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My review of Housefull 2 | ****

Extracts: - Playing the son of ‘vaasna ka pujari’ Ranjeet, Akshay is a complete riot with his lusty mannerisms and overtures. Watch out for his opening scene in a shaking van, parachute landing over his prospective mother-in-law or the bedroom scene with Asin. - John Abraham who lets go of his macho and masculine side here and

My review of Agent Vinod : ***1/2

While of late style and technique has seen a manifold increase in Bollywood, filmmakers are also pushing the boundary when it comes to challenging the audience. Yes, there are escapist films being made (and loved as well). However there are filmmakers who are aspiring to merge hardcore commercial cinema with elements that require one to

My review of Agneepath: *** – Not quite iconic

‘Agneepath’ turns out to be a film that starts off well, builds great momentum, has a wonderful interval point but then starts going down in the second half in a big way. So much so that by the time the moment of reckoning arrives, you have been so exhausted with at least 30-40 minutes of

Reflections – Are awards a sham?

By Joginder Tuteja 1995 – That was the time when I was a school going teenager and there were only one recognised awards – ‘The Filmfare Awards’. Nominations were eagerly awaited, bets were placed on the eventual winner, homework was finished well in advance to watch the coveted awards ceremony (albeit it was ‘deferred live’,

Reflections: Is Bollywood heading South, turning ‘desi’?

‘Desi’ is in. Now haven’t we heard that way too often right through the year gone by? Ever since Ghajini turned into a huge success, Bollywood has been accused of picking up rights of South films (which pride themselves at being ‘desi’) left, right and centre at a feverish pace. Super success of films like Bodyguard, Ready and Singhamfurther resulted

My list of Top-10 most anticipated albums in 2012

2011 was just about good when it came to music in Bollywood. There weren’t many earth shattering albums hitting the stands which worked in entirety and those which were lapped up did come with an expiry date. One hopes though that the scenario changes in 2012. Here is presenting the list of Top-10 most anticipated

Top 11 soundtracks of 2011

Top 11 soundtracks of 2011 By Joginder Tuteja, Jan 7, 2012 – 16:39 IST In the year gone by there were quite a few surprises in store when it came to Bollywood music. While a few biggies didn’t quite boast of memorable music with the albums not even moving an inch on the stands, a

Reflections: Will filmmakers stand up for Shah Rukh Khan?

‘Jitne moonh utni baatein’ – Shah Rukh Khan could well be muttering this under his breath right from the time promotion of Ra.One kick-started till the time Don 2 was eventually declared a hit. In fact in his two decade of movie making experience, 2011 could well go down as the most eventful year for Khan who has seen

Happy New Year friends :-0)

All u Players from the Department, eat some Barfii and enjoy a Housefull party before 2012 starts a Race for a new Kahaani to be told. A Heroine will rise, a Raaz would be told and a Joker will laugh the most. Talaash for the most Dabangg actor would be over as stars walk on

SRK silences detractors as Don 2 turns into a hit

Shah Rukh Khan must have gone through some real anxious times when the Thursday evening press show resulted in select mischief mongers spreading negative word of mouth about his latest releaseDon 2. Critics in general weren’t really kind too and despite the fact that the film took the best opening ever for a non-holiday release,

Reflections: 2011 – The year that was

Great, so with Don 2 managing to get that much needed ‘opening’ at the box office, 2011 is ending in a positive note. It started off well with No One Killed Jessica and ending too isn’t the kind that one would really complain about. At times it was content that proved to be a winner while in some cases,

My take on Don 2: ****

‘Wow’ – Now this is what you end up exclaiming not just around the time when end credits start rolling for ‘Don 2′ but quite a few times during the two and a half hours narrative of the film. Now this is one film which doesn’t take audience’s intelligence for granted. Gripping, stylish, thrilling and

Happy Diwali folks!

This Diwali, be a ‘Rockstar’ and make sky lit up like an ‘Agneepath’ so that there is full-on ‘Damadamm’ for ‘Ladies v/s Desi Boyz’ which would keep ‘Ra. One’ entertained as he watches ‘The Dirty Picture’. Signed : ‘Don’

Reflections – Does Bollywood need Censor board?

Picture this. ‘DK Bose’ is the talk of the town, for right as well as the wrong reasons, and even as the parents and their 9 year old kids (ref: Anubhav Sinha’s tirade against the song) totally understand the connotations of the song, the makers are sounding completely oblivious to the ‘double meaning’ here. Censors

My review of DTBHJ – ***1/2

By Joginder Tuteja ***1/2 A couple of years back Amitabh Bachchan had commented that if there was one film maker who had the potential to carry forward the legacy of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee, it could be Madhur Bhandarkar. Well, his prophecy has indeed come true with ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai’ indeed reminding audience

Happy New Year guys!

THANK YOU 2010 for being a ROCKSTAR year. As a new GAME begins and MAUSAM gets colder, get READY as PATIALA pegs are served on the HOUSE. Have fun because aaj raat 7 KHOON MAAF. Don’t act FALTU, stop being a BOL BACHCHAN and enjoy kyunki DIL TO BACCHA HAI JI and ZINDAGI NA MILEGI

My review of Golmaal 3 | ****

‘Golmaal 3′ is not a great piece of cinema. It’s purpose of existence is simple, give audience those two and a half hours of non-stop fun, come what may, and ensure that there is no dull moment that goes past by. This is what one gets to see in this non-stop laugh riot that begins

Exclusive | My review of Action Replayy

Forget the flamboyance or the energy that one expects from Akshay Kumar, he actually gets into a garb as never worn before. Donning an ill fitting ‘kurta-pyajama’, a pair of TV screen style glasses, a ‘champu’ haircut, an awkward walk and last but the most visible aspect of his personality – two protruding teeth, Akshay