KHILADI 786 set for a bumper start!

By Abid, Glamsham Editorial

As we had indicated last month itself, the music of Akshay Kumar KHILADI 786 is scorching the charts,and with each passing day the popularity is increasing. Not only that, the well thought of and apt promos have really hyped the movie and the audience, and especially Akshay Kumar fans are awaiting the film eagerly. Moreover it brings back Akshay Kumar in his most loved action-comedy ‘avatar’, fresh from the blockbuster success of ROWDY RATHORE. So it comes as no surprise that the trade buzz for the film indicates that KHILADI 786 is all set for a bumper start not only at single screens but also at multiplexes barring South and some high end multiplexes. What must also be mentioned here is that, as always, after the bumper start and good opening weekend, it’s the content that will determine the shelf life and final outcome of the film.

Nothing More but Want to be A Good Akkian!!!


  1. Earth shaker said:

    my prediction is 14.5cr opening and min. 45cr weekend if it accepted

    ormaxmedia has tweeted that k786 is @ 9 place in buzz of 2012 movies

  2. Kumar3798 said:

    Get Ready for Another Juggernaut opening nd i am Sure it will do atleast 16cr 1st day nd 50cr+ Opng wknd is on the Cards.From the Recent interviews nd Press Conferences i saw i can guarantee You along with Akshay’s Khiladi Bhaiyaa Avatar You all will also love the Role of Villain ‘RahulSingh’ ‘s Character whose name is AZAD.khiladi786 title Role of Akki has been Presented in a Way that after u go through the First Reels u will love the Over the Top Action Scenes Also and will come out of the Theatre Smiling.

  3. TheRisingStar said:

    I think if WOM is good then 50+cr weekend written.
    srk is really gone with decreasing BO. RAone 114, d2 107, jthj 105max..

    Akshay is doing fantastically superb. Better than almost all top stars.

    HF2 113
    RR 133
    Khiladi 786 ???
    Many more to come next year… joker debacle paid off. This is the Real Khiladi.

    Superstar of the year indeed!

    • jealous hater of srk said:

      Dude first of all there was no need to bring srk here even in his worst he is delivering 100cr and dat too a boring movie like jhtj and mind you how many flop did akshay gave in worst phase we all knw lets nt discuss it
      Omg was one of best of year bt it was paresh rawal movie hats off for akki for producing it
      And abt k786 hope its gud film as my holiday r going on and both jhtj and taalash hav dissappointed hope akki doesn’t dissapoint

      • sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT said:

        but the current ranking is:
        1. salman
        2. akshay
        3. ajay
        4. hrithik
        5. aamir
        6. ranbir kapoor

        where is srk?

        • jealous hater of srk said:

          oh i thnk u forgot to mention paresh rawal name add it also lol
          Actually school mien kam rank lata hogo usliye ranking system nahi ata…
          As khan.1 says
          ‘srk is beyond ranking’

          • said:

            he has also forgotten vindu dara singh, vinod kambli….etc. etc.

          • sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT said:

            yes “SRK” is beyond ranking because in today’s time people don’t like to rank those who are not in top 10.

  4. Aditya007 said:

    wTH ???? If it is true ,than very Sad news again for Bollywood movie.

    Prithwish Ganguly @_prithwish_
    Buzz: news is that apparently Pakistan’s censor board has banned # Khiladi786 promos as the number 786 is sacred to Muslims

      • FS said:

        WTF? from when did 786 became sacred number… Its a myth that people have… 786 could be anything else apart from one verse of holy scripture… If the number can only be “the verse” then its ok but it can give any other meaning as well..

        Its the same thing that during olden days people who use to see any paper with arabic writings would take ‘bosha’ and keep it in safe place thinking that its from holy book but the ignorant’s didn’t know that even abuses or anything could be written in arabic as well…

          • Fasel said:

            First milads, then naat sharifs, then fatihas, now 786, I wonder what is next.

          • Fasel said:

            Plus aaj ke zamaney mein everyone is an Islam Scholar online too :D

          • FS said:

            Who are wahabis btw? Most cannot become scholars online like wise at the time n age of internet most cannot be fooled to follow blindly whatever maulana’s says coz most maulanas donk knw apart frm holy scriptures. U dont need to be a scolared to understand a simple thing likewise you dont need be a scolar to refuse anything tht has contradictions…

  5. FS said:

    More than maulana’s 786 is declared sacred by our fathers n forefathers n their surrondings without them even knowing how did this number lead to a verse… ? Wtf… But still many follow blindly…. Anyways iam off frm this topic…

  6. said:

    Agree with FS !!!

    On the contrary many stupid s and fools will make this film Hit/SH/or BB like Salim Javed used this no. in Deewar to make it what it is.

  7. said:

    iitianWay – hahahahahahahaha……..! i think many might have already these nos. in advance. Perhaps u may get these nos. during 2nd week !!!

  8. VED-Z said:

    No one asked me but still telling as per me it would do 100-110 hit/superhit

    BTW other people

    As per Continouse BO ranking ( based on last 3 years sharp from today )

    1. salman khan
    2. ajay devgan
    3. ranbir kapoor
    4. akshay kumar
    5. aamir khan ( provided talaash as superhit , otherwise Shahrukh at 5 instead of aamir)

  9. ranju said:

    I dont understand that, still Khiladi 786 trending is lower than Talaash and Life of pi (3D) in bookmyshow. Chandan Cinema at Juhu, showing 3 shows of Khiladi 786, not even 10% full. Now i won’t be surprise if Khiladi 786 opens below 10 cr.

  10. Aditya007 said:

    You never Understan any thing others except SRK, arre Yar….. Movie is belong only masses. And it’ll not dominate at Plexes.

  11. ranju said:

    Only 20 Tickets sold in advance for 12.30 show at Chandan cinema Juhu, which has 1000+ seats. In the same show last week Talaash almost sold 60%- 70% tickets. JTHJ 70%. Rawdy Rathore and Don2 80% , ETT -100%