It feels odd still i am requesting it.

Hi to everyone. I have started a blog. The adress is The blog is dedicated specially to courrpt media and the way media maniupulates things. Pls do visit if possible and post your valuable comments. I am eager for them.

Eye Opening interview og Box Office Baba (BoB) and an Akki’s Bhakt (AB).

AB- Baba OUATIMD bhi flop ho gai. Bataiye ab is dil ka main kya karoon..main kya karoon ?

BoB – Abe chaparganju pehle to ye song main kya karoon..main kya karoon wala gana band kar kyoki ye gana Ranbeer Kapoor (Barfi) Ka hai or usne 6 saal ke carear main hi itni badi hit film de di jo Akki apne 22 saal ke carear main nahi de paya or Ranbeer filhan Akki se aage dikh raha hai. Isliya Ranbeer ka prachar karna band karo.

AB – Oh Sorry baba. Per kya karoon. OUATIMD flop hone ke baad kuch samjh hi nahi aa raha hai.

BoB – Beta is baba se kyon jhooth bol rahe ho. Saal main Akki ki 4-5 filmain aati hain to 2-3 flop hoti hi hain aur tum ek hi film flop hone main hosh gawa rahe ho. Abhi to ye shuruaat hai. Aage-aage dekho hota hai kya ?

AB- Lekin Baba Kuch to batao. OUATIMD flop hone ka kya excuse den. Humne to ise Akki ki best film, Best Potrayel of a gangster bata rahe the. Al pachine tak ne iski tareef ki thi. Continue reading

How Fan too can do disservice to thier Fav Star ? Case Study Danish Babu !

First thing first I am a SRK fan (Most of the members aready knew it) but i won’t talk about CE success.

Now comming to the main point. At present Salman Khan is unbeatable and untochable in Bollywood as far as Indian box office is concerned. I am saying this despite knowing that YJHD almost reached to ETT without any holiday. Salman is Simply untochable right now. Still from some time Danish is acting like insecure Aamir fans. First he fought with Akshay fans, Then Ranbeer fans and now with SRK Fans. Danish babu Akshay in no match of Salman still we saw thousends of Comments and Dozens of post on this. As there is a saying that don’t argue with a fool because in that case Fool will bring you to his stupidity level and then beat you with thier expeirence in stupidity. I an not saying Akki fans are fool it is just a saying. Danish babu Salman is too far ahead of Akshay so why this comparison. Even SRK’s worst phase i havn’t seen a SRK fan who compared him tio Akki.Your argument in favour of Salman (Most ATBB, Most BB, Most Biggest hits of the year) now became a laughing matter despite being truth. It reminds me Mushtaq shekh of Welcome (Nana patekar’s side kick) where he say “Ek baar main Uday bhai ko kuch keh diya tha to unhone meri taang tod di lekin unka dil bada hai wo mujhe khud hospital lekar gaye” OR Rajpal Yadav in Ek or ek egyarah where he say “Meri ek maan, Do bhai, Teen behne hain unki shadi karni hai”. Everbody know about Salman unbeatable position in BO still Danish’s relentless and Excessive argument turned Some of NG’s member into Salman Hater. Earlier Yakuza used to be Salman’s Fan but in his last days in NG he became Salman hater and there are many member like that. Danish babu i am saying again Salman Khan is unbeatable and untochable right now. So why be charged up every time when other actor film get success. Just chill. Look at fearlesssoul. he enjoy others success also. Belive me it is not harmful.

Akki Fans – Boss Don’t hype every Akki film as 100 cr or 150 cr grosser. Akki do too many films every year. So chances of Faliure is more. So it is better to keep expectation in reasonable level the become a laughing stock.

SRK Fans – Pls Don’t boost to much on CE success. In my view he will the first to fad out among Khan Trimuty. So it is better to enjoy CE success but the sentence’s like King is back and He demolished everything is plain ridiculious. Continue reading

CE Verdict- Niether Deepika’s Leg nor Rani’s.

