Talaash Has Decent Monday-BOI
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Talaash had decent collections of around 6.25 crore nett on Monday. Its the normal Monday, the film has not held up really well but nor has it seen a big drop.

The total after four days is 50 crore nett plus. The film will now depend on how well the multiplexes hold up over the weekdays and single screens will show big drops and Khiladi 786 will dominate single screens from Friday onwards.

The drops are around 50% in most circuits though Gujarat has seen a bigger drop and Mysore is also likely to be a bigger drop due to the huge start on day one.

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  1. Superstar sam

    talaash will go nowhere… It will reman steady in weekdays on lowerend & will drop big in 2nd weekend.. Lifetime around 90-100 cr..

  2. ank_16n

    The Drop is 50% from Friday….
    “”Mysore is also likely to be a bigger drop due to the huge start on day one.””

    If Mysore can’t sustain then no other circuit can Sustain…!!!

    Now it is For-Sure that Talaash won’t collect 100 cr…

    BTW Acc. to Taran its —-53.75 cr
    Komal —–52.5 cr

  3. ank_16n

    And to all those who believe Taran can any one Tell me
    Why Taran said 14.5 cr for friday and
    16.25 cr for saturday

    But later updated it to
    Friday—-13.5 cr
    Saturday—15.25 cr….

    When producers said it is 13.5 and 15.25 cr .

  4. ank_16n

    and one more thing why Taran copied BOI monday collections of 6.3 cr but when producers reported 6.7 cr then he updated it.. why??

  5. Kumar3798

    All sites are Reporting the no.thats being Reported by the Makers in case of Talaash ,I Hope All sites go the same way at the time of Khiladi786

    Paid Critics

  6. Tippu Sultan

    Where on earth is Wall D? Talaash is flopping and he has gone to hiding with his tail between his legs after making brief appearances trying to give the impression that Talaash is another 3I.


    @Tippu Sultan – “Where on earth is Wall D? ”

    He is too busy in searching articles on net and news papers (like dainik bhaskar) showing Talaash is BB.

    U will find soon, may be today (his post ) that Talaash is doing fantastic and JTHJ and SoS drops (as appeared in Bombay Times) or some crap paid article by AK.


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