Arvind Kejriwal on Agenda Aajtak – Day 1 (Dec 6 2012)
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  1. wall-D

    As you know, media is not covering Aam Aadmi party due to pressure from Ambanis and political giants. I’ll be posting their videos exuding their vision and their social political progress. I am in touch with their members from main office in Ghaziabad. :)
    Please, dont get irritated if there are so many videos, and have a look in spare time to get a clear picture via. question/answer sessions.

  2. wall-D

    You can also become a member on
    As they are in dire need of financial support, You can deliberately donate aswell on the link given on the site.

  3. ank_16n

    one question to u wall-D though i know u can’t reply it —–

    why do u think Arwind Kejriwal is only raising issues which are related to Delhi or people Associated with Delhi…..why not from people or issues related to Other states ??

    though i know the Answer but wud like to hear ur point of view…..!!

  4. iitianWay

    They shud have named party …Bhartiya Aam Aadmi Party. The BAAP :)

    1. ank_16n

      kya baat kya baat kya baat..!!


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