Xclusive to NG Film Information Official annual classificarions 2012
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BO 2

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  1. Tango

    Mod please remove the top image and the title that is repeated below.

  2. ank_16n

    Tango ji —-what collections have they considered for RR ,Talaash and JTHJ ??

    If they have considered 134 cr for RR and 150Cr for D2 i.e acc. to BOI so that means 15-16 cr divide a Hit and Super-Hit

    than how come JTHJ with 101 cr HIT while BOL Bachchan also with 101 cr just a Semi-Hit….

    Don’t agree with these verdicts at all …

    so a Kahaani with 60 cr is Hit while a Oh My God with 82 cr is a Semi-Hit…

  3. Tango

    YRF are the worlwide distributors of JTHJ as well as the producers, just like Talaash.

    1. ank_16n

      Tango ji–Reliance bought Talaah at 85-90 cr please tell me recovery ??

      2nd Oh My god was sold at MG of 20 cr to Distributors and Sub-Distributors…
      and had a DS of about 38-39 cr so 18 cr profit to Distributor make it a Semi-Hit ….

      while a RR 4 circuits sold at 19 cr(Rajasthan, Bihar Nizam-Mizoram and Gujarat )
      gave 27 cr DS
      while UTV holds Rest of India Rights gave a DS of about 48 cr is just a Hit..!!

      1. Roy

        Reliance brought WW distribution rights of Talaash for 60 cr. This has been mentioned so many times here.

  4. ank_16n

    2nd thing as far as i know Writer of this Film Information is none other than the Great
    Komal Nahta…..

    who just 1 month back was saying Barfii did 111 cr
    while just 2 days back when i saw his show he was saying 120 cr..

    Komal the man who was saying 125 cr for JTHJ but PRODUCER NUMBER is 121 cr while all from Amod Mehra to BOI to Suniel wahawa to Girish Johar all saying 101-105 cr for JTHJ..!!


    All these are hits or super hits are only based on money earned !!! real hits are

    1. OMG
    4. Barfi
    5. Kahani
    6. ETT

    Rest all are craps of grade 1

  6. VED-Z

    ETT ko list main fix karne ke liye itni mehnat good

    @ Tango, looks like Verdicts are based on distributors revenue not even dist profit or if it is then profit figures are not correct and rest factors like 1. Net Collection as per prints & 2. Trending is totaly ignored.

    Not a satisfying list for a Boxoffice analyst


    Ved Z first half of ett did good thing for the film. D2 is utter crap and nothing less. That way rr was far far better than this crap.


    Ved Z first half of ett did good thing for the film. D2 is utter crap and nothing less. That way rr was far far better than this crap. Infact k786 was like d2.

  9. Tango

    Ved-Z BO figures are always based on distributors profit or loss (not even exhibitors).

    Otherwise films of top stars usually have a table profit, even before releases.

  10. VED-Z

    ok even i have not watched ett so far , just objected bcoz it didnt trended well, u might be right here and i might be wrong and yes K786 was very bad , if D2 would be like K786 then Salman should have been thankful Abhinav kashyap rather than fighting with him.

  11. VED-Z

    its alright Tango but these days even from a long time these figures are manipulated right from the roots… then what other information seeker would do.

  12. ank_16n

    This Magazine is Run by Komal Nahata…..
    Actually Earlier this was Run by Both Taran Adarsh and Komal (as they both are Cousin Brothers ) but Since the Rights of this magazine was by held by Komal’s dad so that led to Infighting and Taran left the Magazine….

    so these are Actually Komal Nahata’s Verdicts..!!

  13. rockie_Dabangg2

    ETT was a great profit maker for producers as well as distributors.
    It earned 143cr in first where max DS is generated.

    The list looks good … Salman ruling the charts – once again so no complaints. :)

    But expected D2 to cross ETT (offcourse before the release of movie) but after watching the movie I feel D2 has done too good to cross 150cr.

    SOS – BB – Looks like Ajay D made lots of profit this year …. offcourse the distributors did not make that much …. :P

  14. Tango

    No ankh_16n this magazine has always been run by Komal’s family. His late father Ramraj Nahta founded it.

    All the same I agree that OMG ! has been rated quite low.

    Taran’s magazine, Trade Guide, has closed down and right now Film Information is the only renowned magazine, that is even referred to by the Mumbai IT department.

    The whole purpose of putting up these classifications was due to the fact that a lot of ppl were mailing me for this.

    As always, opinions vary and everyone has the right to agree or disagree.

    And my famous (monotonous sentence) that is what democracy is all about, especially at NG.

    1. ank_16n

      Tango ji –yes my main problem was always with Oh My God…

      As if these verdicts are based on Distributors profit than Kahaani and OMG shud be Super-Hit …..
      yup its Democracy …. Theek Hai ..!!

  15. assmasala

    The distributors have lost almost 50% of their money on Dabangg2 ..

    so how can it be superhit..

    the speculations were that it wud beat 3 idiots before the release , then after 1st weekend they come down to crossing ETT nett, and after second week it looked tough to even cross 160cr..

    now after 3rd weekend, its clear it wont cross 150..

    the biggest franchise, the biggest masala film ever, every gimmick in the book of bollywood and above all (or not) the greatest star of India ..

    and still Dabangg2 ends up being a loss venture except for arbu ..

    A 4cr footfall was assured since salman has the biggest fan following (or not ??) and the avg ticket price in India is right now 100-120 rs

    the nett shud have been atleast 300cr .. to be called it as a certified super hit..

