Ihab’s movies thread- Movies you watched in February, 2013

Here’s the thread for February, 2013. Please post all the movies you watched this month (as the month passes)

Until now, I have seen 3 movies and here they are:

1) Hulla (2008)- I saw Cr7 mentioning this movie and I remembered watching the first 20 minutes an year back or so and hence decided to check it out again. The plot of the film is very, very simple. A middle class Mumbai couple moves into an new apartment and the husband starts getting disturbed with the whistling by the watchman every night. Its fascinating how Jaideep Verma actually made a movie on such a simple topic. The plot of the movie is just an outline of the movie is about. The real picture is about how small things can affect us and how easy it is to ignore them or endorse them. Sushant Singh plays the irritated man who is just not able to sleep because of the noise and how he makes it such an important issue in his life. You will get the bigger picture once you checkout the film. The Parallel track of Rajat Kapoor as strict Secretary is equally interesting. In fact on careful observation one may understand that how the movie is about two people and an issue. The issue which is the most important problem in one’s life and the same issue is the only acheivment of someone else’s life. The issue which in essence is trivial but becomes a point that has to be made for both the parties. The music by Indian Ocean is simply outstanding. Check it out on a Sunday noon and you won’t regret it.

Hulla – 7 on 10

2) The Warrior (2001)- The Warrior is a British production in Hindi directed by Asif Kapadia. It stars Irrfan Khan in yet another remarkable role. The film is about a Rajasthani Yoddha ( a warrior who works for a land master) gives up killing people after a sudden realization when he is about to kill someone. The film shows the consequences of his giving up his profession and his journey to probable salvation. Some scenes are really well captured and some not so much, but again, its the performance of Irrfan that makes the film what it is. The story is actually about the warrior’s war with himself and to in a way undo what he has done. The film has very few dialogues but still it works. It also displays one of the most consistent screenplays. A must watch for people who want to watch something different.

The Warrior- 7.5 on 10

3) Andheri Raat mein, Diya tere haath mein (1986) – Just wanted to rewatch one of my fav comedy films. Dada Kondke was a true legend and if you want to know why, watch this film. Its cheesy, sleazy, breezy and too damn easy. Watch it if you love double meaning dialogues and super duper comedy.

P.S. even the title has double meaning.

ARMDTHM – 10 on 10

You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.


  1. suprabh said:

    watched 10 ml Love– The movie belongs to the genre of those 1-2 small movies of Rajat Kapoor that come out every year. Its decent timepass fun with nothing great. Performances by everyone except Rajat Kapoor is good. Not that he’s bad but he didn’t really suit the character of the unani hakeem street medicine seller. Watch it if you are getting bored and dont have anything better. Koel puri as usual acts the same (no different expression in any movie) but looks super hot.

    5 on 10

  2. suprabh said:

    watched Joker. A totally pointless movie although not that detestable. There’s actually nothing over the top but its the insignificant plot and static story that kills the purpose of watching such a movie… The special effects were a joke and performances passable…Only one person responsible–the writer and the director. It felt like the plot was not that bad but the screenplay was as blank as it could get. You may actually not get bored if you edit it(skip the songs) by 30 minutes or so..but you will feel there’s no point of watching this film.

    3.5 on 10

  3. shetty said:

    Movies watched last week :

    The Imposter: 7/10
    The Shining : 8/10
    Malegaon ka Superman: 7.5/10
    Aaranya Kandam : 7
    Argo : 7
    Incendies : 7
    Adventures of Tintin – 8
    Dum Maaro Dum : 4
    Bruce Almighty : 5.5
    Race 2 : 3
    Special 26 : 4.5

  4. Prem said:

    Special 26 (2013) 3/5 – Definitely worth a watch for the performances & direction. The romantic track between Akshay – Kajal & the songs spoiled the movie.

    Kai Po Che (2013) 3.5/5 – It works mainly for the performances of lead actors, the direction & music. Ishaan (Sushant Singh Rajput) is pick of the lot.

  5. Prem said:

    Insidous (2010) 4/5 – One of the best horror movies I have seen. It keeps you at the edge of the seat. May be Raaz 3 is inspired by this movie.

  6. suprabh said:

    Watched “The Hidden Face” (Colombian)..An unusual thriller where the mystery is not because of a great suspense but more because of its implementation. The suspense is revealed almost halfway into the movie and those scenes are really well shot. Some of the scenes in the latter half are really well directed ad provide a lot of thrill. Won’t say much as it may spoil the suspense.

