• Om Puri’s Wife Nandita Reveals Embarassing Truths In Biography
    Kaveetaa Kaul | November 10, 2009, 11:13 PM | 24 comments | 0 views

    om puri

    Fame and peace can never be bedfellows. You invite fame into your life and tranquility bids you a hasty farewell. Fame, the fugacious guest, surreptitiously hides behind it infamy, which monster like grows with each breath of adulation , waiting to expose its gargantuan self at the appropriate time. The latest victim is Om Puri the thespian who has achieved accolades beyond Indian shores. The shocking part is that in this case his wife turned out to be Brutus.

    In a biography penned by Nandita Puri, the sexual life of Om Puri has been dealt with in great detail much to the embarrassment and chagrin of the actor, who reveals that he had no knowledge of the manuscript prior to its publication.

    Om’s main reason for being upset is Nandita’s revelation that he had sex with his maid Shanti at the age of 14. She has also exposed Om’s longstanding liaison with a woman named Laxmi with whom Om was sexually and emotionally involved. (more…)

  • Piracy Revealed..The Inconvenient Truth
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    Insiders from the industry were fully cognisant of the fact that piracy was the handiwork of popinjays involved directly with the film. ‘Camera prints’ an outdated version where films reached theatres before pirated prints began making the rounds into viewers homes, was anachronistic. Today is the time of  Tuesday prints with a Friday release or if ‘connected’ Saturday prints is a truism as well.

    Often dismissed as a specious argument, the truth has finally emerged in quite a shocking manner, despite the fact that logistics had clearly pointed out who the culprit might have been. The post production team, and the laboratories where the film in digital mode  is loaded on to hard disks. Where a Rs 20 dvd is all one needs to pirate an unseen copy, freshly processed, virginal and worth a fortune.

    Its not difficult to imagine why the exodus to theaters is not such a widespread phenomenon any longer. Apart from the economics, the sheer comfort and convenience of seeing the film over a soiree, at the sole discretion of ones moods was incomparable . How this translates into Box office curse cannot be gauged accurately.

    We live in times when the worth of films and talent as it were, is measured and in direct proportion to the Box offce collections. Can anyone estimate what this nebulous pirated market actually means in terms of revenue and returns? Further it is tragic to ponder and realise how fortunes are made to break every Friday because of lack of audiences in a theatre with none considering the fact that the film was already available in the market, sometimes, believe me, even before its release. This is a personally experienced truth. (more…)

  • A Lok Sabha Election Form..psst!!
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    In response to the present circus underway named ‘Election’, sharing a few well deserved laughs!! No offense meant..purely in jest.

    Application Form for “Lok Sabha Election”
    1. Name of Candidate: _____________________

    2. Present Address:
    (i.)Name of Jail: _____________________
    (ii.)Cell Number: _____________________

    3. Political Party: _____________________ (more…)

  • A Few Unforgettable Song Picturisations
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    Sometimes inadvertently one recalls moments from films that seem to have been deeply ingrained in ones subconscious. Not necessarily those that inspire , yet they have made a dent. On the other hand there may be songs that leave one numb with emotion or romantic to the core, as the situation may be, when one listens to them. Sadly, most of these on screen leave you numb..this time sans emotion. Their picturisation is bereft of a modicum of innovation. They just dont live up to the promise of the music and lyrics. My list of favourite songs hence will differ hugely from the list of favourite song picturisations.

    Songs in Bollywood are almost an adumbrate to story telling. There was a time in our cinema history where songs and their filming was as, if not more, important than the climax. Songs were not disparate from the continuum of the unfolding of the story. Makers gave it their all since what could be expressed lyrically, musically was far greater than the spoken word. Today, mostly songs are picturised for media promotions or incentive to entice the goer.Not universally so but largely speaking, rarely do song picturisations leave you wanting for more.

    There are some which have a sempiternal quality. They are not just innovative in their picturisation, but the emotion evoked, or the newness of approach as if set them apart from the usual ..almost light years away. These have served as inspiration for the other makers who followed. It may not be just the song but the combined effect of the situation and the point of its inclusion in the film, the newness of sentiment exploited and the freshness with which that was sought to be conveyed.

