what does Dabaang mean?

like Da-bang? like bang bang? LOL

is this even Hindi or Marathi word or something? Sorry for my ignorance, but if this is not a real word, the title is pretty stupid.
Anyway, the stills are nice, thankfully, we don’t see Salman flexing his muscles in over the top ways like almost all his previous films. That’s a change. Has a bit of 90s feel to it. Just brainless violent film with much masala thrown in. It’ll probably do really well

My Review of RAAVAN. Interesting Watch

Review of Raavan

I knew this movie was going to be a special one when the opening act, right before credits rolled on, revealed the base of the entire subject. All within first few minutes. A very clever and unconventional way to start without any character-history attached. I was riveted with Raagini’s (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) first scene on the boat with her Shades covering her eyes, all happy and relaxed, till she sees Beera’s (Abhishek Bachchan) Hell colliding in front of her. It is masterful to not glorify abduction and waste ridiculous amount of time trying to explain the entire process of kidnapping. At this point I really thought Mani will showcase the human nature of clashing egos and personalities. That was short lived after such a glorious start.

The finale is even better. I couldn’t believe it. So what happened between the fantastic start and end is mind-numbing. The first half has absolutely no plot, and it is not at all plot driven, so the basis in which good vs. bad chasing each other with help of Sanjeevani (Govinda) and other smaller characters makes for a boring watch. Truly. For all those agonizing moments Raagini is suffering through in jungle-land, her character development is restricted and confined within herself. There is little confrontation we see between Beera and Raagini after abduction, and the tension is not fully captured.

And I must add something little about the setting. I would think one gets to see wild creatures if you’re going to be in remote jungles. Aside from one insect shot, I didn’t even notice any animals. I also can’t understand where Laal Maati is. All the shots in Kata Kata hardly look tribal to me.

Mani Ratnam creates even bigger problem for Beera, whose so-called 10 headed personalities don’t even surface after “Das Sar Wale” proclamation. It could have been an astounding character-study and a role of a lifetime. So entering into the minds of Raavan, it appears to me as only one-dimensional character. What a waste. Continue reading