Amitabh Bachchan’s Tuesday memoir: first day of shooting Coolie after accident
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Amitabh Bachchan's Tuesday memoir: first day of shooting Coolie after accidentThe picture dates back to the time when Amitabh Bachchan resumed work on the sets of Coolie after the life threatening accident and Amjad Khan had come to visit the actor on the sets.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Tuesday memoir this week is from an emotionally-charged time, not just for the Bachchans but for millions of Indians at home and abroad. Big B posted a picture of himself with Sholay co-star Amjad Khan from the sets of Coolie, on the very first day that Big B went back to work after recovering from the accident that almost killed him. Amitabh Bachchan wrote on Facebook: This is quite a moment ! It is the shooting of Coolie at Chandivali Studios on the first day after I resumed work after the life threatening accident. It was a bit of bravado on my part. I told Manmohan Desai, when I resume shooting I want it to start from the same shot that I was felled during the accident. I had wanted to get up and punch the villain !! This exactly what I did ! Amjad and many other friends came to wish me on resumption of work.
On July 26, 1982, Amitabh Bachchan and actor Puneet Issar were shooting a fight sequence for Manmohan Desai’s Coolie in Bangalore, when a mistimed punch-and-jump left Big B with a ruptured spleen. He was airlifted to Mumbai where his Deewar director Yash Chopra had an ambulance waiting. Despite an emergency operation, Big B spent weeks in coma in Breach Candy Hospital. Fans thronged temples offering to sacrifice their won limbs in exchange for Mr Bachchan’s recovery. His wife, Jaya Bachchan, walked barefoot to Siddhivinayak Temple every day to pray. Among Big B’s visitors at the hospital was Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
On August 2, 1982, doctors injected adrenaline into Amitabh Bachchan’s heart in a last-ditch attempt to revive him. Jaya Bachchan saw his big toe move and exclaimed, “Look, he’s alive.”
Amitabh Bachchan then went on to make a full recovery and completed shooting Coolie. Director Manmohan Desai altered the ending of the film, keeping Big B’s character alive rather than having him die as was originally scripted. He said it would have been inappropriate for the man who had cheated death for real not to do so on-screen
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  1. Angry Young Man

    @yakuza, tumko toh karaara jawaab mil gayaa aur bahut saarey thappadh bhi……..






    NOTE : Yakuza tumko 5 thappadh padh gaye aur wo bhi most reliable respecting source k ….salman ko bash karoge toh…KARAARA JAWAB MILEGA……

    not cheap…tuchchey, chillar sources of yours…filmi duniya LOL…aise tuchchi megazenes toh darjanon padhi hain india main…….

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL….BACHCHAN JI WITH ICONIC GABBAR SINGH………

    1. Yakuza

      Kyun thak raha hai ? Poore NG pe spamming kar raha hai 3 din se .. and there is no moderator to control spammers .. chal mauj kar, Aajkal makhiyan ka udna allowed hai NG pe.

  2. ank_16n

    truely a 2nd life……by the grace of GOD and due to prayers from his Fans…

    and i had read somewhere that he still has side-effects of that incident…if it true @Yakuza..????

    1. Yakuza

      Yes, he don’t have small intestines and I heard that he always carried a bag on his stomach, as an alternative to small intestines, which is connected inside his body through tube, he needs to replace this bag every three months which gets filled with Acid which is built by metabolism process (not sure of medical terms).

      1. dr.nick

        small intestine is made up of 3 parts.from proximal to distal they are duodenum(which has 4 parts by itself),jejunum and ileum.its very rare(i havent seen or heard)that all 3 parts are removed.sometimes a part of duodenum is removed and stomach is anastomosed with duodenum or it is anastomosed with jejunum which is called gastrojejunostomy.the bag u are referring to might be a end colostomy.amitabh also had might be that his large bowels might be removed and an an end ileostomy done(my guess)the bag collects faeces which has to be replaced everyday.

  3. Angry Young Man

    Mr. Bachcha with most iconic & most popular Character Gabbar Singh…
    Gabbar singh ji were Hero of many Amitabhs Blockbuster films….

    pehle PRAN Hero hua kartey ththey BACHCHA ki films k but phir GABBAR SINGH aa gaye …..

    most reliable & respecting FILMFARE VS tuchchi Cheap filmi duniya….

    NOTE : and if FILMFARE is wrong & fake than Amitabh,s all filmfare Awards r also wrong & fake…..

    NOTE : biggest joke of the year yakuza & his scans of tuchchi cheap FILMI DUNIYA…LOL

    @yakuza, FILMFARE k 4 Thappadh ( Sholay, MPK, HAHK, AAA Scans ) ki goonj suni tumne…..
    aaj dukhi toh bahut hogey tum…kyunki tumko karaara jawaab mil gayaa….lol….

  4. Dino

    An incident which will never be forgotten in history of cinema.
    @ Angry young man – Relax dude this is just a movie blog u have just been way too rattled from last couple of days. Take a chill pill.

    1. dennycrane1

      :dino-rattled toh yakuza ho gaya hai..angry young man has given perfectly good response to yakuza scans..yet wat is yakuza’s response? scan mat kar is his response

      1. dennycrane1

        spam mat kar i mean :D

      2. rockie

        @Denny – “rattled toh yakuza ho gaya hai..angry young man has given perfectly good response to yakuza scans..yet wat is yakuza’s response? scan mat kar is his response”

        Exactly. Rattled nahi usko to poora balatkaar ho gayi. :lol:

        amitabh is EXPOSED. He was actively involved in mass killings of Sikh’s.
        There is also a case going on against him. He is a criminal a killer.

  5. Angry Young Man

    YAKUZA ne FILMFARE k 4 scans ( SHOLAY, MPK, HAHK, AAA ) k Thappadh ki goonj suni hogi….

    may b he is owner or editor of thuchchi FILMI DUNIYA megazene….LOL

  6. Angry Young Man

    yakuza ko Aaj usi FILMFARE ne karaara jawaab de diya…..jiskey many awards bachcha ne jeetey ththe……LOL

  7. rockie

    Angry Young Man – You just ROCK buddy.. !
    You have slammed him hard. And then there are his chamcha’s who are talking about you being rattled. Lolzzz…

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