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Piracy Revealed..The Inconvenient Truth

Insiders from the industry were fully cognisant of the fact that piracy was the handiwork of popinjays involved directly with the film. ‘Camera prints’ an outdated version where films reached theatres before pirated prints began making the rounds into viewers homes, was anachronistic. Today is the time of  Tuesday prints with a Friday release or

A Lok Sabha Election Form..psst!!

link In response to the present circus underway named ‘Election’, sharing a few well deserved laughs!! No offense meant..purely in jest. Application Form for “Lok Sabha Election” 1. Name of Candidate: _____________________ 2. Present Address: (i.)Name of Jail: _____________________ (ii.)Cell Number: _____________________ 3. Political Party: _____________________

A Few Unforgettable Song Picturisations

Sometimes inadvertently one recalls moments from films that seem to have been deeply ingrained in ones subconscious. Not necessarily those that inspire , yet they have made a dent. On the other hand there may be songs that leave one numb with emotion or romantic to the core, as the situation may be, when one

A Few Words On DEV D

Link The easiest and tragically perhaps, the most conformed trait of humans is to denounce even without personal gain. A trait most often ventured in ‘reviews’ so to say, of films without a ponderous thought on what actually goes into the making, the effort of the team sired by the Director and most of all

A Nation In Denial

Link An article by Khalid Hassan, USA based Pakistani writer who seems to have successfully shorn off traditional prejudices born from religion and propoganda. Well articulated, heartfelt lament..must read. ‘Thinkers’ on the other side are not lost yet. If bi-lateral relations were to gain any sort of momentum it could only occur with such analytical

IFFI 2008 – A Report

Link Mr. Mohan Siroya sent me this article on his experience at the IFFI 2008. He has been freelancing as a FILM JOURNALIST/CRITIC for last 40 years. He has been a prolific writer , having written critical articles ,features, reviews etc. on films, Music and TV in numerous English periodicals in India. Named a few

SC : Political Will Needed To Tackle MNS Violence

Discussions on Ng included comments on a similar score. As mentioned therein,  lack of political will  for obvious reasons blazed the fire, when extinguishing it was not just the crying need of the hour but also attainable. Link NEW DELHI: Hate attacks and incidents of regional chauvinism can be tackled if there is a political

Asha Bhosle’s Daughter Varsha Bhosle Attempts Suicide

Kaveetaa Kaul It was shocking to hear the news of an attempt to suicide by Varsha Bhosle journalist daughter of Asha Bhosle (link). Initial reports flashed over the electronic media clearly spoke of her admittance to Jaslok hospital following an overdose of sleeping pills. Subsequently Doctors and the print media have tried to avoid terming

Kaveetaa Kaul Reviews ‘Saawariya’

Link Spoilers ahead In the present age when media of all categories and cadres, is purposefully bombarding ones senses and time, willy nilly, with information essentially suggestive as if hypnotic capturing of ones personal opinions, myriad reviews of a film overwhelm thought processes. Easily influenced gullible minds fall prey to the insidiously, oftentimes stridently suggested

A Tribute To Guru Dutt On His Birth Anniversary

Link: Sachiniti Guru Dutt..the mere mention of the name conjures up a memory of those eyes, which seemed piercing but simultaneously hypnotic, romantic, questioning therefore, melancholic.They were as if making an assertion of having seen it, lost it as well, realising en route. the futility of it all ! In the short span of 39

Guru- A Review By Kaveetaa Kaul

  Link A friend, who is also a film maker, enquired of me conspiratorially, prior to the release of the film ‘Guru’ as to what were my reactions to the promos or rather what were the expectations from the film. The pre- release buzz which surrounds a film based on rather nebulous criteria, word of

A Review Of Nishabd By Kaveetaa Kaul

  Link Sure does leave you speechless..if not ‘wordless’…as the title suggests. At the outset, expectations from the film pre-viewing, were not something to write home about. RGV’s reprising failures, a major contributory factor. However, one’s hopes were pinned on the decision making process of Amitabh Bachchan, which leads him to accept/reject a script and

A Review Of ‘Water’ By Kaveetaa Kaul

  Link There are films that entertain you and then there is a film like ‘Water’ by Deepa Mehta which moves you and shames you at once, for belonging to an ethos which conforms to the barabarities portrayed via the story of widows, perhaps sequestering,therefore further criminalised , ages ranging from eight to eighty. There

The Namesake – A Review By Kaveetaa Kaul

    Link Mira Nair is a woman much respected in her chosen profession, having received accolades fairly early in her career. Therefore she has managed to inculcate faithfuls to her style of cinema the world over. Being of Indian origin, one would like to believe has embellished her visual and aesthetics to the extent

Interview with Film Maker Onir-Agonist Of Meaningful Cinema

Link: Sachiniti Film-makers attempting to flow against the tide, who break away from the razzmatazz of films in the manner popularly understood, catering to the masses, subscribing to the rationale of ‘anything for a HIT’ ..risking loss of aesthetics and abandonment of creative expression, deserve that their efforts be lauded. The danger in not taking