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With 40-41 Cr weekend, Holiday has clearly won the hearts of Movie lovers and Akshay Kumar mania has gripped the nation. This thread is created to capture the box office run of this phenomenal success.

Holiday May Emerge A HIT – Very Good Sunday

Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is looking at a very good Sunday with huge growth all over and could even emerge a HIT with a chance of hitting the 100 crore nett if Monday comes up with the expected numbers and the film goes on a normal trend from there.

Source: http://www.boxofficeindia.com/Details/art_detail/holidaymayemergeahitverygoodsunday#.U5V-kHKSzA4 Continue reading

@AkshayKumar Mania grips Everyone post #HolidayTheFilm

Akshay’s interviews & videos all in one thread!!! Feast for all movie lovers. ;)
Interview 1 post Holiday release:
Akshay Kumar on ‘Holiday’: This is one character I’m gonna be sad to say goodbye to


Akshay Kumar’s new avatar as an army-man in Holiday- A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is among his most accomplished performances in recent times.
Your new film Holiday features you in a role of an Army Officer who takes on a proposed terror attack during his holiday. How close is this character to the real Akshay Kumar?
You know what? It’s not so much about how close this character is to me right now. It’s more about a deadly fantasy version of life that I would have, had I not been an actor. Playing this role was so unbelievably intriguing; it was like I got to play my inner yin & yang. One minute I am a truly patriotic man, who fights for his country as well as his family, respecting all who walk in my path, then Boom! Even the meanest people in the world don’t know what’s hit them when I get my hands on them.
In the film your character feels a counter-terrorist must think like a terrorist?
Yes, because, in order to create good, I have to become evil. It was like playing the best reality video game ever! I’m the hero that gets to hunt down, crack codes, kill and torture Mumbai’s enemies, while falling in love, protecting families of fellow comrades, and saving my city from utter destruction. I couldn’t dream of a meatier role. I literally had the experience of a lifetime. This is one character I’m gonna be sad to say goodbye to.
I remember you telling me that if you hadn’t been an actor you’d have joined the army. Was this role a kind of wish-fulfillment for you?
Absolutely! Being Virat Bakshi in Holiday, was something I’ve waited a really long time to experience. As a bonus I got the genius director A. R. Murugadoss, an extremely intelligent script, the precious opportunity to play an army officer, a gritty subject, the demanding substance of my character from start to finish, showing the nation what people are prepared to go through in order to keep us safe, and then I had the film’s inviolable message to put across.
What message?
‘No matter what happens, we will not be threatened by anyone, because we are India, and we are united, no-one shall cause bloodshed in our country, and get away with it, not while we still have our Indian Army to protect us!’
I personally believe Holiday deserves an entertainment tax exemption for its hard-hitting message on counter-terrorism. Your comments?
That would be a fine thing, and it’d be a wonderful gesture, my dear friend. But even as one of the producers of the film, I’m not here to make unforeseen profits from our army’s good name, or its unconditional efforts to guard us, even if we are promoting anti-terrorism.
What is the harm in making an added profit?
From this very moment, I don’t care what the outcome of this film is. Some times in life, you do things for the greater good. Well, this is one of those times for me right now! I made this film with the honest intention of not only bringing awareness on the horrendous undercover actions of terrorists surrounding our very cities, but to also shed light on the fact that we are protected to the best of our ability, and we should not take for granted how peacefully we sleep in our beds at night because we’re protected by the army and the police.
Not all sections of our people are protected?
Fear for your own life is a very sad way to live, and there are many cultures out there still living in fear. We are lucky to be alive and blessed to have men and women join the army and keep us from harm’s way, and when the bullets hit the soldiers, they stand like warriors to face it.
Your performance in Holiday shows a great deal of maturity, restraint, conviction and honesty. How hard did you work towards achieving authenticity in your performance?
It’s difficult for me to say it was hard work, when every bit of me was absorbed into getting every detail right. I just kept thinking about how lucky I was to be able to portray this terrific character. When I took my family to see it, they couldn’t believe it was me, they saw a side to me they didn’t know existed. I’ve played so many hero roles over the years. But nothing compared to this. I thoroughly enjoyed the attention to detail, the plot, the circumstances, the twist, the impulse to choose a path that could kill thousands of innocent lives.
You are very different here from your comic roles?
