney Recommends this Donor! (3.5 / 5 stars)

The movie origins from a good sperm (oops script), and that alone takes unknown actors and turn itself into a very strong film. To note, is that first half is a bit long, while second half lacks enough conflict, but the movie is light hearted in the core, and the conflict itself is one of