The best and the worst thing that can happened for bollywood in 2013

Fist of all i want to say happy new year to all of you and wish you all the best .2012 is gone and we have great success and very nice films that achieve the dark horste status but at the same time many films disapoint us at the BO and even for the critic world and now we enter 2013 and the same question that all of us repeat it from 2009 who will beat the 202 cr record of 3IDIOTS and became the new king .Every single year has alot of big films but sadly right now all these film didnt even come close with more prints and hype 2013 is ayear that no one can deny has the biggest chance to create new history with all the big star have at least one big films that can go very well with the BO and now the big question will be for all of us

what is the best thing that can happened to bollywood or one of these big film this year ???

what will be the most disapointed thing that can happened for any big film this year ?

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Why Natwarlal family’s keen to see Special Chabbis before release

Jayoti Soor (DNA; January 1, 2013)


On reading the media reports that Akshay Kumar’s character sketch in Special Chabbis will borrow elements from India’s notorious conman Mithliesh Kumar Srivastava better known as Natwarlal, his family has approached the makers asking to see the film.
Natwarlal was a famous Indian con man known for repeatedly ‘selling’ the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Till the end, no one was able to catch him and when caught he would escape. He remained a mystery till his death. Sources reveal, “Natwarlal’s family is keen to see how much of his life has been borrowed and in what light he has been shown. In fact, they were surprised to read the news and thus want to see the film.” Continue reading

Vidya Balan’s birthday a family affair

Vidya Balan with hubby Siddharth Roy Kapur

DNA (January 1, 2013)


Till date Vidya Balan has never missed celebrating her birthday with her family and seems like even marriage hasn’t changed that. Today will be no different for the newly-wed star, who celebrates her first birthday post marriage with production honcho Siddharth Roy Kapur. Vidya, who was on her honeymoon at an undisclosed location, returned yesterday in time for the celebrations. Continue reading


There were 15 hits films in 2012 with Ek Tha Tiger leading the pack and emerging the biggest of the year. Action led the way with the four biggest hits of the year (Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Rowdy Rathore and Agneepath) all being action films. There were around 155 Hindi film releases in the year.


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If Dabangg 2 Does 150 Crore Is That Really Good As Its Not Much More Than Dabangg?

Q. If Dabangg 2 does 150 crore is that really good as its not much more than Dabangg?

A. When the first film is a huge one then 10-15% growth is good enough. Dabangg 2 may show a10% growth for Dabangg and thats a big number

S Wahl

Q. Talaash is a niche film so is not 90 crore excellent business for the films?

A. Niche films don’t release on 2600 screens. Talaash is not a niche film although thr genre is not hugely popular but that goes for other genres as well. Continue reading

Salman Khan’s DABANGG 2 huffs and puffs at BO;

Rs.200 crore net theatrical collection is the breakeven point for the sub-distributors and exhibitors who have paid nearly Rs.100 crores as minimum guarantee (MG) for the domestic rights of Salman starrer DABANGG 2. They have every reason to worry now. The theatrical collections of the film have dropped drastically and the box-office momentum seems to have petered out faster than expected. The scenario seems quite bleak and leave aside profits, the possibility of incurring big losses looms large on the horizon for them. According to the last available information the domestic box office collections of the film till its second Saturday (29.12.2012) were 110 crores net. Even if we take a highly optimistic projection of 160 crores net box office for the film, it falls far short of the breakeven figure.

However, the producers and distributors of the film Arbaaz Khan Productions are sitting pretty on a huge pile of money having presold various distribution rights for a whopping and unprecedented price of Rs.180 crores. They have nothing to worry. The question is if it will be ethical and morally tenable for them to leave their sub-distributors and exhibitors in the lurch. They certainly have no legal obligation to compensate for an eventuality where the film’s domestic box office collections turn out to be lower than the MG paid for it. Who knows they may still play the role of good and sensitive Samaritans and decide to follow the ‘Being Human’ mantra of their film’s star Salman Khan and make good the losses of their business partners in some way or the other.

And BoI calls it a blockbuster!