Khantastic Songs….Day 1….Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Hi everyone. I am today starting a new series where I will share some evergreen songs of the three Khans (Aamir, Salman & Shahrukh). I will also try to share my opinions about these songs. Feedback is most welcome :)

It’s apt that I start this series with one of my personal favourites, Baahon Ke Darmiyaan from the movie Khamoshi. Well to be honest, I found this movie pretentious and Nana Patekar having a Krantiveer hangover, of course without the audio. But this song is THE most romantic song I have heard and notches above Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On. Salman and Manisha complemented the song with awesome emotions. Try playing this song on a rainy night in the car when the girl you love most is there alongside you and see the magic!

Global leader in BO Measurement, Rentrak to launch operations in India

This year has been one of the most significant years in Bollywood with multiple films crossing the 100 crore mark and the superstars moving into 200 crore clubs. In today’s day and age when the definition of a film’s success has shifted from the count of the number of days it runs in Cinemas, to the number of crores it has collected, it has become a daunting task to rank a film as being a hit, without a robust box office tracking mechanism.

Thanks to this shift in mode of evaluation, more often than not, we see different figures denoting a particular film’s box-office collections floating around in the media. Across Movie Industries in India, As far as reporting of the box-office figures is concerned, the numbers vary from website to website and from magazine to magazine unlike in Hollywood. Of course some filmmakers inflate the revenues generated, in turn projecting their film to be a hit, while still others prefer to call a spade a spade. In fact some producers even come out with ads highlighting gross figures, instead of nett numbers, adding to the confusion.

Conflicting and confusing box-office figures are sometimes fueled by the respective stakeholders’ eagerness to stake a claim to fame, as the top grossing film, at that time. Such claims, inherently not provable, have a negative effect on the overall market evaluation and cause a lot of skepticism about the Indian Movie Industry as a whole, and leading to trust deficit among its stakeholders.

Besides, until this point, the absence of a trusted box office measurement currency in the Indian Movie Industry has been severely impairing the prospects of maximizing the potential of this phenomenally powerful medium called Cinema and effectively monetizing new opportunities. As we know, besides Cricket, Movies are like a religion too in India. Apparently, India is the largest producer of films (over 1000 per annum) and largest consumer (over 3 Billion admissions annually) in the world. Despite this dream like popularity, Indian Movie Industry is missing certain ingredients that can catapult it, to its rightful position in the world and allow it to compete with Hollywood in size and scale. One such ingredient, as Movie Industry Stalwarts, Media Companies and Advertisers vouch for, is a standardized mechanism, and an agency with a proven record, reporting on the authentic box-office collections and put the Industry in perspective. Continue reading

Dhoom 3 ALL TIME Number One Worldwide Grosser: 500 cr Plus Expected

Dhoom 3 has become the all time number one grosser Worldwide as it crossed the 400 crore gross mark in ten days. The overseas gross in domestic currency was the same as Three Idiots due to rupee being at a much higher rate today.

The film is the first film to top 400 crore as 3 Idiots and Chennai Express are just a little short. The film is sure to top 500 crore Worldwide with the domestic GROSS sure to cross 350 crore and overseas certain to top 150 crore. Both are firsts for a Hindi film.

The top five Worldwide grossers are as follows. They are the only five films to top 300 crore GROSS Worldwide.

1. Dhoom 3 (still running) Continue reading