Some Hollywood Movies Which Touched My Heart : From Fazal With Love


It was one and a half year ago that i have watched only one Hollywood movie.TITANIC which i watched only for some obvious reasons like kissing scenes and all.and i was a totally bollywood fan thinking that there is not any good movie outside of bollywood.and the reason for not watching hollywood movies was language.but suddenly after recommendations of NG members like suprabh and Ihab and jesus and roy and alot more.that i have decided to watch Hollywood movies.and from that time i watched thousends of hollywood movies if not lakhs.five movies a day is like normal thing for me.and then i came to realise that Bollywood needs a jump of 1000 years to make movies like Hollywood.and there is some hollywood movies that touched my heart.

Cast Away (2000).it was amazing movie that made me cry alot for unknown teachs me that a human can do anything to survive in any situation.Tom Hanks is one of my favorate actors.and he nailed this role of Chuck Noland.and director Robert Zemeckis done a great job.9/10

Blood Diamond (2006) Leonardo DiCaprio is my most favorate hollywood actor followed by Bradd pitt.and this is his best work according to me.what a story this movie has.a tight script.and emotional journey of a father searching for his son is told gratefully.and it made me cry aloooooooot.and it was very entertaining also. 10/10

Buried (2010).and this is one of that rare movies where you will see only one man in it.there is no one else in the movie without its leading actor Ryan Reynolds.the story is about a a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq.who finds himself buried alive inside a coffin.and how he survive from that.and the climax will shock you.and that climax will be in your mind after movie ends for very long time.9/10

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).what an mazing movie this is.and look at the idea of the story. A man aging backward.with alot of close ones to loose.and hatsoff to Brad Pitt for doing the role of Benjamin Button.i was crying and loughing thrughout the movie.and it was going on my mind
for long time after i watched it.and then i watched this movie 5 times more.10/10

Forrest Gump (1994).another great movie from director Robert Zemeckis.starring Tom Hanks.the best work from the director and also the best performence of Tom Hanks.not a single dull moment.not preechy.and heart touching.entertaing.and also very funny at places.and im sure that all of you have watched this one.10/10

The Reader (2008).i love kate winslet and her acting.and this is a proof of that
she is one of the best actress in the world.great story line great performance by all the actors.and alot of sex scenes.but it was rally a heart touching movie.8/10

please share some of yours