    A good watch- 7 on 10.

    • rks said:

      lol so you avoided watching Murder 3.

      I liked the movie but it has some holes in concept to make director’s job convenient.

      • suprabh said:

        You are right,,and thats why I said its thrilling more because of the implementation rather than a great suspense… Btw, both the ladies were awesome :D

  7. suprabh said:


    The Shining is one of my all time fav horror movies…And Incendies’s ending left me dumbstruck. Incendies was recommended to me by FS and its probably one of the best movies to recommend.

    Btw, Did you like the fact the Imposter is a one of a kind documentary? (I never thought documentaries could be so thrilling) I am glad more and more people are watching this after my review :D

    Also, Where did you manage to get Malegaon Ka Superman– I so want to watch that movie.

  8. iitianWay said:

    suprach suggest some good horror movies ..where u dont have usual bhoot/chudel/..mean to say ..not the explicit ones..rather covert ones.

  9. shetty said:

    Watched Secret Window yday. Predictable but with some edge of the seat scenes. The movie is just average and is saved by Depp’s brilliant acting (5/10)

    • iitianWay said:

      but they are not supposed to be the same…one is making of movie another one is the movie..directed by Nazir himself. But looks like it was shown or distributed in malegaon only with no dvd or shows in big cities at all.

  10. FS said:

    Has anyone watched Kamen & Jyngli? Iam not getting subtitles for these two movies…. Any idea or link for dvdrip eng subtitles of these two movies?

  11. RJ said:

    I saw malegaon ka superman long back… Much before it got commercial acclaim n success…I didn’t find it as great as it is being made out…it’s a good docu-drama…that’s all.

  12. suprabh said:

    Watched the poughkeepsie tapes on recommendation by RJ. The movie sure was gripping with a couple of stunning thrilling scenes..but overall it was more on the lines of “just about there”. More so for me, because I was expecting a horror film and it turned out a story about a serial killer. It was gripping for sure and the story about the sick serial killer was intriguing but having seen such stuff before, it didn’t really impress me that much.

    6 on 10.

  13. RJ said:

    Movies I want to watch and still haven’t been able to:

    Silver Linings play book
    Zero dark thirty
    Django Unchained
    Blue velvet
    …… Can’t remember many more

  14. RJ said:

    Nirjhar is such a ‘beautiful’ name. How can it be a man behind the name, i always wonder!
    Unless its just a screen name..

  15. suprabh said:


    “Then supra bhai how do we end up having a difference of opinion on certain matters? Rare but few…”

    thats called self conflict :P

  16. rockie_Dabangg2 said:

    Watched this movie – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

    The movie is about a person who as born as a old man physically and then grows young and then dies as a baby.

    Father of this child is not happy with his birth because his wife dies immediately after giving birth. He leaves the child on stairs of a old people nursing home.

    The story revolves around how this old child grows up and the difficulties he faces. Then the story moves on to love story between the small girl who is almost of his age but she is normal and he is not. She is growing old and he is growing young.
    The way they decide to have a baby and then they have to move apart because of his wierd issue.

    The climax is so touching when the baby dies in arms of his lover. Beautifully portrayed.
    Performance by all the leads is perfect and though the movie is almost 2 hr 40 mins long still I never got bored for a minute.

    Highly recommended…!

    • FS said:

      Fantastic Movie n one of The Best Performance of Brad Pit… I still sometimes think how cud they managed to create young Brad Pit or was tht portion lifted frm some old movies of his?

      • rockie_Dabangg2 said:

        Agree ..
        Creating older version is quite easy … but the young Brad Pitt was done pitch perfect and he was also mouthing dialogues so its difficult to be a straight lift from some old movie of his.

        And yes Brad Pit does give a stellar performance initially as a confused child who basically looks like an Old Man and people treat him like one but essentially he is just 7 years old kid.

        Also in the war portion and then later when he leaves his love because he knows she cannot raise 2 kids at the same time. Absolutely Wonderful.

  17. iitianWay said:

    saw ..imposter..it was cunning thriller till the end..yas as suprabh said how a doc can be made so live like a movie…9/10( one is dedcuted for the background of the imposter as he was habitual..had it been once of the case then things wud have been perfect for me.)
    ZDT..started but so far have seen first 30 min only..it is not gripping…people rated it little high i think..for me it is so far 2.5/5 ( for it first 30 min)..lets see.