Sunny’s Singh Saheb The Great to clash with Salman’s Mental on Eid?

Jigar Shah (MID-DAY; February 22, 2013)


Traditionally, the date of Eid has somehow become synonymous with Salman Khan at the box office. But come this Eid ( which is likely to fall on August 8), and Sallu, who is expected to release Mental, could have some stiff competition. Sunny Deol’s Singh Saheb The Great, helmed by Anil Sharma is all set to hit the marquee on the same date.

Sources from the sets say, “Sunny is happy with the way the film has been shaping up. The drama and the action have brought so much confidence into the characters and Sunny feels Eid would be just the right date for the release.” Says Sunny, “The film is based on a common man’s life and Eid is one of those holidays when the aam aadmi is in a much happier space. Since the significance of this festival is also interpreted as a good time to bring people together in harmony and gratitude, we are aiming for an Eid release.” Is he scared of tough competition on the festive date? The actor shoots back, “The cinema business has changed. Since there are so many cinema halls, two big films can release at the same time. I am sure no one wants to take over anyone’s business.”



  1. Prem
    February 22, 2013 at 2:55 PM

    OUATIM is not releasing this eid?
    Everyone is competing with Salman….
    BTW the clash is between Akshay and Sunny (if ever there is any).. :P
    taran adarsh
    Update: Anil Sharma’s ‘Singh
    Sahab The Great’, starring
    Sunny Deol, to release on Eid.

  2. ank_16n
    February 22, 2013 at 9:35 PM

    haha….what next Jonny lever starrer to clash with mental on EID….??

    EID release date nahi ho gaye koi halwa ho gaya..!!

  3. danish
    February 23, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    this is amazing. outim has released officially an eid date but no one seems to be taking akshay seriously enuff to ‘clash’ with him.

    either everyone is sure that if a salman film is ready by eid, akshay will run for life and not release on eid.

    or akshay is so insignificant that no one, even an over the hill sunny deol, wants to compete with him.

    or everone is busy earning free publicity by dragging in salman’s name for a clash.

    and all this wen ‘mental’ shooting hasnt even started.


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