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NG will observe a 2 hour moment of silence, going offline 10am IST to 12pm IST 12/30/2012, in memory and honor for the tragic death resulting from the ghastly New Delhi gang rape of the woman known to us as “Damani”.

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  1. aman

    Wonderful gesture Rohit. May the girl rest in peace. Her fight, from the moment she entered that bus till her last breath, was so heart wrenching. I never thought that I would shed my tears for someone unknown to me.

    Now some sections of the media are reporting that the diseased animal didn’t insert an iron rod inside the poor girl’s vagina but inserted his hand and in a fit of rage, pulled out her uterus which displaced her internal organs.

    The next day, the police were also searching for her missing uterus.

  2. rajesh

    May the girl rest in piece and I hope that this death wont go in vein.


    May her soul RIP.

    Btw Rohit isnt it “Damini” instead of “Damani”, i maybe wrong, if possible cross check.

  4. Tango

    Great one Rohit. She deserves it and we owe it to her. Just spare a thought for her family.

    Unfortunately, she is one of the countless who go un-reported

  5. iitianWay

    Very graceful gesture for departed brave soul…very hearting to see black out on NG
    Its high time for 5 min silence for item songs in films..they are just musical and visual insult to women and womanhood.


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