    Solo release.. if the film had run to full capacity .. it wud have earned more than 150crores in first week itself…

    a film with just 60% of Dabangg2 screen space, a 40% bigger run time , close to 3 hours, coming with a clash, which starred the greatest heart throb sallu, fights the biggest tragedy of Bal thackrey death (tragedy, i meant not for the country, but for the film :D ) and still makes it to the top 3 biggest grossers of the year ..

    Now thats what Heroes are made of!!

  16. Tango

    Ved-Z, actually hota yeh hai, that these trade guys say things (including totals) at different point of time, to different sources, Satellite channels, net, twitter etc.

    The actual totals/numbers come a week or two later from the smaller centres.

    Earlier yeh sab nahi hota tha, so figures, numbers etc. vary and controversies start. I understand that.
    Even on our NG it happens :-)

    I remember, when I had said the 160 crore total for D 2, based on my vibes and little experience, one Salman fan got angry.

    Hota hai.

  17. Tango

    Assmasala – Only some distributors of smaller circuits have lost money. All the major circuits are with Khans.

    There are efforts that those smaller circuit distributors and their losses (about 1.50 crore) should be compensated for by the Khans. But these are just talks.

    Just for info, makers like Ghai, late Yash Chopra and Karan johar have done this before.

    Baaqi dekhte hain if the Khan family too does it.

    Will keep you all updated.

  18. rockie_Dabangg2

    @assmasala – “The distributors have lost almost 50% of their money on Dabangg2 ..
    so how can it be superhit..”

    lolzz…. in which world ?? … I think on Narnia.. :D

  19. ank_16n

    Kahaani and OMG were Super-Hit even if u Take Distributors profit but kya kahe….kisi ne sahi hi kaha hai #Theek Hai ..!!

  20. Tango


    @assmasala – “The distributors have lost almost 50% of their money on Dabangg2 ..
    so how can it be superhit..”

    Actually a section of the media is saying that. Perhaps they are not aware of actual situation. That is why these impressions are created.

    Even in the case of SOS, I was saying this for a while that the film has been sold quite expensive (nothing to do with Devgn) by Viacom to EROS, so distributors will lose money (with few takers) and that is what happened.

    Media perception creates confusion.

  21. Tango


    Even Raaz 3 is rated lower and Jism 2 higher.

    Lagta hai Sunny Leone ’tilted’ things in her favour and influenced Komal ji :wink:

    Pata nahi kya hai reason.

    1. ank_16n

      ya Forgot Raaz 3 it shud also have been Super-Hit..
      I think Komal ji is planning for an Interview with Sunny leone well in Advance..!!

      I hope he takes an interview with Akshay kumar otherwise S26 might also suffer from Negative publicity by mr Nahta just like OMG(after it release he said it was an Average movie and will Flop as WOM is Negative in his ETC show) :)

  22. ank_16n

    BTW I loved 1st part of Narnia Series..!! :)

  23. Tango

    BTW- Komal Nahta is on twitter, you all can clarify with him regarding these classifications (but keep things polite) otherwise he will not reply.

    1. ank_16n

      otherwise also he will Reply but with words like Rat….. retards and other Words which will make ur vocabulary rich :)

  24. assmasala

    i dont knw abt others but .. the distributor thru which Dabangg2 has released in Nizam .. is one of my friend

    Dabanng2 has been released thru “ankit movie release corp”

    and they have incurred huge losses .. the start was excellent … and everyone thought it wud beat evn the local telugu grosser but it ended up making a huge hole in his pocket ..

  25. Tango

    Khan’s have Mumbai, CPCI, Rajasthan, Delhi UP and East Punjab.

    As per the info with me the whole South was sold for 10 crore, so may be that guy sold it high for Nizam, and may be what you are saying is true.

  26. Tango

    They should compensate all those who lost. It will create a good impression for future projects.

    The money involved will be minimal compared to the huge profits and the goodwill that’ll accrue immense.

    1. rockie_Dabangg2

      Tango Bhai – But if South Distributor further sells it to sub distributor at higher costs like in this case of Dabangg2 then why should Khan’s bear that loss??

      Its a deal strictly between Nizam (sub distributor of south) and the main South distributor.

      Its the main South Distributor who should compensate and not the producers.

      1. rockie_Dabangg2

        The Khans might not even be aware of this deal between the main South Distributor and Nizam sub distributor.

  27. Tango


    Yes, there is no moral binding, but as the sums involved are not that much so for goodwill, the two paries (in this case the main guy and Khans) can split and compensate.

    Let me tell you an interesting tidbit about when I first heard about such a thing. It was during Kal Ho Na Ho.

    Yash Raj released it on behalf of Karan, and in Central India a sub distributor lost. So Karan requested Aditya to compensate (along with him), but the stubborn Aditya refused. That was the first sign of friction between them.

    1. rockie_Dabangg2

      Thanks for that tidbit .. :)

      Adi C is a stubborn person … but then he is a great business-mind as well.

      Yes the sum involved is not that huge for the Khan’s but then there are chances that people(Main Distributors) might trick them(or any other producer) and make it a habbit of making exorbitant deals with sub distributors and then asking the producer to compensate.

      Its okay to create good will but make sure people are not fooling you. :)

  28. Roy

    Where is K786? Is it in list of Others?

  29. Tango

    Yes Roy, he does not have it in major projects that flopped, so in way from his POV it must be break even, otherwise major debacles mein hota.


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