Akela Daudega, Phir bhi Iss RACE Main Dusre Number Par Aayega… :P
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My ‘Take/Movie Review’ of Race-2

RATING: 2.5/5

As a Sequel to a Much-Loved RACE ['08], it Pales in Comparison,
BIG TIME[Same with Double
Dhamaal, KSKHH, Jannat-2].

The Glaring Loopholes and
Cinematic Liberties taken by
Abbas-Mustan are ‘Toooo
Much’ and the Execution is
Similar to their Own ‘Players/­Race-1′.

A Big Dissapointment
Directing/Story/Script Wise.

The DIALOGUES are so
Unintentionally Funny at Places
that We Ended up Laughing at
them More than 5-6 Times
[Watch Out for that Sequence
where John tells Saif as to why he Killed Bipasha.. That
was One SuperROFL and
Hilarious Moment].

The Music is Another Big
Why does Pritam do this after
every Cocktail/Barfi!, I Dont Understand

And B’Wood, Shoot some
Good Song Videos Please!!!
I’m Sooooo Over ‘Be-intehaan,
Lat Lag Gayi’ Type Videos!


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  1. Serenzy

    What Lifts the Movie is We get
    to Treat Our Eyes to the Likes
    of John, Jaqueline and espc.
    Dippy[HOT HOT HOT.. Ooooozing
    Hotness!!] instead of Bobby
    Deol, Sonam, Sikander Kher, Bipasha!

    Anil-Ameesha Track is Baseless
    and Filled with Double-Meaning
    Jokes of Such Level that I Used
    to Read/Forward back in My
    8th Grade.
    Pathetic Dialogues, I Tell Ya.

    Saif is Sleepwalking thru his
    ‘Agent Vinod’ Role.
    The Hiest Job/Fooling Khattar at the Beggining was Bad.

    John, Poor Soul though can’t
    Express his Emotions, atleast
    has a Body to Die For.
    The Action/Stunts is Amazing,
    the “Cage Fight Scene” was Fab
    and Applause Worthy.

  2. Serenzy

    Dippy and Jaqueline, I Wonder
    how do they keep a Straight
    Face Uttering those Nonsense
    Dialogues and Doing those

    The CLIMAX is Average..
    In the End, when Saif takes the Sportscar out of the Moving Air Plane, Our whole Multiplex Erupted with Laughter.

    The Problem is Such Things
    Work in Dabangg, Singham, RR but Race-2 has to keep More Intense ‘AP/Ghajini’ Type Atmosphere.

    Hope, Dhoom3 is Something Kick-ASS, Hollywood Ishtyle!

  3. Serenzy

    The Production Values are
    Superb, The Locales and Actors are Stylised Brilliantly.

    In One Line, Race-2 tried to be a
    Dhoom-like Entertaining Thrill/
    Action Types with
    Songs,Action, Starcast but it
    does Not Succeed Fully but
    Niether is it Devastating Crap like AV/Tezz/ Players.

    Another Weakpoint is I cud
    Predict a Twist happening at
    Some Moment bcz Race-1 had prepared us all for that.

  4. Serenzy

    Some Little ‘Double-Crossin g’ Games here and there and the
    Action is what Makes Race-2 a
    One Time Watch, a Far Cry
    from the Intense Thrill and Evil
    Games Played in the 1st Part.

  5. waleed jawaid

    ur title should have been akela daurega phr bhi is race ma last aega..!!!!
    i watched here in pakistan and u cannot believe it k salman khan ki bhi entry per itni taliyan aur whistles nhe bajeen theen dabbang ma jitni race 2 ma |FLYING AUDI per bajeen theen..!!
    the highlight of the movie was the cage fight awesome…!! more than awesome some dialogues were more than good but film really failed in 2nd half..i can see it doint at best 85 cr.>!!!

  6. iitianWay

    “ur title should have been akela daurega phr bhi is race ma last aega”
    This makes more sense :)

  7. ank_16n

    maine toh nhi dekhi…..
    par BOI ke according—-Race 2 lifetime—85-90 cr..!!

    “”it Pales in Comparison,
    BIG TIME[Same with Double
    Dhamaal, KSKHH, Jannat-2].””

    add Dhoom 2 to the list didn’t liked it at all..!!

  8. Serenzy



    Kuch bhi that woh ‘Flying Car’ wala Sequence.


    IWay, WaLeed,

    I wanted to Write ‘Last’ but Race-Two hain naa isliye ‘2nd’ likha.



    “par BOI ke according—-Race 2
    lifetime—85-90 cr”

    with the Brand it has, Start it got and at Good WOM, IT Shud have done 115+ but luks like it wont even get to 100cr.

    Yes, Dhoom2 was Average and Pales in Comparison wrt DHOOM.
    But, Hrithik \m/

    1. ank_16n

      Hrithik and Ash were only saving grace….
      Abhishek was looking fat(i don’t want to use a Hard hitting word)..!!


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