First thing first Bollywood should be greatful to Salman Khan that He has made Eid such a lucarative Release Date. When on Friday i went to Watch Chennai express ‘Maine aise-aise log dekhe mall or Theatre main (Esp from Muslim Community)’ jo mall main shayad Saal main ek hi din yani Eid per aate hain or Movie dekhte hain.

Now on Chennai Express.

1- Time For Shahrukh khan is runnung out. As they say diya buhne se pehle fadfadta hai. Despite Great opening for CE SRK’s carrer will not go far.

2- Even after working in films for 22 years. He doesn’t know where the limit of acting ends and overacting starts Continue reading

If U hav Imotion ? Don’t want to feel guilty ? Pls Watch Lootera.

Caveat – I am not a pandit on cinema as some others in this forum so it is not a review but just my feeling after watching Lootera.

Story – Alsmost a decade ago, during my IIMC days, i wrote an article on Lata Ji. I wrote “Agar aapke ander ab bhi kuch Dhawal (Safed, White) aur Shuddh (Pure) bacha hai to aap Lata ji ki aawaz main use mehsoos kar sakte hain. Aap is baat per bhi bharosa kar sakte hain ki Kalyug main bhi Devi-Devta avtaar lete hain kyonki Lata ji ki aawaz main sakshat Saraswati Vaas karti hain” Same thought came in mind watching an expeirence called Lootera. I will not go in the story detail as most of the people know it and it can play spoiler alert. The Bottomline is this that after watching lootera you understand that Silence to speaks. There are to many scene in the film where there are no dilouge, no dramatic music. Director gave viewers time to feel the imotion and to see within. This film sometimes reminds you our epics like where everything is corelated. The way he construct ‘Meri jaan Toote main basi hai’ story and Leaf painting sequence, The way he build up imotions for the climax is the proof of what a great storytaler motwane is ? His eyes for detail is also unmatched. Take the example of that scene where Ranveer and his friend left Sonakshi Haveli. They don’t start thier bike because it can wake Sonakshi or her father.

Performences- As i already said i will noy say to much about story so it brings us to the performence. Lootera is a film which is based on performences. Every actor fits into thier role to the ‘T’. Even thier diction is perfect to. As far as performences of lead actors are concern i have to admit though i am a big Ranveer fan i have no shame to say that Film belongs to Sonakshi Sinha. She is the soul of the film. You feel every imotion of her. From Acting to body lanuage to diction to basically she captured everything perfectly. As they say nobody is perfect but Sonkshi is perfect for this role. As far as Ranveer performence He to delivered a perfect punch. It is just that Sonkshi role is more meat. I rate Ranveer above Ranbeer and this film confirms my belive. (Strictly my thought). He is more versetile and now i understad why he has such a terrefic lineup of Films. Looking forward to Ramleela and Gundey.

Cinemetography – And talk about lootere will be not complete without talking about Cinemetography. As i said somewhere i don’t watch too many films in theater so i can’t say if any other film look so good in big screen. Every shot is a treat to watch. In film Ranveer and Sonkshi paint the landscape but in reality whole film is poetry in motion. Do a favour to yourself and good cinema and watc this in theatre. Continue reading

Sachin retired from ODI and ‘I’ from NG. Bid adieu.

It has been a relation of 6 long year with NG. Now i think it is time for me to say Bid adieu to NG. The relation was more sweet then sour I will miss some of the members. One of the reason for leaving NG is people are not ready to take criticism. You Criticise a public figure and people are getting personnal. Yesterday i question Sachin and an estimeetd member abused me. I didn’t get hurt of abuse but the increasing intolerence on NG. Though i has been abused just questioning Sachin still i will stuck to my gun. Here i am giving 10 points why i don’t respect Sachin as much as others do. I will be happy if some of his fan give logical answer.
1- Ferrari Tax – Sachin got a Ferrari as a gift, But wanted Tax relief on it. Why ? Kya paise nahi the Tax pay karne ke liye ? Then sold the same Ferrari which was presented to him as a mark of respect and for his achivements.

2 – Multan Test innings declare – Took so much time and ball to reach his 194 where pitch was not that bad as shown by Sehwag 309. And when Dravid declared the innings Sachin aired his disappointment. Because of Bowlers good performence india won that test with lots of time left. Still this question remains what was wrong there in Dravid’s declaration.