This is ‘me’ when I’m serious. When I really set my mind to something I am as deep and calculating as my character. Except that I don’t walk around with a loaded gun like my character does. Do you even know what it’s like for an adrenaline junkie actor like me to get my hands on something so meaty and so vivid? I will thank Murugadoss and his silent but violent brain for creating something so brilliant to play, for the rest of my career.
How different are the acting skills that you apply to a film like Holiday as compared with the out-and-out fantasy entertainers?
It’s a completely different territory. My efforts in Holiday differ so much from my efforts in films like It’s Entertainment! I know the world sees me as that funny guy who can kick and jump. But there is so much more to me than that, given the opportunity. In Holiday you get to see the Akshay Kumar I rarely get to play. But in my comedy films you get to see me at my happiest, in my comfort zone, full of life, with only one thing on my mind, that’s to entertain the masses. These performances would never win awards. But I get to win over millions of hearts. To me there’s no greater gift in life than the power to make people laugh. This film is special because it’s a one in a million. Right now my wife is so proud of my work in this film that breaking records will never compete with her appreciation. There’s nothing more precious than the family’s approval.
Your next release It’s Entertainment is, in fact, a complete departure from Holiday in mood and intention. Which do you find harder to do, the Holiday or the It’s Entertainment kind of acting?
To be honest Holiday was far harder to perform! To restrain a comedian for 90 days is very difficult. In It’s Entertainment, I was in my element, nothing was stopping me from having full-on fun. But in Holiday I got to be someone I never get to be. I left my world at home, and came to work with one notion and one notion only. I’d ask my director, ‘How do we catch the bad guys today, Mr M?’
You sound really happy?
I am the luckiest actor in Bollywood right now, forget collections, I’m talking opportunities. In one year, I get to be an army officer in Holiday, I get to play a dog’s life in a man’s world in It’s Entertainment, a secret- service agent in Baby and a college professor who moonlights as a vigilante in Gabbar. I couldn’t ask for better scripts, better stories or better people to work with. I really need to touch my mother’s feet right now and thank her for all her blessings.
Your action sequences in Holiday strive to achieve a new level of authenticity. Do you think action sequences in our cinema have now come of age?
I think we have some of the best reality combat action sequences in the world. Thanks to films like Boss, Holiday and Dabangg, we have action to be proud of, not fancy trickery, not powerful illusions, just raw, in your face, fight-till-the-end kind of action, the real respectful kind. But we also have films like Krrish 3 and Robot, where the special effects were beyond anything anyone had imagined would exist in Indian Cinema. We are part of an entertainment industry to be reckoned with right now.
You’ve recently been shooting for Neeraj Pandey’s new film Baby. How much of a comfort level do you share with Neeraj after Special 26 and what ‘special’ magic can the audience expect from the two of you this time?
In my whole career, I never thought directors such as Neeraj Pandey and Murugadoss would ever consider me good enough to bring life to their precious scripts to. But now, not only I am working back to back with them, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. They have both captured me in a light no-one thought I could capture. Well looks like you’re never too old to learn.
You’ve now completed 24 years on the film industry and you’re still a top player. To what do you attribute your longevity?
My discipline, my parents’ blessings, and this unusual need to please as many people as possible before I die! I have the best family a man could wish for, a dream job that I slave my back-side off for everyday of the week. I have a career that was so far out of my reach that walking to China seemed more possible.
How do you explain your phenomenal success?
The secret of achieving success is, don’t take a day in your life, or any situation, or opportunity and definitely not a person willing to trust you, for granted. Then I truly believe great things can happen to you. My career isn’t all about luck. It’s about how hard I tried even on the days I thought I couldn’t get out of bed and fight one more time. The point is, I did, and I did it with such conviction, nothing and no-one has ever been able to stop me, pull me down, or take away from me what I have rightly earned.
When you look back on your early films do you feel you’ve made a vast improvement as an actor?
Believe me, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here now. I was no fool. I knew I couldn’t act when I joined this film industry. But just like in karate you don’t stop just because you were hit to the ground, you get up, until no-one can knock you down, I didn’t stop trying to learn acting.
Who among your contemporaries and juniors do you regard as your competition?
Everyone! No-one is less than me, no-one is better than me, for there is only one of me. I’m the one whom I have to compete with. My contemporaries are who I work with, my peers are my fuel to better me and my juniors are my ticket out of here. It will always be a dog eat dog industry. But I don’t mind sharing my bowl. That’s the difference between the others and me, and that’s what matters.

