Gorilla’s WOM: Dabangg 2 is better than Dabangg
Gorilla | December 23, 2012, 12:49 PM | 12 comments | 0 views

Dabangg2 came with lots of hype, hoopla and anticipation. The voices of 200Cr, 400Cr etc were coming from all quarters.

WOM: Dabangg2 is carrying a good report though it is lower than Dabangg. The WOM is at par with Bodyguard or Ek Tha Tiger. Those who are going expecting “Dabangg” brand of entertainment are liking it.
Salman’s act is getting appreciation though not as much as Wanted or Dabangg as those films had novelty factor. Here Salman is repeating himself. Dabangg2 is also getting compared with Dabangg and here the sequel has slight edge in its favor but not a decisive edge. All in all Dabangg2 is a good “predictable” masala entertainer and is true to its brand.

BO Verdict: Dabangg2 will collect Rs 140-145 Cr and will emerge a super hit. The Christmas holiday on Dec 25 will help the business by Rs 5 Cr. Three clean week is also a good news and may add few more crores.

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  1. sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT

    140 is superhit? hila

  2. Roy

    Your title says: “dabangg-2-is-better-than-dabangg”

    If it is better, then you are only expecting around 150? something better than dabangg should cross 200 cr+ now

  3. The vikram Rathore

    gorill paaji k tukaaa nhi chlt aajkl is liy cun duse ho gaye wo bhi

  4. Gorilla

    “If it is better, then you are only expecting around 150? something better than dabangg should cross 200 cr+ now”

    Roy – As is said…Dabangg2 is better but slightly better but not a lot better. This basically means two things – While none will get disappointed, the complete nod will not be there.
    This will mean that movie will be accepted but not to an extent Dabangg, which had novelty factor, was accepted.

  5. Gorilla

    @Vikram Rathore – Tukka wo lagaate hain jinko kuch nahin maloom…..these WOM assessment cannot be done by Tukka….there is a method to it. This method limits bias and excludes extreme reactions.

    My BO verdict is actually mine and based on past performance of previous films and WOM of the current films.

    The above methods are reasonably accurate most of the times. JTHJ, SOS were bang on. Few movies miss the BO verdict (95% accuracy) but WOM assessment has always been bang on (100%).

  6. Gorilla

    Sanjeev – Reaching Rs 140 Cr can also be called blockbuster… actually not fussy and do not understand on what basis films are rated. All ratings seems to change with time and movies.
    Important thing here is to understand that Dabangg2 is neither a 200Cr movie, not a just Rs 100Cr… is somewhere in the middle.

  7. ank_16n

    I think it won’t even reach 140 cr seeing the Saturday Drop..!!

  8. Gorilla

    This WOM prediction is again bang on. Thanks to all my friends and community members who provided correct feedback to me to project a total that is closer to reality.

  9. Serenzy

    Congrats Gorilla.

    I had Predicted 160+[Ending at ~170cr].

  10. rockie_Dabangg2

    Thanks for pointing it out Roy … :)

    So K786 prediction is off by almost 38-40 cr … infact for ETT the prediction was off only by 27cr.

    So another “TUKKA” goes out of the window…. :D


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