Went for Bigg Boss 7 with a bet that I’ll propose to Salman Khan on national TV-Ratan Rajput

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Chaya Unnikrishnan (DNA; October 14, 2013)


How are you feeling now that you are out of Bigg Boss 7?
I need a pyschiatrist. It was impossible to remain sane in that mad house.

But you were one of those people who did not indulge in any fights…
Yes, but there were difficult situations. You never knew whether the friendships were real or fake, if people were being friendly to form groups… you felt like a pawn. Also, there was a shortage of food. I have never felt so helpless in my life. One had to struggle for two rotis. What is the use of getting a fat cheque if for three months you are not getting sufficient food!

Do you regret doing the show?
Yes, I hadn’t seen the earlier seasons, if I had I wouldn’t have taken it up! Now, I feel it was a wrong decision. I did not have any problem with the tasks — be it being plastered with cowdung, staying awake for 36 hours, etc, but I couldn’t handle the fakeness in people. However, I had gone into the house with a bet that I will propose to Salman Khan on national television, which I did! Now, I will win Rs 10 lakhs from a friend of mine.

What were your thoughts when you did the cowdung task?
I have a phobia of creepy-crawlies and I hated all those insects, but smartly I did not voice it because that could have made it worse. I did the task only to prove a point.

Is the romance between Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon real?
They are certainly more than friends, but whether they will take their relationship forward will be seen once they are out of the house. Of course, their romance has inspired others in the house and soon you will see more jodis. Already there’s another pair (Armaan Kohli-Tanishaa), which I cannot talk about but people know!

What is your take on Armaan and Andy’s fight?
Andy made a mistake by talking about Armaan’s father but he genuinely felt bad about it after that. However, Armaan has no control over himself and uses abusive language. Whatever he told Andy was bad. Kamya (Punjabi) and Pratyusha (Banerjee) are Armaan’s friends but they don’t have the guts to tell him when he is wrong. Everybody fears him. Woh kehte hai na kisi kisi se na dosti karni chahiye na dushmani. He is one of those people.

Who do you think will be among the finalists?
Armaan will be there because of the drama he creates, Gauahar-Kushal for their romance, Pratyusha as she is playing the game well and Andy as he is entertaining. I will feel sad if Shilpa doesn’t make it to the final.

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