Contest: NGites predict Dabangg2 collections

When the whole world is counting days for 21st Dec for a fearfull reason…. but now they have some thing to cheer about. A Dabangg is back again to save his, his family’s and his town’s ass…in a kickass style :) And we NGites along with whole world are going to celebrate his comeback in our ownWay.

I worked on an opportunity (persuaded my close frnd to sponsor prizes from his online store) to throw this contest.

So, let your intuition, permutation, prediction or emotion flow with a reward in sight :)

Salient Features of contest:

Rule# Zero: All collections are domestic (India) net collections and figures will be taken for selecting final winner.

4 categories - 
a. 1st friday (friday bole to preview included)
b. 1st weekend (preview+fri+sat+sun)
c. 1st Week (collections till second friday begins)
d. lifetime* (* total first 4 weeks)

Prize: Winner(closest to boi figures) in a category will win a coupon for buying One Suprefine, Premium Quality, Customized Shirt of his/her own choice from online store
to be delivered anywhere in the world free of cost. These items are customizable to suit your style and fit. So it will be worth anywhere between $40-$70.

Closing times for entries
All times are in IST( India standard Time)
1st friday: 21st Dec 2012, 5.00 AM
1st weekend: 22nd Dec 2012, 5.00 AM
1st Week: 24th Dec 2012, 5.00 AM
Lifetime*(* Total of first 4 weeks): 27th Dec 2012(dabangg’s b’day), 5.00 AM

1. NGite can make any number of entries but the last one before closing time will be choosen for contest. Please clearly mark your category i.e. a/b/c/d in ur comment(s)

2. As a token for appreciation for successfully running NG for years, one coupon will be given to Rohit of his choice of selection.

3. Prizes will be dispatched on 8th of February 13.



  1. rockie_Dabangg2 said:

    Waise to mai prediction’s nahi karta ….. but free gifts .. matlab ghar aayi Lakshmi ko kaun thukra sakta hai .. :P

    Anyways … will predict later once we have more clear picture on WOM from UAE and advance bookings till Friday .. :D

    – This is indeed a good contest … what an idea sirji .. :)

  2. RJ said:

    Lol look at these low predictions…you guys really think this movie wont cross 150? Even at the worst given scenario, it will cross 150, more so cos it is a sequel of Dabangg.

    As for my guess:

    A. 27 cr
    B. 90 cr
    C. 135 cr
    D. 216 cr

    • Roy said:

      ” RJ
      December 18, 2012 at 9:21 PM · Reply

      Lol look at these low predictions…you guys really think this movie wont cross 150? Even at the worst given scenario, it will cross 150, more so cos it is a sequel of Dabangg.

      As for my guess:

      A. 27 cr
      B. 90 cr
      C. 135 cr
      D. 216 cr”

      Golden Kela for worst prediction goes to RJ. In fact RJ wins as worst predictor in all 4 categories. 40% off Friday numbers, 54% off weekend numbers, 36% off weekly numbers and 45% off Lifetime number. Congrats RJ :) !!

  3. iitianWay said:

    Thank Guys!!..Please keep. .. early predictions.. comingg .. :) is only …A NGites priviledge …to participate in this contest

    just to remind Lifetime mentioned here is …till first 4 weeks domestic net collections ..(Lifetime with asterix :) )

  4. iitianWay said:

    I invite Sanket, Fenil, Tango sir, ank, aditya, manish, all *_dabanggs..and all NGites…come and have fun of predicting ….and if come close then fun of winning too!! :)

  5. Serenzy said:

    Weekend: 54-57cr[Btwn
    RA.One & ETT]

    1st Week: 88/90cr

    Lifetime: 160cr ka Base toh
    Pakka hain… How Much it
    Collects Further depends wrt it’s WOM.

