Top 10 Current Stars – Based On Last 5 Films
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A permanent ban that wasnt and i am still not ‘sudhrofied’. i still believe “opinions are like axxholes, everybody has one”. i still think top stars are decided by the number of people who buy their tickets, so also the best actors. and though i dont believe in ‘current biggest star’ business ( i subscribe to the ‘overall biggest star’ theory, the current biggest bollywood  star today would be saif and by tomorrow evening it cud be kamal haasan) i am still publishing a ‘scientific list’ of top 5 current stars as the fans of one manipulative star have been publishing too many manipulated lists. so here it is


top 10  current stars based on the collections of their last 5  films.  i have not included special appearences and extended special appearences of all stars like hrithik’s luck by chance, srk’s billu, aamir’s dhobhi ghat, akshay’s omg and salman’s sos, tell me o khuda, etc in the list.

the collections of the films upto 2011  have been inflation adjusted @ 10% per year as all stars have not had 5 releases in the last year.

10. emraan hashmi – rush 6 + shanghai 22 + raaz 3 72 + jannat 2 45 + the dirty picure 88 = 233 cr

9. imraan khan – matru – 33 + ek main… 40 + mere brother.. 67 + delhi belly – 61 + break ke baad 35 = 236 cr

8. saif –   race 2 100 + cocktail 80 + agent vinod 60 + arakshan 45 + kurbaan 32 = 317 cr

7. Ranbeer kapoor – barfi 107 + rockstar 66 + anjana anjani 48 + rajniti 110 + rocket singh 26 = 357 cr

6. ajay —-sos 92 + bol bachan 100 + tez 20 + rascals 36 + singham 110  = 358 cr

5. akshay —- k786 60 + joker 20 + rr 131 + hf2 111 + desi boyz 50 = 372 cr

4. hrithik —–  agnipath 120+ znmd 88 + guzarish 40 + kites 60 + jodha 84 = 392 cr

3. srk—- jthj 101 + don 2 117+ ra1 125+ mnik 86 + rnbj 120 = 550 cr

2. aamir —– talash 80 + 3i 260 + ghajini 160 + taare 92 + fanaa 82 = 674 cr

1. salman ——d2 150+ ett 187 + bodyguard 155 + ready 133 dabangg 170 = 785 cr


its very obvious from the above list that akshay fans keep gloating about inflation unadjusted figures of just the last year (which is bound to be higher) and a basic simple inflation adjustment makes it very clear that even hrithik (who just recovered from a lean patch) is ahead of akshay list based on boxoffice inflation adjusted performance of last 5 films. just becoz akshay acts in dozens of films doesnt make him no 2 star necessarily, forget top star.


also notice how not only ajay is neck to neck ( the last 10 films list will definitely take ajay ahead as golmaal and rajneeti and outim get included and so also akshay’s thank you, patiala house, tees maar khan etc) but even saif ali khan is not very far behind though he doesnt even get the advantage of inflation adjustment for any of his big hits except for a minor advantage to the low netting kurbaan released in 2009 .

apart from that what is astonishing is that the gap betweeen akshay and the ‘new generation’ is much less than the gap between akshay and the ‘khans’. so much for his 20 years of superstardom.

while at slimeballs –  the fans of another slimeball emraan hashmi shud notice how he is nowhere close to the top. of his last 5 film, the only 2 that managed a respectable figure were heroine oriented raaz 3 and the dirty picture. and thats how he manages to be at no 10 spot. even suprabh’s favourite punching bag imraan khan is a lil ahead of him, that too with films revolving around hero.


and here is the ‘average per film’ for the last 3 years for top actors (male)


average per film – last 3 years (2010-2012) ( inflation adjusted @ 10% per year for films released in 2010 and 2011)

salman – 150 + 187 + 160+ 135 + 170+ 46 = 786 divided by 6 films = 141 cr

sharukh = 86+125+117+101 = 429 divided by 4 films = 107 cr

hrithik – 122+88+40+55= 405 divided by 4 films = 101 cr

aamir – 80/85/90 watever u take for one film = 80/85/90 cr

ranbeer – 110+ 50 +67 +108 = 335 divided by 4 films = 83 cr

ajay – 110+70 + +130 + 30 (aakrosh) + 45 (dtbhj) + 110+36 +20+100+90 = 567 divided by 10 films = 74 cr

saif – 40 +60+80+100= 280 divided by 4 = 70 cr

akshay – 86 (hf) +73 (tnk) + 35 (ar) 50 (km) + 33 (ph) + 45 (ty) + 55(DB) + 113 +133+ 22 +63 = 708 divided by 11 = 64 cr

yaani average per film mein to akshay na sirf khans aur hrithik balki saif ranbeer aur ajay se bhi peechhe hai.



