Small Budget movies that will Try to repeat Kahaani,OMG and PST in 2013..!!
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Not in any particular order—



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  1. Aditya007

    I think ,Kai Po Che ,AakashWani, ChasmeBaddor shoul be Repeat 2012 Process !

  2. ank_16n

    I hope—-
    Kai Po Che!–Didn’t liked the promo but song maanja is beautifull both Audio as well as video wise..!!

    The Attacks Of 26/11–was waiting for it for long-long time—and superliked the trailer–

    Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns –loved the 1st part waiting for it too..!!


    Jolly L.L.B.—liked the rawness of this Trailer–

    repeat Success in 2013….!!

  3. Nirjhar

    There is also “Vicky Donor” director Shoojit Sircar’s “Madras Cafe”, which was previously titled as “Jaffna” … the main leads are John Abraham, Nargis Fakhri … earlier Bengal superstar Prosenjit left the project after script changes

    1. ank_16n

      yup but its not confirm whether movie will release in 2013 or not as John already has 4-5 releases apart from this madras cafe… can’t say….

  4. suprabh

    Fantastic post ank. It would be even better, if you can put the images and a brief synopsis of these movies also.

    I am really interested in this thread.

  5. jealous hater of srk

    wating for some small buget movie like
    attacks on 26/11
    Ek thi dayan
    Jolly LLb
    And miss lovely jst fr siddque
    Is ther any anurag kashyap film this year?

    1. jealous hater of srk

      Thanks suprabh
      Ugly looks intersting anurag kashyap is raju hirani of small buget movies

  6. ady_koolz

    Nice post….Waiting for Jolly LLb , kai po che , nautanki saala,david and mickey virus…

  7. FS

    Bookmarked the post… Thanks for your inputs Ank… Very interesting post. We can discuss all these films in this same post whenever they get realeased.

  8. Shalu

    Last year was wonderful in terms of small gems. This year I have major expectations from Jolly LLB, Kai Po Che, Nautanki Saala and Madras Cafe. Will be happy to be pleasantly surprised by some other films too!

  9. suprabh


    I have added a section called “Monthly Highlights” just over the twitter box on the top right section of the page. It will contain original posts (such as this) and selected unoriginal posts. It will have both the Month’s posts and the posts having good activity in that month. For instance, if this post has substantial activity in Feb, it can be listed in Feb’s highlights too.

    Please let me know what you think about it. I will remove it if you think its not a good idea.

    1. iitianWay

      sup …bahut raaste bana rahe ho naye naye..bhai logo dhyaan rakhna samay ka ..ghaans na ugne paaye!!

      Few cheers for suprabh – B’right’ side of NG!!.
      (sabbatical mein lagta hain tibet chale gaye the :) ekdam energy ke saath lote ho)

      1. suprabh

        sirf tibet hi kyun, energize/de energize hone ke kaafi aur bhi tarike hain :)

    2. FS

      Best thing u hav done since giving up moderation :P

      Once there was discussion tht all reviews will be posted in a single thread and all boxoffice stuff will also be posted under single thread. What happened to those plans made a year & a half earlier? If you do tht then its wonderful coz its already successful somewhere else :P

  10. ank_16n

    Mere Dad ki Maruti Trailer—–

  11. ank_16n


  12. iitianWay

    Ank …yaar seriously bahut mehnat karte ho.
    aapke bollywood se pyaar pe do shabd ho jaay aaj…ekdam!!

    1. ank_16n

      iitianWay—-sirji i love cinema whether its Bollywood or hollywood….

      yaar bollywood ki nayi movies toh baad ki baat hai….humne toh 70’s , 80’s and 90’s ki almost har movie dekh rakhi hai.. whether its a Sanjeev kumar, Rajendra kumar,Rajesh khanna, vinod khanna, Mithun da ki ho ya Amitab bachchan, Jitender, Mahmood ya kisi aur artish ki…..though don’t remember all movies names….but can recognize them with just 1 scene..!

      1. iitianWay

        ank..u r an asset to BW and our NG community.