    Bollywood is unique in its song and dance routine remember? So the added positive of ‘originality’ cannot be overlooked as well since there is no question of having been ‘inspired’ by Hollywood. One is trying to pay a tribute to those behind these rara avis song picturisations.

  • A Few Words On DEV D
    Kaveetaa Kaul | March 13, 2009, 4:00 AM | 9 comments | 0 views


    The easiest and tragically perhaps, the most conformed trait of humans is to denounce even without personal gain. A trait most often ventured in ‘reviews’ so to say, of films without a ponderous thought on what actually goes into the making, the effort of the team sired by the Director and most of all an honest answer to a relevant question, which pertinently enquires as to just how qualified are we to thus mitigate a creative evnture, either by a duplication of clever erudition by a biased reviewer or then an ill informed , immature, opinion .

    Hope those who irresponsibly thus strike off with a stroke what may be art and an off beat interpretation that demands a serious pondering, realise that they are doing a grave injustice if not a sin against an artist.

    Not wishing to be culpable of such a crime, one has always ventured/attempted to be a fair reviewer, if I can dare to call myself so. We ( hubby and me) had been expressly warned against seeing DevD by others in the fraternity on reasons that normally follow such ‘massive disappointments’.

    Being privy to negative propaganda and having experienced first hand what a ‘fed media’ and malicious campaigning can achieve, we have made it a pledge to go by personal viewing only.  Films like gastronomical delights, are a personal choice and we’d rather exercise our option in selection of films we appreciate. (more…)

  • Attempting To Explain The Slumdog Phenomenon!
    Kaveetaa Kaul | March 2, 2009, 10:00 PM | 7 comments | 0 views


    Feel vindicated to quite an extent since some of us had been discussing in much the same vein at NG . Great analysis.

    “Middle India is cock-a-hoop over its surrogate triumph at the Academy Awards. The eight Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire — three of these going to a couple of true blue Indians — for a romanticised Dickensian tale of a vile Fagin, exploited children and an uncaring system comes as the perfect stardust for a country seeking to gloss over the cruel realities of its 21st-century poverty and joblessness, a predicament made worse by the deepening global recession.

    Thus, entire front pages have been given over to the delirium of watching the Indian slumdog arrive on the international stage, never mind that the portrayal is as savage as you can get in an oddly prettified plot.

    That it hasn’t touched a national raw nerve is because middle class Indians have begun to take such things in their stride; they are no longer affronted by the outside view of the degrading poverty that afflicts the overwhelming majority of their countrymen. (more…)

  • A Nation In Denial
    Kaveetaa Kaul | December 21, 2008, 10:13 PM | 7 comments | 0 views


    An article by Khalid Hassan, USA based Pakistani writer who seems to have successfully shorn off traditional prejudices born from religion and propoganda. Well articulated, heartfelt lament..must read. ‘Thinkers’ on the other side are not lost yet. If bi-lateral relations were to gain any sort of momentum it could only occur with such analytical minds, on both sides, playing a frontal role.

  • IFFI 2008 – A Report
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    Mr. Mohan Siroya sent me this article on his experience at the IFFI 2008. He has been freelancing as a FILM JOURNALIST/CRITIC for last 40 years. He has been a prolific writer , having written critical articles ,features, reviews etc. on films, Music and TV in numerous English periodicals in India. Named a few are :- The Indian Express, Film Fare, Film World, Picture Post, Cine Advance, Screen , The Hitavada, Lokmat Times , The Twin City Times , Film Industry Journal, Day After, Femina , Eve’s Weekly, Free Press Journal , Blitz etc.

  • SC : Political Will Needed To Tackle MNS Violence
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    Discussions on Ng included comments on a similar score. As mentioned therein,  lack of political will  for obvious reasons blazed the fire, when extinguishing it was not just the crying need of the hour but also attainable.


    NEW DELHI: Hate attacks and incidents of regional chauvinism can be tackled if there is a political will, the Supreme Court said on Tuesday while agreeing to hear on Monday a PIL linked to the alleged violence perpetrated by Raj Thackeray’s MNS party in Maharashtra. (more…)

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