Is Dabangg 2 missing the Id factor?


The first two days collection from Dabangg 2 of 35 cr (BOI) although very good and record breaking for non holiday, still is a tad below expectations.

Come to think of it, ETT – which I thought was an ordinary movie, sustained very well to reach 186 cr. That makes me wonder, Is Dabangg 2 not a good movie, or … maybe had Dabangg 2 released during Id, it would have scaled higher.

I think the later. I believe Salman has a solid Muslim fanbase who go out in huge numbers during Id. It is probably a celebration ritual. The same may not be happening now during Christmas.

Which probably might even explain why Ready with a better WOM did less than BodyGuard (and BG was stopped by MBKD) else it would have reached 160 cr.