        1. ank_16n

          every member is an equal asset…..not any 1 in particular :)

  13. sanjeev – radhey – 6th bb in a row

    WTF: two boney kappor and two sridevi in zee cine awards.

    watch this link from 9:45 to 10:20. Sridevi anb boney kappor are on the stage along with srk and at 10:16 both of them appear beside priyanka even though they are on the stage.

    Fake awards k saath saath fake laughs aur claps bhi dikhate hai.

  14. Zubair

    I have strong feelings David will surprise every one, Bejoy nambiar will do it again, SHAITAan was an excellent film, chemistry between vikram and isha sharvani is looking super good, music is a plus point, im sure damadam mast qalandar, yu he ray and maria pitashe will top all music charts soon….

  15. Serenzy


    I am a Big Rooter/Supporter of ‘Small Movies’ with Good Content and always make it a Point to watch them in Theatres to Help their BO instead of Downloading it.

    2012 has been a Fab Year in that Respect with the Likes of PST, Kahaani, Vicky Donor, Ishaqzaade, SHANGHAI, OMG!, EV, SOTY Ruling the Roost.

    As Far as 2013 is Concerned, the Small/Medium Budget Ones I See as having the Potential to Repeat the Success of 2012 are :-


    Kai Po Che

    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    Go Goa Gone


    ‘Chashme Budoor’ Remake


    Mere Dad ki Maruti

    Ek Thi Daayan


    Rambo Rajkumar

    Hamara Bajaj

    Nautanki Saala



    Bullet Raja

    SBAG Returns


    Ayushmann-Sonam Starrer[YRF Movie]


    1. ank_16n

      kya ji aap Barfi ke baad bhi …..

      YEH JAWAANI HAIN DEEWANI ko small budget movie bolte ho…12-13 cr toh Ranbir hi le leta hai..!!

      and same for Ek Thi Dayan agree Emraan movie are small budgetbut horror movie of this level can’t be small budget(it can be medium budget) even Raaz 3 was around 27-30 cr budget(excluding P & A)

      again if this ungley is one produced by Karan jhohar and stars Emraan and Kareena then it can’t be small budget even a SOTY had 40 cr riding on it..!! :)

  16. Serenzy

    Just aise hi Added Emmy’s and Ranbir’s Movies!


    Anyways, Going for David, S26 and KPC in Feb.

    Might Skip ABCD and M3 in Theatres.

    1. ank_16n

      can’t say will watch David in theatres or not as busy these days..!!
      but will watch S26 and KPC in theatres..!! :)

  17. suprabh

    So AkaashVani and David are out of the question now. The next to go through the test would be Kai Po Che.

  18. Tango

    Sup Kai Po Che seems to be winner to me. It has that ‘idenmtifiable’ and triumph of the ordinary feel to it, two sure shot winning subjects.

  19. ank_16n

    yup, i m also waiting for kai po che…..hope its good..!!

  20. Tango


    This film is sure to succeed.Looks veri inspirational.

    In fact the film will rock the overseas, just like 3 Idiots, as the Gujju community will love this film. They form a sizeable overseas chunk of viewers in UK & North America.

    Soon, the Komals & Tarans will talk about this, but remember who said it first :-)

    1. ank_16n

      “In fact the film will rock the overseas”

      don’t see that happening apart from maybe USA…but rest a big no..
      and u heard it right here from me :)

  21. Tango

    “They form a sizeable overseas chunk of viewers in UK & North America”

    Sir maine bhi wohi bola hai :-)

  22. Tango

    But you are rt in the sense that US will be magical, as compared to UK.

  23. ank_16n

    yup USA have more Gujju’s then rest of world(except india)put together..!!

    but still in USA it can do max of $0.5 million…which is just Fab for this kind of small movie..!! :)

  24. Tango

    Nearly $0.8-0.9 m karegi US mein.

  25. ank_16n

    “Nearly $0.8-0.9 m karegi US mein.”

    i have my HUGE-HUGE doubts..!!

  26. ank_16n

    @Tango ji you ur prediction ..!!

