Khiladi 786 First Day Business



Khiladi 786 First Day Business


Friday 8th December 2012 10.00 IST

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Khiladi 786 was below the mark on day one collecting around 8.75 crore nett on day one. The film did well in pockets but overall collections were below the mark. The film was totally let down by Delhi and  East Punjab as these areas did awful business. East Punjab at around 62 lakhs is like a washout for such a film and Delhi/UP at 1.6 crore is also very bad despite UP cities having fair collections.


Bihar did good business due to a massive release while CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan and Gujarat also put up decent numbers while other areas were poor. Mumbai circuit outside Gujarat and Saurashtra was very low.


With such a low number on such a wide release there is huge potential to grow on Saturday but it will have to show some big growth to even go over the 30 crore nett mark for the weekend and even if somehow it reaches 30 crore its still not a good figure.


  1. Abhishek S
    Abhishek S
    December 8, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    Is it me or BOI is being harsh on K786? Anyways, Its Sallu again for with a hat trick of top grossers in consecutive years. D2 will be competing with ETT, Salman is competing with himself!!!! Just get the feeling that if D2 is even 70% of what is expected, ETT and 3I records will be broke. The first week itself will be Monumental! Going back to K786, I seriously feel that it may not be a 100 cr grosser but should come out as a decent hit specially cos both Himesh and Akshay have produced it and would be on profit sharing (I guess).

  2. sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT
    December 8, 2012 at 2:10 PM

    LOL I thought Rowdy’s biggest non holiday opener was in danger from Khiladi…yeh kya ho gaya.
    Akki fans: Hattrick of 100 crores is gone…HAHAHA
    Hope Khiladi beats OMG.

    few days ago I said K786 could get 500-600 screens in third week…but now I say it could get 50-60 screens.
    Even two crores third week looks a tough task for khiladi.

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