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aur kab tak hai jaan

Found this poster’s really funny NO offence to anyone here…take it sportingly and have fun..:-)sportingly and have fun..:-)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan- Movie Review(with story)

Got a chance to see this movie(unedited) Thanks to rajiv sharma from yash raj…well will not say much..(due to obvious reasons) but here is some part of the story line..i liked it:-) a well made movie if not awesome. EK LADKE KO LONDON MEIN PYAR HO JATA HAI… . . . . WO LADKI KO


Well…Well..Well… saw the  (courtesy ..a very close friend of mine in red chillies prod.)… First half: First 30 min…quite boring…nothing special….i mean simple family ..wife and son hates his husband and father respectively.. next 30 min…some songs and bit of movement in story but again nothing very special what  i was expecting..the problem is i as

jo chauka udke jata hai use chhakka kahte hai

Hi Guys, How you doing??This is the first post i am writing.This is about the Music release of DB. The Music of Delhi Belly is out and i got a chance to grab it’s cd today. Well there are in all 10 songs in it, my personal fav. is i hate you (like i love