Salman Khan is a male chauvinist: Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani, one of the most interesting and craziest contestants of Colors’ Bigg Boss season 6, is now out of the house.

We contacted this hairstylist to know about her stay and exit from the house.


Sapna is someone who always wanted to get out of the house from day one. But she stayed on for a long period. So now that she is evicted, how does she feel? “I do not know how I feel as I have not had ample time to be with myself and introspect. But it’s definitely great being out of the house.”

What was her first thought when her eviction was announced? “Hallelujah!!! was my first thought, as I was never interested in winning the show.”

Okay…if she always had been so desperate to get out the show, then how did she feel being an inmate for so many weeks and why did she take up the project at all? “I felt I would be out in two to three weeks’ time, as I wasn’t a usual TV face. And, yes I was restless every single day as I was locked up in a house. Only the people who have stayed in that house will understand what I felt.”

So do you now feel that you should have never entered the Bigg Boss house at all? “No I met some wonderful people like Nirahua, Aseem Trivedi and Sampat Pal. They will be role models for me.”

There was a time when Sapna couldn’t stand Imam Siddiqui and the latter even called her names but suddenly they were seen as BFFs. When asked to elaborate on this, the lady said, “He called me names like fake, but it does not make me one. Plus, after a point I realised that he was taking things to the next level which was needed in that house as it had got too boring. I also discovered that we have a lot in common and that we are equally mad. So we got back together.”

Do you still hold a grudge against Salman Khan (given their tiff during one of the interaction sessions?) “You hold a grudge against people when the issue is not addressed. I was honest and I spoke my mind so I do not hold any grudge. Actors are not God and as far as Salman is concerned he is a male chauvinist. There were a lot of incidents in the house where he was seen promoting men.”

She continued, “When Rajev Paul passed a comment saying a 40 year old woman does not have much option unlike a 40 year old man (in terms of relationship), Salman agreed to it. He spoke badly against the gay community and Salman did not even stand for it.”

Do you think the heated argument that you had with Salman could have been avoided? “If he can give it to people, he must also have the courage to take it back. We have the freedom of speech and there is no need to feel so picky and touchy about it,” she maintained.

Talking about the Sana-Rajev-Delnaz angle, she shared, “It’s very boring and I am really exhausted of this pati, patni or who angle. Sana knew this would work for her and that is why she has stayed in the house this long. But, I do not like her ‘bimbo’ attitude where she spends so much of time on make-up and costumes. She has brought so many clothes for everyday use. And Delnaaz has tried being a ‘bichari’ on the show from day one by not standing for herself, which is very sad.”

On the person she wants to see as the winner she observed, “I would like to see Niketan as the winner as he has conducted himself as the best of the lot. And though Imam is a friend, I do not think that he will win as he hasn’t been in the house from day one.”

Lastly, when we asked the lady about her future plans, she promptly answered, “I am thinking of getting into direction now and would like to start as an associate director in films. And since I like Anurag Basu’s work, I would like to work under him.”

All the best, Sapna!!!


  1. Adrakh chacha
    Adrakh chacha
    January 7, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    @ank_16n.. intention kya h iss post ka??

  2. Adrakh chacha
    Adrakh chacha
    January 7, 2013 at 11:02 PM

    bhai at least reality to check kar lete, chalo koi na..

  3. dennycrane1
    January 8, 2013 at 6:13 AM

    sana has been a better person in the house than this sapna could ever be..sana has shown the best quality in big boss ie,being true to her friends..having fights with almost everyone is not women empowerment..being loud doesn’t make one a strong woman..lekin sapna jaisa pagal nahin samjhegi

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