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Which is your instant favorite?

Now there are many movies releasing, many trailers being launched, many promos making their mark…and some fading out into oblivion. Some of the songs have caught the fancy of the music lovers, either instantly or after repeat hearings. In all these recently released tracks, which has been your instant favorite? And why? In my personal

10 Tips – 10 NGians I can think of!

Make your opinion known Link like crazy Write less 250 Words is enough Make Headlines snappy Write with passion Include Bullet point lists Edit your post Make your posts easy to scan Be consistent with your style Litter the post with keywords For more details: 1. Danish – makes his opinion known loud and clear

Amazed by the Creativity!

Hello NGians, I know this is not a forum for posting such articles, but I would like to share with all of you, this link that was awe-inspiring! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


Keeping all the respect for  Mr. Taran Adarsh aside, the *SPOILER* news from such a reputed site comes across as a shocker!  It is plain disgusting and shameful on their part to release such news, unknown to many (or all) just a day before the release of Rockstar, the next big bollywood release. I think it