Aashiqui 2 Tum Hi Ho Song | Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor
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  1. waleed jawaid

    by far the best song of the year..!! goosebumps at ::kyun k tum hi ho.!!
    i know many people would not agree but plz come out of 90s music …ashiqui 2 teaser is brilliantly made..! we cant expect to have kumar sanu voice or rahman music in every film..there are other under rated artists as well..give them the due credit!!
    and mithoon is superb singer when it comes to sad song.!! respect !!

  2. Ank_dabangg2

    Arijit singh is the singer not mithoon. Music is by mithoon.

  3. Prem

    This song is composed by Mithoon & sung by Arijit Singh…

    He is the new singing sensation…

    But Jeet Ganguly is the main composer.

  4. waleed jawaid

    sorry i thought it was sung by mithoon..!! but even if the music is by mithoon then get ready.!! if tum hi ho is any indication this music will be a rage.. it will be not at the level of ashiqui but far better than todays 3rd class munni sheila or whatever.!!

  5. waleed jawaid

    cant get it out of my head..!! this music has PARALYZED me…so soulful!!

  6. Shalu

    Beautiful song and good chemistry between the leads.

  7. Shahid

    Awesome song! Have been listening to it on repeat from yesterday!

  8. fazal

    totally agree with song of the year so faar.and yes arijit is the singer to look forward to.his song in barfi is an underrated gem.phir le aaya dil.that song is the best in album of barfi

  9. bleed

    arjits “uska hi bs\ana” 1920 evil returns…amazing

  10. sanjeev11

    Easily best song of the year. May be even decade.

  11. ank_16n

    this song is good but too slow for me…..

    but is in Top 5 for 2013 so far…

    No.1 will be Saadi Galli Aaja from Nautanki Saala ….

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      completely agree with ank on all the points

  12. AwesomeAkshay

    with multiple repetitions its getting over me Now :)


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