  27. danish

    teen to ludak gayin – aakaashvani, david and kai po che. kal tak attack of 26/11 bhi nipat jaayegi meri guarantee le lo. 3g aur mere dad ki maruti ka bhi kuchh nahin hona, likh lo. prediction nahin daava hai ye.

    the one i am hoping shud flop most disastrously is nautanki saala so that ayushman khurana stops irritating at all awards.

    that leaves us with chashme baddoor and jolly LLB which seem to have some promise. unless david has bastardized chashme baddoor into a cheap comedy.

  28. ank_16n

    matlab..kai po che successful ho gaye…both critically as well as Boxoffice wise….

    Toh Raj kumar yadav aur Sushant singh Rajput ki mauj ho gayi..!!

  29. danish

    @ank – a film with 22 cr budget is likely to yeild 12 cr distributor share and not likely to fetch huge tv rights fees as such films dont get TRPs. so how is kai po che successful?

    aur sushant ki to mauj ho bhi sakti hai par raajkumar yadav ko to thode bahut character hi milenge like manoj bapai.

  30. ank_16n

    Kai po che 1st week is 26 cr….
    mujhe lagta hai tum kisi aur duniya mein jeete ho….
    mujhe acha lagta hai Cinema ke student ko jung lag gayi..!!

  31. danish

    @ank – 26 cr ka matlab 13 cr ka distributor share. cinema ka student hone ke saath saath maths ka bhi student reh chuka hoon.

    doosre weeek mein 5 cr DS aur aa gaye tab bhi ‘successful’ nahi keh sakte film ko.

  32. ank_16n

    13 cr DS 1st week
    5 cr DS 2nd week
    2-3 cr DS rest of weeks….

    Gives 20-21 cr DS…
    even if Production cost(inc. P & A) is 22 cr…

    then also 20 cr DS makes it successful
    as 3 cr from Music and video rights…
    5 cr from Overseas….
    even if it gets 5 cr from Satellite rights

    so Total will be around—–33 cr…that means 11 cr Profit..!!

  33. danish

    @ank – r u totally an ignoramus or wat?

    22 cr budget means 30 cr expenses including marketing. here is the BOI link for you

    Q. What is the budget of Kai Po Che and Zilla Ghaziabad?
    A. The budgets including print and advertising are 30 crore for Kai Po Che and 36 crore for Zilla Ghaziabad.

    yes 20 cr distributor share may come and 3-4 cr satellite rights as such films dont do well on tv. overseas may contribute another 5 cr.

    isnt the total still less sthan 30?

    aur agar jaise taise idhar udhar se ikatha kar ke 30 cr kar bhi liye to u wud call it a success?

  34. ank_16n

    “@ank – r u totally an ignoramus or wat?”

    ignorant ka toh pata nhi….par u can say that’s the part of my sub-sub personality..!!

    BOI is saying 7.5-8 cr 2nd weekend…
    so that means it wud do 12 cr 2nd week(6 cr DS)
    with no movie on 8th will do around 23 cr DS…

    aur ek baat batao ye ‘Successful’ ki tumhare hisab se kya meaning hai..??

    if a movie of budget 30 cr do around 22-23 DS then with 5 cr Satellite Rights…3 cr Music and other digital rights…..5-6 cr Overseas…

    easily make a recovery of 35-36 cr…
    that means 5-6 cr profit…which for me is ‘SUCCESSFUL’ but not Super-hit or BB..!!

  35. danish

    @ank16 – successful ki meri definition hai 3 idiots, ett, dabangg2, bodyguard, ready, dabangg, rowdy rathore, the dirty picture, singham, – may be kahaani, vicky donor and pyara ka panchnaama, even paan singh tomar – but definitely not films like kai po che and jab tak hai jaan and special 26 and khiladi 786 that dont even manage to break even.

  36. ank_16n

    Jolly LLB also done……

    the only Small budget movie which will be called HIT…..!!!

    now looking for Nautanki saala..!!

  37. ank_16n

    chashme Badoor Hit ho gayi…
    2nd SMALL MOVIE(1st Jolly LLB) to hit the bullseye now it seems cammando and Nautanki saala can bring the surprise..!! :)

  38. waleed jawaid

    commando has potential.!! can be a hit.!!


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