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  1. Gorilla

    Rockie, the rise of Akshay happened post 2006 and all agrees that before 2006, he was really at the fringes of stardom with few good years in a span of 15 yrs or so. According to me even after his success post 2006 he was never a no 1 star at any point of time and is not even now. This is well represented in my star ranking as well.
    However since 2006 he has become a parallel industry doing many film. In this context if you revisit what I said you will know what I mean. And those who are jealous of my method to find WOM and then my projected BO verdict need not worry. You cannot do anything and quoting ETT’s project BO and not the WOM is hardly worth giving a reply. My WOM is always bang on. Look at Dabangg2 prediction and then bachche come to me. Baad Baad hota hai….Maine nahin kaisi mahapurush ne kaha hai.

    1. rockie_Dabangg2

      I totally agree to it that Akki is a mini industry but that is hurting him more than doing any good. Anyways that’s my POV.

      Also I am not at all jealous of your WOM … but I don’t believe you one can find WOM based on handful of people. I know you say you have an army of 1500+ folks but still that is handful.

      And predictions are “Tukka’s” and hence I make fun of it. Not only your predictions but everyone’s. :P

  2. danish

    @suprabh – ismein manipulative kya hai? maine basic premise aur main characters ki similarities point out ki hain. baaki scenes to himmatwala remake mein bhi alag hain. kya jeetendra ki himmatwala mein 50 logon ko mandir ke ghante se maarne waala scene tha? nahin. so does that mean this himmatwala is not a remake?
    aur ye ladkiyon ki tarah nakhre dikhaane ki aadat chhod do. u r 27 now.


    @shabbira – even akshay movies that had the ‘finish’ (which basically comes from big budgets and time taken over shoot) like kambakht ishq and blue with absolute A grade look dint work. so it basically shows that there is something missing in akshay himself. i will tell u wat it is. acting talent.

    @GORILLA – Aap ke kaun se comment ka reply nahin diya maine?

    @rockie – yaar kya point pakda hai. wo maara papad waale ko.

    @sanjeev – aapki wh jaldi ho poori karta hoon.

  3. danish

    @rockie – akshay is a mini industry in himself just the way ‘natwarlal’ was a mini industry in himself. a mini industry of fraud that benefits one investor and then based on that goodwill causes loss to another four by overcharging, feeding false data in the media abt collection off his films, signing films at a huge price etc, buying media space to claim no 1 position without any qualification, planting stories of being highest taxpayer, creating a ‘fake’ image of being a poor chandni chowk boy (while he actually went to don bosco school, one of the most expensive in mumbai with big actors and producers children like sajid nadiadwala)

  4. rockie_Dabangg2

    Danish Bhai’s comeback thread and only 81 comments??

    Not happening …. C’mon guys … .min 100 is reqd… :)


  5. danish

    @rockie – if at all, ts a reflection on falling popularity of akshay kumar. the thread exposes him and his false claims to be no 2 but his fans failed to defend him in huge numbers. may be its the jker and khiladi 786 effect.

    or may be the low ‘collection’ is becz of shrinking base of NG just like the shrinking base of single screens caused a classic, high footfall film like tere naam to collect low.

    or, (as tere naam at least had very high high footfall) to give a more precise example its like stagnant base of urban multiplexes limited films like zindagi na milegi dobara and talash at 81 cr.

    from my side this thread is ‘wanted’. dabangg, ready bodyguard, ek tha tiger and dabangg 2 to to ahi aane baaki hain.

    the scary part is london dreams, main aur mrs khanna and veer bhi beech mein aayenge.

  6. beckett

    Though I agree with the total collections as one can’t argue with sheer figures, one needs to take into account the total time span for their last 5 films. While Akshay has done them in a span of a year the others have taken much more time. But to each his own

  7. danish

    @beckett – and to counter that time factor i have put up a list of ‘average per film’ in the last 3 years as well. and akshay is even lower in that list than ajay, ranbeer and saif.

    @shabbira – oh sorry! MISCALCULATION.

    But even at 76 cr, hrithik is above akshay (64 cr) and it makes no change in akshay’s low position.


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