Dec 21, 2012. End of the world as we know it.
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The Mayans were right. Its 11:57 pm – 3 minutes left to Dec 22, 2012 and I do believe the world has indeed come to an end; at least, the humanity in the world has.

A few minutes ago, I read the disturbing story of a 3 year old girl raped by a man in Delhi. The man who was the husband of the principal of the play school this little girl had been going to. What a fantastic meaning of “play” was taught to this innocent girl by this man who has now changed her life for ever. This news coming after the more popular “human” act of 6 people tearing apart a 23 year old woman’s body to satisfy their sudden urge of a shag so much so, that in the process, they devoured her body and ruptured her intestines, and made sure that even if the girl survives the battle of life she’s fighting now, she won’t ever be able to live a normal life emotionally or physically. The removal of her intestines makes it sure that she won’t ever be able to eat her food and intravenous fluid therapy is the only way she can stay alive and in turn see others enjoying their life and probably wonder every little second- “What was my fault?”

A few days ago, a 20 year old, got access to a gun and shot his mother. After that, he went to an elementary school and killed 20 little children, 6 teachers. Its quite head spinning, to imagine what would have gone through a little girl seeing this guy blowing her friends’s head off, one by one before getting to her and doing the same. These kids, probably didn’t even know what did killing somebody mean in the true sense. After hours of crying, and having their tears drying on their own, the lonely mums and the silent dads would have thought-“God, what did we do so wrong to deserve this?”

Just this very year, we witnessed more than one country successfully testing their nuclear missiles, thus making their armed forces much more equipped to push a button which could kill more people in a second than born in one whole year. The impact of such nuclear war will eradicate more population than killed by any gun shots in any country. But somehow, we the humans loved the idea of our country (any country) having the capability.

We saw, two nations, in either side of a strip of land, throwing missile and human bombs, all for a piece of lands and surprisingly both belonging to such religions, which like all other religion preach you to embrace peace in your life.

We all have grown to realize that humanity as we know it has now been limited to making songs and films about it. Humanity in true sense, ended, when we decided that, we know more than what nature makes visible for us to see, touch and feel. We thought, that since we made wheel and we knew steam engine can push a train, that we are better than that bird, who just works the whole day to arrange for food for her new born chicks. We thought, that we know more. We thought, that it was our right to do what we were doing. The rapists thought so too and so did the murderers. We grew old and how. After hundreds of thousands of years of growing old, the humanity in mankind has finally come to its death. Yes there are traces left but they are on a decline too. Its just a matter of time. The world on this very day, has indeed come to an end.

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  1. Jack Sparrow

    Good write up. Feel sorry for that little innocent child, no law can have an equivalent punishment for the act done to girl.

  2. jealous hater of srk

    Dont knw should be proud or ashamed of bieng indian
    On one hand we have people who like impotent dogs rape girl and on other hand we have people who stand up for a girl who is unknown
    Good write up suprabh bhai

  3. sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT

    WTF is happening nowadays? People going too crazy.
    One incident happens and we feel nothing worse than this can happen. Within a week another incident worse that the previous one happens.
    People have forgotten religion. NO fear of sin and NO fear of law.

  4. RJ

    Great great great write up suprabh… Exactly echoes my sentiments.. If this is what kalyug is i wish was not born to witness this era… How i wish the Mayans were right n the calamities would end this world… Theres nothing left to repair or improve… Only a new beginning can end this life.. And I don’t mind being a witness to the Mayanprophecy come alive

  5. ank_16n

    Its really sad to see the thousands of protesters being beaten up by police in Delhi….
    On one hand Delhi Govt says there is Shortage of police forces while on other hand there is RAF and CRPF along with Delhi police where is the shortage…..

    I think Sheila dixit has taken his CM post for granted and its High time delhi people throw out this Govt in 2013 elections for a Start..!!

    More over the Major reason for this problem is Liquor as its not that much a problem in Delhi but its Near by areas like Noida Faridabad gurgaon where Liquor is very cheap and no law for distribution for Liquor which is main plight for People in Delhi…..

  6. Akshay

    The world has always been like this guys. I am not sure what makes you think this is the worst era or the end of the world. You’ve read about it all in your history lessons or seen things when you’ve travelled around the globe.

    There have been bigger crimes, grave attrocities, bigger wars and its been going forever. The 100 year war, the killing of jews by nazi forces, post taj mahal construction attrocities, and what not . Turn over some leafs and you will see that humans have been animals (panchatantra captures it beautifully)

    Not trying to justifying anything; just that human beings have always been like this. On the contrary I think from a law and order situation (talking about a global perspective) we are seeing some of the best times that history has seen.

  7. suprabh

    I was talking to Baba, yesterday about this. I don’t think castration, death or life sentences are a solution to this. In fact there are two things that need to be done to face this issue.

    1) Give all the protection in the world to women- as much as possible. Some of you may argue that this is not really a solution and I would agree. But at this point of time, this step needs to be taken, because we need to address the situation and put a halt to this- as much as we can. Police, Pepper Spray,Karate, Protection- Whatever that can help.

    2) I think this issue is more of a mentality issue than anything else. I don’t think that in the moment of a rape, the rapist really cares about being castrated or death sentence. If there’s any solution to it, it’s educating men from their boyhood to respect women, and making them aware of what oppression, trauma and right to choice is. By Education, I do not mean, text book but a mechanism that can make them understand why giving such pain to someone is so horrendous and that what it could mean, if similar things were done to their mothers or sisters. Changing the mentality ad educating a generation is a long, difficult process that requires a lot of effort but In my opinion, that’s the way to go about it.

    If we throw Castration or death penalty as the solution to this problem- then no doubt the number of cases will reduce, we may see a rise in cases, where the rapists,kill their victims after the rape, so that they cant be caught.

    1. Manish

      you are wrong suprabh …

      let me put simply whta i have seen is in delhites there is no fear at all no fear of authority , police , jail etc and this is a truth u wont understand sitting in US maybe(iam nt mocking you just telling you the facts)

      Castration will act as deterrent … if given with certainty but saying only castration wd help is completely wrong …

      there is need to be certainity of punishment being given and punishment shd be like that it creates fear in mind of ppl with sick mentality….

      Cant u see how assured the delhi gang rapist was that he returned to the work next day ??? havent u read the welcome area rape that happened today , the guys who raped a women on knife point by making her drink sedatives …



  8. Manish

    and yes its abt mental set up and culture bt that wont change in an year or two … it takes years and years …

    so all we need is More patrolling , citizens not being cold to victims and such things that happen around them , Standard SOP to be taken in case of rapes and sexual assault since major evidences can nullify due to delayed investigation and if police personnel fouind to be violating those there shd be steps against such police peronals

    death penality /castration is the right way to instill fear in fearless ppl that we have become due to our fragile policing system and law

  9. suprabh


    The police, laws and security is much better in US when compared to India. Still the number of Rapes in US is more than triple when compared to India. 90,000 compared to 22,000 for a single year.

    This is precisely the reason why I said police and punishment will lead to the rapists killing (or any other way of making sure they are not caught) the victim after raping them. Change in mentality is what’s required.


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