Current, Contemporary & All Time Biggest Bollywood Top 10 Hits

There are three ways to make a list of top 10 films.  An analysis of all three can give us a good idea about who is the greatest actor of bollywood.


CURRENT  LIST – this is the most fickle and hence least significant of the all. it changes week by week. just imagine this. only 1 months back sharukh khan did not have one film in the list. today he is at the top. in my view a list that doesnt adjust for changing market dnamics (inflation, ticket price hike, increasing/falling patronising population etc) doesnt matter but unfortunately most such lists are in this category. anyways, here is the list of 10 current highest grossers.

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Sharukh Wins A Race Of One – Apple To Apple Chennai Express Hasn’t Broken A Single Record

All the media hoo-haa apart (in which shahrukh khan specializes) the hard cold fact remains that chennai express hasnt broken any records in an apples-to-apples comparison. here’s how.

1. in the last 5 years since the weekend and opening day records have become the two most important ones (the 3rd being lifetime nett) there has not been a single big star film that released solo on a national holiday friday. not a single film has had this kind of a composition of the week. hence the weekend figure of 86 crores had no other film to compare with which had a similar weekend.

2. the only apple to apple comparisons for chrennai express was ek tha tiger wednesday vs chennai express friday both being national holidays. even there chennai express had an advantage – ett had released in the middle of ramzan, actually the last week wen the devout pray and fast even more, especially the last friday. despite that chennai express failed to break that record by BOI. (the fact that a couple of years ago BOI wud have ‘adjusted’ this 1.5 cr to somehow make an srk film break the record is another matter) ek tha tiger had broken bodyguard’s record, that had broken dabangg’s opening day records and dabangg had broken 3 idiots opening day record.

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Mughal E Azam VS Sholay

if you type mughal e azam in google you get 2340000 pages,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49641647,d.bmk&fp=c6905762b24c39b6&biw=1366&bih=667&bs=1


while if you type sholay you get only 1900000 pages.

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Top 10 ‘Goosebump Moments’ Of Bollywood For me Last Decade (2003-2013)

Every decade has some great films and they have their ‘goose bump moments’. Here I list the top 10 goosebump moments of Bollywood films from the last decade. (2003-2013) I know that’s 11 years so lets say its for august 2003-july 2013 (that’s 10 years, right?) there is no way I could have missed out on two of the best ‘goosebump moments’ of a Bollywood decade, may be the centenary by excluding 2003.


10. shahid kareena reunion in  ‘jab we met’ ’

in a fairly decently scripted, directed and enacted film, by the time a beautiful gem of a song (aaoge jab tum o saajna) comes on, you are assured that the film will not fall into a draggy last quarter or a botched up climax now. You don’t expect a ‘valley’ but do you expect such a great ‘peak’ suddenly? As the melodious number in the sonorous voice ends, shahid meets kareena outside her hostel. And wat a beautiful emotional moment follows. Both in a fragile emotional state, still both clinging on to their self respect, at the same time not hurting the other person’s. in a beautifully written scene shahid kapoor rises to the occasion lending it such emotional intensity and maturity( much more than  possible with that baby face)  and kareena, all rosy cheeked, red nosed (in the snowcapped mountains) and teary eyed takes your breath away. The scene does leave you moist eyed like hell. Continue reading

Salman Khan’s ‘Mental’ Strategy – Good Or Bad

After an 80 cr budgetted (cop+marketing) ‘ek tha tiger’ went on to nett 199 cr at the boxoffice the best thing for salman to do would have been to sign a 100 cr budgetted film, may be 125 or 150 cr budgeted one, with the most successful director, topmost banners like Yashraj, dharma, excel or UTV, with a katrina or a deepika (may be both if the script demanded) as heroines and with a huge canvas. it was all his for the asking. but  what he instead does is go ahead and sign a 50 cr budget film (much less if you take out ghar ki murgi sohail khan’s fees, just a notional cost) with, hold your breath a daisy shah and big boss contestant sana khan, and assorted sideys like ashmit patel and yash tonk in the supporting cast. the immediate 1st  fallout of which was that the naysayers started counting ‘mental’ out from the probable top grosser of the year saying its not expected to beat dhoom 3, krish 3 and now even yjhd. (as if maine pyaar kiya was always expected to beat ram lakhan, sajan was always expected to beat ‘hum’, hahk was always expected to beat anjaam, biwi no 1 was always expected to beat baadshah, no entry was always expected to beat mangal pandey, dabangg was always expected to beat my name is khan and bodyguard was always expected to beat ra1) the fact is that almost always, with rare exceptions like mughal e aazam, om shanti om,  mother india and offcourse ek tha tiger,  the biggest hit of the year is a surprise and usually the film that is expected to be the biggest hit doesn’t end up as that. this is more true in salman’s case, in whose 25 years career, only once did ppl predict his film to be the biggest hit of the year (ett) but he has defied their predictions to notch up an astonishing 9 biggest hits of the year, 7 of them thoroughly unexpected (kkhh was a special appearnce and a srk film and salman was a surprise special appearence).


