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Contest Result: Dabangg2 Collection Prediction

We saw dabangg and his fans tried all their luck, hard work to make Dabangg2  bigger and better than the Best one yet. But Dabangg2 failed to win hearts and top charts. At NG at least few won when we had prediction contest last month. We had 4 categories 1. first friday, 2. first weekend, 3. first week and 4.

Contest: NGites predict Dabangg2 collections

When the whole world is counting days for 21st Dec for a fearfull reason…. but now they have some thing to cheer about. A Dabangg is back again to save his, his family’s and his town’s ass…in a kickass style And we NGites along with whole world are going to celebrate his comeback in our

SKYFALL’s Most liked review on IMDB.

So so so bad. Critics need replacing, Author: Vijay Dinanath from United Kingdom *** This review may contain spoilers *** My 1st review! I am so disgusted with this film&annoyed critics praised it I cracked and had to review(rant). 1. stolen agent list? Sound familiar? Mission impossible,Charlie’s angels2 etc. overused &too easy. This isn’t a

“‘Joker’ would be refreshing for everyone” – Akshay Kumar

While Akshay’s ‘Housefull 2′ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’ were aimed at families and youth respectively, it now seems that ‘Joker’ also has that special something for children in particular. “Absolutely”, immediately says Akshay, “It’s very much a film for the young ones with a tad of entertainment for adults of course. Basically it was made for

Top 5 Salman movies of a non-sallu fan

1. MPK (just came close to become his fan ..but soon khiladi appeard :) ) 2. Dabangg (Still treat it the best in context of pure Indian bolly drama) 3.  Hum Dil de chuke sanam (really enjoyed it) 4.  Tere Naam( is movie mein kuch to tha ..still carry its mp3 in my phone)  5. Saajan (it was

Last call to NG MODs to vote in NGite’s top5 SS..poll Dear MOds, Being a NG member u also have full right to show who all are ur fav superstars….and also show solidarity with other members who have come in large number to poll for the first time for something which is specific to NG. Pls vote ….else give reason why u dont want to poll…..all NGites

NGite’s TOP 5 Super Stars (Male and Shining)

Rules of the poll 1. List down at most  5 superstars in rank/order of your likings (ur personal favourites) from Bollywood              e.g. 1. Salman Khan , 2.  Ranbir kapoor ,  3. Aamir Khan,  4 . Akshay Kumar  5.  Sunny Deol 2. For a polled ranking: rank#1 will score 5,  rank 2 will  score 4, rank 3 will score 3, rank 4 will score 2 and rank 5 will

Rowdy Rathore is a marketing success too!!

0. Started teaser posters around 8-10 months before release 1. Old styled – painter’s more exclusive and rough(read rowdy)  look in the age of VFX 2. Dhamaake daar One liners on these posters…which changed with seasons(naya saal, happy holi, ..etc)  before release and with night after release 3. Only hero and heroine on the

How Indian movie business works?

@ doga, @suprabh @film maker @manish. Please explain business behind Indian movies on following roles:   Role of producer, disributor,banner, studio, teritorries,  cinema owners, tickets? and how the money is exchanged among them? How share and profits are calculated? Some examples and top players in each field. PLEASE.

New concept in releasing movies : A thought

“A new movie can be released directly on TV to do away with piracy, distribution, and with asssured income for mid size/budget movies.” How it will work: New movies will be auctioned to all major participating TV channels based on time slots. These time slots will be like every hour of the day. e.g. Friday 8am, 9am, 10am…10pm. Saturday 8am, 9am,