3 – Monkey gate – Somebody in the Sachin’s retirement said why i belive Aussies in monkeygate incident. OK i don’t belive Aussies. I belive the GOD sachin. The GOD said before enquiry commission that Bhajji didn’t use the word ‘MONKEY’ but ‘Maa ki’. I don’t know why bhajji abused Symo in hindi. If it is against Pak player then it is understable that bhajji used hindi slang but why hindi slang for Symo ? OK as per GOD Bhajji said ‘Maa Ki’ but has he ever condem bhajji for that ? Ya Sachin bhi un logon ke fan hain, jinko ‘MAA KI GAALI’ acchi lagti hai as we saw in another thread.

4 – Pick and choose – Now it is upto Sachin (though wrong) to decide in when and which series he wants to play. So whenever he wanted rest or don’t want to play less importent series ?? he just i am injured and then come back straight to the team without any medical test or fitness test while other player go to the NCA to prove thier fitness. And some say No player is bigger then the game. Continue reading

Don’t mess with me !

Though i am late still this men deserves a thread. So what if he is not from BW. He is lionel messi or should i say ‘LION’ messi. Afterall what can you say to a player who is demoilishing everything whatever is coming in his way ? Lion bhi to yahi karta hai. I think you have read everything about messi when he broke Geard Muller’s record. The main reason to make this thread to show you why Messi is king. I havn’t seen pele or Maradona on thier hay days. But i have seen Zizou and messi. Though i still rate Zizou higher then messi still i have to say messi is one of the greatest player of all time and in current player i am one of his biggest fan. So pls see this youtube video and enjoy. This is the link of youtube video.

Why i hate Aamir and his fans ?

1- Aamir Satatment – Talaash is not an Universal film or Mass film.

My Point – Had Akshay ever said 8×10 Tasveer flopped because it was not an Universal film.Had Hrithik ever said Guzarish flopped because it was not an Universal film. Had SRK ever said MNIK underperformed because it was not an Universal film or Mass film.

2- Aamir Satatment – Dhobhi Ghat was i niche film.

My Point – Agreed. But What is Burfi ? Even the biggest fan of Ranbeer Kapoor was unsure about it but it went past 100 cr. So why this neech statment. (If you understand hindi you know what neech means ?

3- 3 idiot done over 200 cr with just 1600-1700 screen. Continue reading

What is the toughest thing on NG ?

The answer is simple. The toughest thing on NG is being a SRK Fan. It has been almost 5 year and SRK fans havn’t got any good news and nadir point is to beaten by SOS. It is quite possibe that JTHJ’s life time collection will be more then SOS but the plain and simple fact is that JTHJ’s is beaten by SOS no matter even for a day. It was diwali of 2007 when SRK blasted BO with OSO and since then he is trying to catching up. RNBDJ did great buisness but the Gajhani came created a strom at the Box office. After that it is downhill for SRK. MNIK did only 70+ cr. Ra one was crap. Don 2 was a good film but it was very tough to erase memory of crap Ra one. Now JTHJ is finding it very tough to go pass 100 cr when a film like Barfi did more then 100 cr. It is now crystel clear that SRK will be the first among Khan trio who will go on the sunset. Salman is on a diffrent leauge altogether. Aamir’s Talaash might fail to strom BO but he has Dhoom 3 and PK. Though i will not count SRK out of the race till Chennai express. But one thing is sure that SRK is unable to bring neutral viewers into the theatre. Only SRK fans are watching his films. Therefore SRK’s film are doing OK buisness but if you are in top rung you have to give big grosser. Now it is written on the wall that SRK is going to obilion but the good thing is that the end of his stardom is not abrupt but slowly fading out. The good thing about fading out it that it will give SRK time to mentally prepare for the new things and it will not came as a shock for him.

PS- All said and done still i will be a fan of SRK because he has given me enough to remember and it nothing to be ashemed. Whatever goes up comes down. He was the fisrt to go up and first to come down.

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