coming back to his ‘mental’ startegy of doing a much smaller film (hopefully with strong emotional content) instead of a huge one appears to be just the perfect one. The problem with ‘bigger-and-bigger-until-the-bubble-bursts’ startegy is that its very counter productive for the star and the careers of dilip kumar, amitabh bachchan, anil kapoor and sharukh khan did become a victim of this phenomenon. of those only dilip kumar managed to resurrect himself with huge blockbusters like kranti, vidhata and karma. rest of them, once the bubble burst, went down the drain, with their films scale, size, budget and boxoffice revenue getting smaller and smaller. so much so that one of the biggest star of the century amitabh bachchan ends up with a department, and a shahrukh khan is doing a ‘himmatwala’ lookalike chennai express.

the other strategy of taking one step back to take a ‘run up’ to be able to jump higher seems a much better one. the fact is when a small film becomes a hit (based on content), it builds brand equity for the star (from jugnu shaheed  to zanjeer deewaar to mpk hahk to bazzigar darr to ashiqui 2)  while when a big budget overhyped one becomes a hit, it is usually feeding off the star’s brand value and doesnt do much for the future of the star (ram aur shyam for dilip kumar, coolie for amitabh, don 2 for shjahrukh etc. ett for salman is a different case as it came at the back of 4 huge hits and there was momentum) in the case of a smaller star, a hugely hyped big budgetted hit makes the next film of the star appear ‘insignificant’ (sohnu mahiwal post betaab, teri kasam post love story, anjana anjani post rajneeti) on the other hand if the such big budgeted film fails at the boxoffice there is hell to pay for (leader, toofaan, ganga jamuna sarawati, ra1, mangal pandey, veer etc) Continue reading

Does The Success Of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani’ Mean BJP And Modi Will Come To Power In 2014?

Dont freak out already and scream in unison “what’s the connection”!. there is one, however tenuous.

Yeh jawaani hai deewani’s success is, in a way the ‘revenge’ of the urban middle class. sidelined in the ‘boxoffice contribution’ stakes, even in the multiplexes funded by them, for the last 5 years, with films like zindagi na milegi dobara exclusively targetted at them doing barely half of the top grossing  films targetted at the ‘majority ‘ auidiences.  (i hate the presumptious  ‘masses’ and  ‘classes’ – as if buying the rs 550/- ticket for the umpteenth film about world tour and pop philosophy makes you ‘classy!) no wonder the moment they got a slightly passable movie with a ‘happening’ star cast and decent music, they thronged to the theaters, throwing aside their pretensions of liking only ‘quality’ movies – like the pop-pedagogical 3 idiots or the pop patriotic chak de or the wannabe documentary swades. and with their main strength, their thick wallets, made yeh jawaani hai deewaani into a huge blockbueter, buying tickets at prices 5 times higher than an average SS film.

so is it an indication of things to come in 2014 general elections?  of the urban middle class dumping all its modern, secular, egalitarian pretensions to embrace narendra modi and make him the next prime minister? your guess is as good as mine.

like in cinema, in the political sphere too, the urban middle class has been feeling quite sidelined – with the congress, just like the film industry,  ditching its sensex-growth agenda for the welfare-NREGA/food security one, eyeing the huge vote bank just as the industry was eyeing huge footfalls in the wake of renovated and slightly higher priced SS ticket rates – resulting in hundreds of crores for ett, dabangg, dabangg 2, bodyguard, rowdy rathore, singham and many more. Continue reading

The 10 Favourite Songs From The Last 10 Years

like an outdated uncleji, without the pause of a second, i have been blurting out ‘tere naam’ the moment anyone has asked me about my favourite song for the last 10 years, failing to realize that its been almost a decade since the film and its album broke all records on the charts and especially its title song played across the country like an anthem.

but this is 2013 and its time now to make a list of my favourite 10 songs in the last 10 years (post tere naam). off course i am expecting all members to put up their list of fave 10 songs of the last ‘decade’. without tearing into each others list and favourite star. halaanki hona to wahi hai finally,

10. namak isk ka (omkara 2006) though the chartbuster from the film was ‘beedi jalai le’, the song that took my breath away was this rekha bhardwaj ditty with the unique texture of her voice, innovative orchestration and off course gulzar’s lyrics.

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Ghadi chor (Watch Theif) Akshay’s Kumar’s Conman Friend Vindoo Arrested

the list of akshay kumar’s fraudulent connections seems to be never ending. the latest name is that of vindoo dara singh who got arrested in connection with IPL match fixing. akshay,  the fake chandni chowk boy who used to steal watches by his own admission (  read the answer to the second question )

has of late been associated with vindu dara singh and has done 5 films with akshay kumar has been arrested in the match fixing scandal. akshay has done 5 films with vindoo, playing his very close frind in some of them, which is what they are in real life too and are seen spending evenings together at olive in bandra, mumbai many times . vindoo has done

1. joker Continue reading