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Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara Drops Further On Saturday

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara dropped further on Saturday as it collected around 8 crore nett. The film dropped in every circuit across the country. The collections in three days are around 26.50 crore nett.   The film has fared poorly with its three day collection being less than the Chennai Express day

Mughal E Azam VS Sholay

if you type mughal e azam in google you get 2340000 pages,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49641647,d.bmk&fp=c6905762b24c39b6&biw=1366&bih=667&bs=1   while if you type sholay you get only 1900000 pages.  

Salman Khan’s ‘Mental’ Strategy – Good Or Bad

After an 80 cr budgetted (cop+marketing) ‘ek tha tiger’ went on to nett 199 cr at the boxoffice the best thing for salman to do would have been to sign a 100 cr budgetted film, may be 125 or 150 cr budgeted one, with the most successful director, topmost banners like Yashraj, dharma, excel or

Ashiqui 2 Beats ‘Sholay’ To Enter Top 5 ROI Hits?

so far the top 5 ROI (Returns on investment) hits of bollywood were   5. sholay –   budget 3cr, nett 15 cr, ROI 500% 4.maine pyaar kiya -  budget 2 cr, nett 14cr, ROI 700% 3. hum aapke hain kaun -  budget 7cr, nett 70 cr, ROI 1000% 2. nadiya ke paar -  budget 0.20cr, nett 3cr, ROI

The 10 Favourite Songs From The Last 10 Years

like an outdated uncleji, without the pause of a second, i have been blurting out ‘tere naam’ the moment anyone has asked me about my favourite song for the last 10 years, failing to realize that its been almost a decade since the film and its album broke all records on the charts and especially

Ghadi chor (Watch Theif) Akshay’s Kumar’s Conman Friend Vindoo Arrested

the list of akshay kumar’s fraudulent connections seems to be never ending. the latest name is that of vindoo dara singh who got arrested in connection with IPL match fixing. akshay,  the fake chandni chowk boy who used to steal watches by his own admission (  read the answer to the second question )

Crossing Important Boxoffice Landmarks Of Bollywood

here are some important boxoffice landmarks and when they were crossed and by which film. i have taken important landmarks 1 cr, 5 cr, 10 cr, 50 cr, 100 cr and 200 cr for all three categories – gross, nett and distributor share.   first time a film grossed 1 cr – basant (1942). it

Bollywood Films With Great Editing work

as glorified and glamorized as the process of shooting is considered in films, the fact is films are made 1st at the writing table and then at the editing table. however editing remains a much undersung aspect of filmmaking  in credit titles,  awards (which are good for nothing anyways) in terms of compensation (an average editor earns half to

BOI – You Asked It (Did We?)

look what all subjective things a supposedly trade site keeps coming up just to undermine salman, i announce a reward of 1 cr for any one who manages to trace this fake ‘M Parvez’   Shahrukh Khan an Akshay Kumar Films Are Clashing On Eid But Will Anybody Ever Dare To Clash With Salman Starrer? 

My Wish List Of Bollywood Boxoffice Results For 2013

Most people when making their predictions for boxoffice results basically present their wishful thinking, wrapped as a highly analytical prediction for business of the movies, so i thot why not present my wish list as just that – a wish list – and make an honest confession on how much i want rest of the

Spot A Bollywood Trend!

Every decade or so, there is a major change in Bollywood trends as far as movie making is concerned. (in fashion the trend changes every season). Most journalists, critics and self appointed industry observers try to ‘spot that trend’ and pretend to be experts by predicting what is already written on the wall. No wonder

Are These Coincidences Or Is Boxofficeindia Fraud?

Has Boi been using ’rounding off, technique for collections to benefit some actor’s films (sharukh, akshay, aamir) and undermine others (salman), especially for their most important films. afterall there is no way so many coincidences are possble, scintifically speaking 1989 – at 14 cr maine pyaar kiya falls miraculously short by 1 cr of the

Chasme Baddoor Hit – Market Expansion My Foot

before i give u the details of chashme baddoor business let me inform you that its the biggest hit of this quarter of 2013, this is in the same market that some claimed last year had expanded upto 400 cr, no not for any extraordinay ATBB, but for any accepted film. off course meaning by

Reinvention – Bollywood Star’s Survival Mantra

Prakash mehra was aghast! For a role that he had approached the ‘garam dharam’ and the ‘heavy voiced’ jaani raajkumar for, how could salim javed recommend the mild mannered ‘babu moshai’ from the ‘middle road ‘anand’ with below average looks, a bad body and an awkward carriage? salim javed were not talking about amitabh bachchan’s

Clear Differences Between Salman Khan And Sanjay Dutt

many ppl put salman khan and sanjay dutt in the same category based on very superficial similarties like their criminal cases and their love for bodybuilding. however they are as different from each other as chalk and cheese. lemme tell u why i find them different. but before that a disclamer. i have not commented