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Judgment at Nuremberg – The film is totally set in Courtroom from the beginning till end and I must confess that the performance by “Maximilian Schell” as “Hans Rolfe” is one of the best ever performance from any lawyer I have seen till now. He totally owned the show and the film. He was just incredible.

Weird and shocking facts about the Oscars!

• Oscar winners upon being presented with their award, must sign an agreement stating that if they wish to sell their statuettes they must first offer them to the Academy for $1. If they refuse, they cannot keep their trophy. The rule has been in effect since 1950, which means that older statues do sometimes

Salman bana media ka shikar again – How?

Watch this video & now Check out what Times of India has posted Salman Khan takes a jibe at AR Rahman at Kapil Sibal’s album launch The tension between the Salman Khan and AR Rahman was the talking point of an event. Once again, Salman has put his foot in his mouth. The launch of

Aamir Khan parties after Salman Khan’s JAI HO failure

By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial Before JAI HO release and when DHOOM 3 was about to hit the screens, Aamir Khan didn’t leave a single opportunity to sing praises of his buddy Salman Khan. In fact, every time we came across the perfectionist he went gaga over Salman Khan’s superstardom status and asserted that Salman

My Take On Jai Ho – FS

Jai Ho is a movie that showcases the same thing what is being showcased from past 100 years or so that there is always a Hero, a Heroine, a Villian, a Sister and a Mother with innumerable other characters. Salman Khan is the Hero of the film and so he kicks each and everyone who stands

Jai Ho – Short Movie Review

Courtesy to a friend in Dubai! It is a typical Salman Khan movie with too much of voilence in it but it was required. Salman Khan has done an incredible job but Sohail Khan has done his homework partly. The social message he tries to convey don’t exactly convince the audience nor is justified in

Jai Ho Heading For Srong Start But Expectations Huge

Jai Ho is looking at a strong start at the box office all over but the expectations have also changed after the release of Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 managed to set a record opening day on a non holiday so where as earlier a 20 crore nett figure was regarded excellent for a non holiday

Unseen Images Of Jiah Khan Murder Case Leaked

Bollywood actress Jai Khan who died in a suspected suicide is making waves. The images on her body triggers doubt of suicide and suspected murder. Her mother demands CBI inquiry and the lawyer of Rabiya khan known as Rabiya tells that the investigation was done in negligence. Check out some of the unseen pictures of

Salman Khan: The Hit Machine #JaiHo

Saat Rasta, known earlier as the Jacob Circle, is the vortex that joins five different areas of Mumbai. On that junction lies New Shirin Talkies, a non-descript theatre. Normally, the traffic on Saat Rasta roundabout is messy, but a week before Eid in 2010, at least three roads leading up to it were completely blocked.

Jai Ho!!! Salman Khan Hugging Abhishek Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan #JaiHo

This is a coincidence or just a marketing gimmick or could be Salman Khan’s change of heart or whatever; Salman Khan is making all the noises one should before the release of any biggie. He has been in the news for all the wrong reasons just a few days back and now he is back

Salman Khan Ki #JaiHo

Salman Khan has rocked the nation innumerable times and will continue to do so with #JaiHo too till he is out of his wits, waist and witnesses. He has been a Rockstar throughout his professional career as well as in his personal life. He has been the face of the daredevil attitude, handsome Macho Man,

Senna 2010 – Must Must Watch

Senna (2010) – Have you ever heard of Ayrton Senna? If not then you need to know everything about him. He is one of the Greatest Sports Star in the world and those who follow Formula 1 definitely know about Michael Schumacher but very few of them know about Ayrton Senna. This movie in itself

Dhoom 3: Akhh… Thooooooooo

Lift gets jammed during the crucial shooting scene, Aamir runs down the building to pull up the lift with his sheer raw power and gravitational force to his advantage so that Acharya doesn’t suffocate inside the lift. Then Aamir comes home, watches Dhoom 2 DVD chase sequence 2-3 times. Bored of being jobless, he runs

Top 10 Most Viewed Songs On YouTube

Songs that has highest no of views on YouTube. Except two I agree with others topping the no of views in the list. 1. PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (?????) M/V – 1.8 Billion views (close to 2 billion views) 2. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris – close to a billion 940 Million views

Few things I learnt from TV series and Movies

There are so many things that one can learn from Movies, TV serials and other stuffs that airs on television or big screen. Many films & series usually tend to showcase contents that results in positive outcome, happy ending or prove statements such as truth always triumph, work is worship or fortune favors the bold etc…


Sports is one of the most useful activities around, that changes attitudes, discipline, makes you determined to aim for goal and achievement with dedication. It influences a lot on people’s character. Competition is one such aspect in sport as well as in life that pushes you to the boundary to overcome fear and ambiguity, withstand

Top 10 Korean Movies Of All Time – Reformat Version – FS

My first Korean Movie that I loved most is “A Moment to Remember” and from then onwards I started watching all kinds of Korean & Japanese movies which I never tried in the past. Korean Movies are either dark themed action/crime/psychological thrillers or Romantic tearjerkers. Their quality of cinema and the script are way different