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It feels odd still i am requesting it.

Hi to everyone. I have started a blog. The adress is The blog is dedicated specially to courrpt media and the way media maniupulates things. Pls do visit if possible and post your valuable comments. I am eager for them.

CE Verdict- Niether Deepika’s Leg nor Rani’s.

First thing first Bollywood should be greatful to Salman Khan that He has made Eid such a lucarative Release Date. When on Friday i went to Watch Chennai express ‘Maine aise-aise log dekhe mall or Theatre main (Esp from Muslim Community)’ jo mall main shayad Saal main ek hi din yani Eid per aate hain or

Don’t mess with me !

Though i am late still this men deserves a thread. So what if he is not from BW. He is lionel messi or should i say ‘LION’ messi. Afterall what can you say to a player who is demoilishing everything whatever is coming in his way ? Lion bhi to yahi karta hai. I think

Why i hate Aamir and his fans ?

1- Aamir Satatment – Talaash is not an Universal film or Mass film. My Point – Had Akshay ever said 8×10 Tasveer flopped because it was not an Universal film.Had Hrithik ever said Guzarish flopped because it was not an Universal film. Had SRK ever said MNIK underperformed because it was not an Universal film

What is the toughest thing on NG ?

The answer is simple. The toughest thing on NG is being a SRK Fan. It has been almost 5 year and SRK fans havn’t got any good news and nadir point is to beaten by SOS. It is quite possibe that JTHJ’s life time collection will be more then SOS but the plain and simple

Is JTHJ a silent film ?

If not then why they are not releasing any dialouge promo. It mean just 4 days left to release and no dialouge promo. So far i can trust Father-Son duo’s movies for thier music and some meaningful dialouge but in JTHJ case music is dud (for me ofcourse) and there are no dialouges. So what

‘omerta code’ broken, Bollywood’s fake myth busted.

Bollywood is a big happy family. People happily work together. There is no such back satabing or bickring as media potray. I think you also have heard these statement from film faternity. But thanks to ADF court case against YRF this fake show of imotions wiped out. Now there is all out war. What they

Great Article on Arnab’s Kangaroo court.

If anyone intrested in the debate style of indian news media then pls have a look in this article written by Madhu kishwar.   Dear Arnab ji, When you started your innings with Times Now by demanding that power wielders provide honest answers to the general public for their various acts of commission and omission, many of

How Robert Acquire Priyanka ? Mystrey Solved !

Actually in 1996 Priyanka went to theatre to watch Raja Hindusatani with her friends. She liked the film and decided to follow Karishma Kapoor. Priyanka thought what Karishma did in Reel life, she will do in Real life. You may ask Why Priyanka decided to follow Karishma. Very Simple. Priyanka belongs to the first family

This post is Chatukarita ki Hadh i.e Height of sycophancy

In a season where law minister of the country is acting like In-Law minister to Save Mother india’s Son-In-Law. I thought main bhi apne star ke prati apni wafadari Sabit karon. So this Post. I Like SRK.. Because He is not Sanjeev Kumar and Al Pacino (Acting wise) Because He is not Akshay kumar (Look,

Jane kahan gaye wo din ? Ab RAPE kyon nahi hote ?

In this post i am giving a list of those thing’s which we don’t find in todays film. Some Nostalgic feelings and reason why they disappeared from the films. 5 – Mausi and Johrabai or Chameli bais of Kotha world. Nostalgia- Now there were a time when we got Kothewalies (Most of the time they

5 legendary campaigns on NG.

5- Rockie’s Singham – The way Rockie bhau took it upon himself to make Singham a superhit was legendary. he almost took Singhan near 100 cr mark. Now he is fighting against Aamir ‘fake’ Khan and so called ‘biased’ modrater Suprabh Babu. My Stand- I thought Singham will do max 60 cr but rockie took