Akshay Kumar to promote OUATIM 2 at IPL today


Hiren Kotwani (BOMBAY TIMES; April 3, 2013)


Contrary to reports that Shah Rukh Khan is using his clout at the Indian Premiere League (IPL) to ensure Akshay Kumar can’t promote his Eid release, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (OUATIM 2), the latter will fly to Kolkata today for the opening ceremony and the inaugural match.

A box office battle was reported between the two after SRK scheduled his Chennai Express to open in theaters the same day. For the past few years, the Eid slot has been booked by Salman Khan. But this time, he has left the festive week vacant as his next film, Mental, isn’t likely to be ready for release by then. Ekta Kapoor, producer of OUATIM 2, also starring Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha, had first announced an Eid release.

Dismissing reports of his film’s promotions not taking place at the IPL today, Akshay says, “I don’t believe anyone can curb anything. I don’t know where all these reports are coming from. I’ve always kept away from controversies, I’m only interested in making this film as best as possible. I don’t get into murky things; I work with a positive attitude in life.”

The actor adds, “I am going today to watch the first IPL match. I love cricket and the entire team of the film will be there.”