#CE has won BO; #OUATIMD will win hearts and BO

Isn’t it wonderful to see SRK’s Chennai Express creating records at the Box Office and silencing those who thought that his era is over. Despite getting mixed reviews (largely tilted towards negative end), masses have liked this masala entertainer. SRK fans needed this badly as their favorite star was not delivering upto his standard since last 5 years. With Phenomenal success of CE, SRK is back among top 3 stars of India along with Salman and Ranbir.

Ranking as of today:
No 1: Salman Khan
No 2: SRK
No 3: Ranbir Kapoor
No 4: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar has his biggie coming next week on Aug 15. That the movie will open BIG is a foregone conclusion. Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara is looking set to win hearts with love story saga of gangsters. Akshay is looking in superb form and is all set to win fans and BO together. Milan Luthria excels in male bonding films. This time he has guru-shishya at war over a beauty. 15th August will see fireworks as CE would still be in its first week.
My take is that OUATIMD will derail the express by sheer brilliance of Akki’s act (expected to be his best ever) and better script and story. The WOM is likely to be extraordinary.

Gorilla’s WOM: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is getting tremendous appreciation

I have a connect with over 1500 cinema loving and theatre going Folks from across the country. Most of them watch a movie over their first weekend and share their thoughts over a blog with me. I collate those thoughts and present it exclusively to naachgaana folks since last 2 years and have been bang on 99% of the time in WOM and 90% in BO Projection based on WOM.

Gorilla’s WOM on Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is getting excellent WOM. The RomCom has come like a breather to those wanting to see a big entertainer. Ranbir is getting maximum appreciation followed by Aditya Kapoor, Padukone and Kalki. Ayan Mukherjee has made a film that will appeal to most. This movie has reaffirmed viewers’ and fan’s faith in Ranbir, who is in a different league compared to his contemporaries. Aditya Kapoor is now dependable and may emerge next Salman Khan of 90s.

Box office prediction: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is all set to cross 120 cr and will not be surprising if it crosses 130 Cr as well. BlockBuster

Notice: Few films (5 out of 50 films analyzed so far) were not as per my BO Projection. However …. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani !!!

@BeingSalmanKhan creates brouhaha on twitter; defends his heroine over minor victim

Original story –

According to police, the victim studying in ninth standard had befriended Naved on social networking site Facebook in November last year. Later they started meeting. After a few months, Naved proposed marriage to her but the girl refused. However, Naved kept pursuing her when she stopped meeting him and discontinued her FB account. “On April 30 evening, when the girl was returning home in Sanpada, Naved stopped her at Mora circle area. He was found accompanied by three of his friends and Sana, who was at the wheel of a BMW car,” said Sawant. Naved and his friends tried to drag the girl into Sana’s car, but she managed to free herself and ran towards her house, Sawant added. Sana, Naved and his friends were already at her house when the victim reached home, where they had a heated argument before leaving. “The girl’s mother subsequently approached us on May 1 and lodged a complaint. The four boys were arrested on the same day while Sana is wanted in the case,” Sawant said.
– See more at: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/salman-khans-leading-lady-sana-khan-charged-with-attempted-kidnap-of-girl-goes-missing/1120098/#sthash.iDzGLsuX.dpuf

Today’s story: –
Salman khan has chosen commerce over humanity. Owner of “Being Human” charity and garments chain, Salman should have supported the victim’s family and kicked Sana out of his film. However he has chosen the opposite and is fighting for Sana’s cause and trying to build a case against the victim’s family.

Salman Khan ?@BeingSalmanKhan since last 1hour
Poor sana,so sad. 1st let her b cm famous then try n get sm publicity from her. This is the problem chappo any thing galat bhi ho ton
Y wld a girl kidnap a 15 year old? Fr money? To get her married, At 4pm in a populated area.investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai year
Obviously must b scared n running around n hiding , they hv a arrest warrant on her , 5 dharas , jail is not big boss’s house dude .SAD
Obviously those people must have sm ulterior motives. worked vit her on bigg boss, u hv seen her fr 3months every day wat do u think ?
Ways of making a name n money. Challo u guys tell me, obviously vit out working hard n earning it vit dignity n respect. Batao. Vil retweet
Yup ! She is a strong girl n vil fight this thru n if not she vil cm out of this strong .
Making money out of sm 1’s misery .
Ride on sm 1s fame
Keep on thokoing false PIL’s , or cases

This was not expected from Being Human…what say?

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