Are you the next Bollywood Singing Sensation!

Been singing A.R Rahman in the shower for as long as your can remember? Well hop out put a towel on, and check out the FIRST ever Bollywood online singing competition. Brought to you by State Farm and of course . All you have to do is go here, upload video of yourself singing and have your friends vote for you. You could win the chance to be in an upcoming Bollywood flick! Just imagine, singing in the rain with your favorite star because YOU are the next Bollystar.

Want to show off your talents to live audience? Live auditions are being held in California and New Jersey from July 10-11th at your leading Bollywood theater. Check here for more details. As soon as I know them so will you! Just remember the last chance to become the next Bollystar is July 28,2009. Good luck!!! Continue reading

Remember Your First Time…

Single awareness day can sometimes leave you sitting at home, wishing, wanting and waiting for lovers of the past. Why must we think of the lads and lassies who broke our hearts every February 14, why not dream about the people who will never let us down, celebrities! Think about it they are the perfect solution to this problem of Valentines Day. When you miss them you can just turn on a movie, they will always be there for you, and you can conveniently forget they are married, taken, or prefer the same sex.  Remember your first love? Mine was Aamir Khan, who was yours? When I landed in Mumbai many years ago my uncle asked me what I wanted to do my first day, are you hungry? Jet lagging? Icecream chaiye beti?  I said no to all of these after all I was a first grader on a mission. I had  a date with Aamir Khan he just didn’t know it yet….

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An Interview with Sonam Kapoor

Talking to the lovely Sonam Kapoor about love, life, and of course Delhi-6!

1)    Tell me a little about Delhi-6 from your eyes.
Its awesome, colourful & nice. Delhi 6 has a great story ….And is very Indian at heart. It’s a family-oriented film and it’s a film that Indians will love.
2)    What’s it like working with Abhishek?
It was great. Abhishek is young enough to be ‘with it’, and so, it’s easy for me to identify with him. He’s old enough and experienced enough to help me with my work.
3)    Did you know you would get into acting when you were younger? Did you have a moment when you just knew you were meant to do this?
Well I wanted to be creatively involved in films…as you know I assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali…acting just happened.
4)    Does your father offer you advice, or help you perfect yourself on his own or do you find yourself going to him to ask questions?
Obviously he gives me his advice & I do ask him questions.
5)    What’s your favorite song from the Delhi-6 soundtrack?
Dil Gira Dafatan, Delhi 6 title track & Genda’s difficult to choose since it’s such an amazing album.
6)    Who inspires you?
Waheeda Rehman & my father, Anil Kapoor.
7)    Whats your favorite:
Pastime: reading
Food: Japanese
Movie of all time: Guide
Book: Perfume
Article of clothing: Pajamas
Hindi song: Jab Koi Baat
City in the world: New York
8)    In three words describe:
Yourself: energetic, bookworm, romantic
Abhishek: brilliant, funny, talkative
Delhi-6: Rakeysh’s vision, great story & good food.
9)    Favorite scene from Slumdog Millionaire? Favorite song if you have one?
The bathroom scene between Dev Patel & my father. Favorite song- Saaya
10)    Since Valentines Day is coming up, what does love mean to you?
Love makes the world go round.

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Saavn Presents Masters of Bollywood

Check out the new compilation of the best of the best by non other than the talented Mr. A.R. Rahman. Everything you could have possibly asked for musically for the past few years can be found here. The album is complete with songs from Swades, Jodhaa Akbar, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Delhi-6 and much more!

Out of everyone in the industry I must say this musical genius deserves not only world recognition but universal! Can you imagine Dil Se without Chaiya Chaiya? Or what about Taal without Taal Se Taal? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve described a movie saying “Eh, it was ok, but I LOVED the songs”

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Oh my Jism…A John Abraham Interview!

I want John Abraham on my birthday, actually I want him for Christmas, breakfast and dinner! Bipasha can have him for lunch I suppose =) Well this year I did get to talk to him on my birthday which made turning 26 a lot cooler considering that I can already vote, buy a drink, and rent a car. Maybe 26 is the new 16. Whatever it is, if it lands you an interview with this hottie, I’ll take two!

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Boys of B-Wood Give Back

The boys of B-wood not only have big muscles, big pay checks, and big fan following, they have even bigger hearts! As we are in the midst of award season I think it’s time to give a shout out to some of the boys that are changing the face of India with their generosity, compassion, and warmth.

We can probably all guess who my personal favorite is. Role model to millions John Abraham has been known to open his heart to many different causes. A few that are particularly close to his heart are PETA, Make a Wish, and his own foundation known as Johns Brigade India’s very own chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Something that really touched me was I found out he spent his birthday last year at the Happy Home and School for the Blind in Worli. The 200 kids presented him with a birthday card written in Braille and sang happy birthday to him. As his birthday gift he gave each and everyone a pair of specially designed Fast Track sunglasses for the visually impaired. This past summer he was even given an award for being Eco-Warrior by the Vice President of India for the number of sociological and ecological he puts his time and efforts into. Continue reading

Sonam is back!

Delhi 6 one of the most awaited films of the year is set to release February 20, 2009. Starring the lovely Sonam Kapoor who in my opinion is one of the most under rated actresses in Bollywood today. I can’t wait to see Sonam star opposite Abhishek Bachchan in this romantic film about a boy named Roshan, born in America who finds himself in India due to an ill grandmother.  During his time in India he finds pretty Sonam who steals his heart and that begins their very own pyar ki kahani setting place in the most romantic place in the world, the motherland.

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Shutup and Train Baby Train…Trainin’ with John Abrahams Trainer!

The New Year usually brings in the need for a new body and who is better known for ending 2008 with his new look than Bollywoods own hunk John Abraham! In the name of journalism I decided to take a training session with Los Angeles based Hollywood and Bollywood fitness trainer Mike Ryan, the man responsible for Johns bangin’ body in those yellow trunks of Dostana. Talking about John while working out, now that’s inspiration…..

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Shut Up & Bounce