  6. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2 said:

    One Ank is predicting 16 cr first day and other ank is on 26 cr… r they same ank but torn between two extreme personalities??? :D :D :D

    BTW my entry in contest-

    a. 25
    b. 85

    • ank_16n said:

      difference is —one is a Akshay fan other one is a Salman fan :)
      see again I have predicted 18 cr minimum ….not 16 cr..!! :)

  7. wall-D said:

    d2 will under perform in delhi/up and east punjab based on my bookings analysis from BMS.
    First day -16 cr.
    i doubt eve shows will pickup if reviews and feedback are same as from FS.
    If it is really good, sky is limit.

  8. iitianWay said:

    hit marks for a. – first friday are as follows

    16, 17.9, 18, 19.6, 21 x3, 21.8, 22, 23 x3, 23.2, 24.5, 25 x2, 26, 27

    Lets see where is bulls eye… in a day or two…

  9. iitianWay said:

    category A. (First Friday) winner as per early estimates is

    jealous hater of srk
    (predicted 19.6 earned 19.25..error margin less than 2%)

    :) ..conGGratulations…celebrations.. :)

  10. iitianWay said:

    Hit marks for category b. – first weekend are as follows
    56, 56.5, 57, 58, 64, 64.5, 65, 68, 69, 70 x2, 71, 72, 75.7,81, 85, 90

  11. iitianWay said:

    category B. (First Weekend) winner as per early estimates is

    Earth Shaker
    (predicted 58 earned 58.5..error margin less than 1%)

    :) ..conGGratulations…celebrations.. :)

    BO prediction note: earth shaker(17.9/58.5) and ank_16n(18/57) both came close to category a/b but ank missed both while earth shaker really shaked one very well

  12. iitianWay said:

    Entries for category D. LifeTime* (* First four weeks) are still open for another 51 hours…
    Enjoy the fun of predictingg. :)

  13. iitianWay said:

    Hit marks for category c – first week are as follows
    80, 87, 92, 100, 101 x2, 106.5, 110 x2, 114, 120.9, 123, 126, 135

  14. iitianWay said:

    category C. (First Week) winner as per early estimates is

    (predicted 100 earned 99..error margin ~ 1%)

    :) ..conGGratulations…celebrations.. :)

    BO prediction note: GOD- Ek Tha Human and alizain2844 both came close to winning (101)..but !!

    • iitianWay said:

      as soon as we have winner of category D (LifeTime* – *4 weeks) available..we will issue the coupons ..
      so for the time being and start customizing ur shirt.. at

  15. Roy said:

    lol awesomeakshay.

    you are closer than some predictions here – 123cr, 120.9cr, 135cr, 126cr

    and there is one with 81 cr weekend :D

  16. iitianWay said:

    Lifetime* (* four weeks) predictions are:
    131, 140, 145, 148, 150(alizain2844), 163.83, 168.45, 170, 175, 180, 201.3, 204, 205, 206, 216
    whom u think will be the winner?

  17. iitianWay said:

    so the winner for the last category D – LifeTime* is alizain2844..with prediction 150 and movie collecting around 151.5..error margin ~ 1%.
    will make another clean post for detailed analysis of results.

  18. GOD- Ek Tha Human said:

    @iitian way – the boi collection of 149.09cr after 3 weeks ws a mistake.. It is 146.10cr after 3 weeks n add to it 2.4cr fourth week.. So total after four weeks is around 148.5cr.. My prediction was 148cr.. Wait for a few days it ll be clear.. Don’t hurry with the results.. I may loose because of BOI mistake :-( :P

  19. rockie_Dabangg2 said:

    Dabangg2 collections as per BOI after 4 weeks ….

    99.06 + 36.38 + 10.74 + 2.41 = 148.59cr

    It needs 1.41cr to touch 150cr. Lets see how much it does in week 5.

  20. GOD- Ek Tha Human said:

    @iitian way – The exact collections of Dabang2 is as above given by rockie… Its exact figure for 4 weeks ( lifetime as per your contest ) is 148.59cr…