Jugglery- We can Ask Aamir what it is …


Playing with words is a rather common art these days. If you are able to fake emotions, sincerity and feelings then you can go a notch higher on the ladder of success. You need to keep on reinforcing the fact that you are honest so much so that others appear dishonest. We can buy talent but we cannot buy sincerity or so we thought. If sincerity is up for grabs in a three hours time window, who wouldn’t want to buy it.

You can love someone when you are in awe of him. You can love someone when he is out of your reach. You can love someone just because he is what you cannot be. But probably there is nothing better than loving someone when you know he loves you back. Love may appear in the simple form of predictable honesty.

There is a fake glitter to our cinema stars but we love them for one reason or another. But if you are able to appreciate someone who you feel is totally fair with you it is just another feeling.

They call it credibility-the ability to invoke audiences’ trust again and again. Building a relationship over the years when you can blindly trust the star to be honest with you.

Is it plain honesty or a carefully built brand? Can it be faked? Can you be artificial and yet totally natural? Is it from within or a conscious effort to follow a mode of business? If someone tells you honesty sells, do you care for such honesty?

In the world of glitter what is natural anyway. Going relative may make it easier for us. So a degree of genuine words may suffice for us. But do we really want to hear the truth? The truth may be plain boring.

A man keeps on emphasizing on his honesty and integrity. He loves to talk about himself and how true to himself he is. He goes on and on trying to appear a sensitive caring individual. All the while he talks about himself yet his words indicate he cares about others.

Do we really care for the jugglery? Or we can ask Aamir what it is ….